Foreign National Killed in Negril

A foreign national was killed by gunmen during an alleged robbery along West End Road, Negril Thursday night.

Details into the incident are sketchy at this time, but IRIE FM News understands that about 10 P.M, a family of three was walking along the roadway, when two men on a motorcycle drove up.

When demands of the family were made, its alleged that the couple’s son resisted and was shot twice in the chest.

He died in the arms of his father.

The police who cordoned off the crime scene processed the area up to four o’clock this morning


  1. A kill them ago kill the little tourist industry, just when Cuba ago get ready to be a vacation destination. Smh idiots. I cannot stand a petty thief. How much they think they were going to get. Smh

  2. Jamaican authorities needs help to curtail the rampant crime, I don’t know how they came by the 10% reduction in major crimes that they recently celebrated. I strongly suggest that they ask for foreighn help or maximize on the resources they have at their disposal.

  3. this crime thing is bigger than what the police think,reason why i say this is because you have jamaican that live overseas sending barrels of guns, sending money to pay to have people kill and a lot of these jamaican customs officer have blood on there hands for taking bribe and turn a blind eye for these gun to come in

  4. I swear it;’s a conspiracy. We still have a thriving tourism industry but if we lose that then we really are going to be sold (as a country) to the highest bidder because we will have no true source of income as an island. When last was bauxite mining listed as a major contribution to Jamaica’s economy? Sugar cane, kmt.

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