Jamaica stop letting Indecom fool you,

they’re a corporation of racis white folks who only agenda is to see our country run down to the ground, how many high profile or any cases in the USA they actually investigated regarding the killing of innocence black males, None.😲😱😲😲.how come they didn’t come and investigates the three white males who came to Jamaica and sexually disgrace n ridicule the ladies in ochie and then broadcast it on the internet.? ????..which one of the female commited sucicide after the incident 😠😠😠why any of those white males didn’t get arrested.????😕😕😕😠😡.the object is to lockup as much police officers in Jamaica n give the gangs a run of the streets, so that the our lil island won’t get the benefit of the Tourist market, once the gangs get a hold of the streets and cops that rule with iron fist is lock away..the killing starts in abundance, we won’t even be able to walk after 4pm 😠Jamaicans know Jamaica lets join together n say no more Indecom ….they trying to hit our lil island from all angle, don’t let them😣a fi we ya sooo…not the USA

Free the Clarendon police’s and send Indecom back to the USA to go and investigates the killing of our black people ….and stop causing a bigger problem in our country


  1. @Met you kno seh dis a nuh di first dem a come wid dis though….

    …there was some ppl couple months a back or less weh come from US and did a do one a dem talk suptn deh along with Indecom a talk bout police brutality inna Jamaica, ppl did a mek di comment and a seh how dem a foreign a run come ya a look on we bout nah see wah gwaan inna dem owna country!

    @Sender mi nuh disbelieve you just because almost all a Jamaica organization dem hav tie to di US!

  2. Yes, these organisations are all establishment controlled and the establishment is biased against blacks, voting for Hillary is a continuation of this of this situation… Let’s hope Trump can improve the situation even a little bit…
    Give him a try before u condemn him, u just never know as he said “what have we got to lose” under these circumstances….

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