Goodie hide me ID beg u ,
Due to how the one Aidonia a talk bout Thropy wife inna new video n him mada n Fada a suffer , him father owe how much month rent a did house him n him new wife live ,dem soon get thrown out 2, … man afi walk from smokeyvale to Beverly Hills go look fi him before dem kick him out a Beverly Hills ,, Aidiona get kick out a Smokeyvale n Beverly Hills house , thropy wife n she do her batty n her breast n him a Rasta , fake rass dat , him n him brother weah manage him a wicked caz dem nuh help no one, all who round dem a suffer n dem poor mother still inna rent house n a take Buss n the Fada a walk go everywhere like him mad , not even dem sister dem dem help , wicked Dutty boy dem n come a gawn like dem nice , a wicked dem , spend so much money pon liquor fi man round dem n fuck out gal a rd n dem own family , mother n father a suffer ,


  1. I wouldn’t even bash him because sometimes families/relatives are the
    worst before success and we dnt knw the core of the story …..hope the caller is not a hater thou caz it kinda sounds something like dat

  2. He’s not obligated to take care of any of you. Your life is your own so make it good for yourself.
    Unuh see relative/siblings/unuh pickney success and think them owe unuh BUT THEY DONT, him only obligation a him wife and child sender..

  3. This is a goddamn lie!! Him mother FAR FROM suffering. His father is a good for nothing son of a bitch who use to kill dem mada wid lick. Him run wey lef dem guh farin inna army and di mada raised all four of them on her own. Father get dip and come back leech offa him son. That man doe deserve a dime. I could write an epistle BUT di smaddy wey sen een dis is anedda leech to gweh!!

  4. From weh mi hear Aidonia himself nuh have it, so yuh cyaa expect him fi do much fi family members. An dem man deh nah declare seh dem broke. Dem prefer just bare the bad name.

  5. Sender I dnt think Adonia anything to give , Kimberly she a the next one sleeping with Donia and dnt even have a visa seh she a sell clothes and dnt even have a proper website

  6. Isn’t his father a soldier (probably retired now) n his mother a teacher so the very least they should be collecting pension

  7. Kim worthless like. I never even see Kim a post her mother or hang out with her family.Kim don’t even work, the website as someone uptop said nah work👍🏿
    All she good for is to dress up, do hair, nails and eyelash. Not a ambition. Her ugly & cranky friend Naturally laced she with the fake designer. What a ugly gyal can hype.
    The bredda him a the next one In the fake and a act like it real. Thank God fi him wife have ambition. With crusty looking self.
    Lazy Sonia aka Aidonia is BROKE. No home or investment.

  8. Nothing wrong with taking the bus sender, nor walking, it keeps you fit and healthy . So why him fi mine him sister and him family them? Them fi go look wuk or find one man/woman fi mine dem since dem love “minery “ .

  9. I always wonder how Kim just deh deh so but to each his own. Them is a nice couple and we nuh know the history behind Sheldon and him father so ppl shouldn’t talk. Honestly feel like is a family member send in this cause this too detailed looool

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