7 thoughts on “DOVEY GO SIT DOWN

  1. This eediat love cuss people say them worthless and dem nuh look good. Meanwhile fi her music career nah move and she ah abuse the use of eyliner.

  2. A whore always has a bunch of regrets. For a woman to decide to make such a video she must’ve phucked nuff waste man and ediot, so in essence, the video is about her whoring ways as oppose to any regrets she may have lol. Stop wear yuh pu$$y pon yuh forehead ediot bytch!!!!

  3. Lol ignorant and all I love Dovey..she forever makes me laugh…I have her on my ig.. and we are strangers but she always has been kind

  4. Lady go look a career. How do you expect to get a good job or partner when you live for the Gram? Some of You miss out on potential job offers, good friendship(s), and a life partner because of the internet. I’ve been on the internet since it launched and it’s nothing to play with, so do what you do because you’re going to learn the hardest way.

  5. This big outta shape whale guh sit your pussy licking ass down always deh pon social media with some bs bitch plz guh get a life worthless ass bitch

  6. 1 million and 10 pictures on every website, hundreds of thousands of videos and no career. Thank God my profession keeps me from living a life surrounded by social media, and if there’s a picture of me on the internet it’s work related

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