Jamaica’s top prosecutor yesterday revealed that the police have increased security around her office and the two prosecutors in the Vybz Kartel murder trial because of “specific and general security concerns”.

As part of the increased safety measures, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn disclosed that close protection security has been provided for Jeremy Taylor, the lead prosecutor in the Kartel case, and his junior, Crown counsel Leighton Morris.

Llewellyn, however, declined to discuss the security concerns or the measures that have been put in place by the police, saying that would be inappropriate.

“But they are still in place and will remain in place until I am advised by the police authorities that they are no longer required,” she insisted.

“The welfare of my staff is paramount,” Llewellyn added, while indicating that she was not aware of any death threats against Taylor.

The concerns about the safety of the two prosecutors could mean additional challenges for the police who have already placed in protective custody, the main prosecution witness and Stephanie Breakenridge, the sister of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, who Kartel and his co-accused were convicted for killing.

When contacted, Deputy

Commissioner of Police Glenmore Hinds, who heads the operations portfolio, said he was not prepared to discuss any specific case, explaining that “it would be irresponsible to do so”.

“But we have the capacity to protect the country and all its citizens,” Hinds asserted.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, and fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell, better known as ‘Shawn Storm’, as well as Kahira Jones and André St John, were convicted for Williams’ murder last Thursday. The other co-accused Shane Williams, was acquitted, but remains in custody on another murder charge.

A senior law-enforcement source told The Gleaner that the police began implementing increased security measures around Taylor, Morris and the DPP’s office during the 65-day trial.

“There were concerns during the conduct of the trial as it relates to witnesses and counsel [for the prosecution],” the source revealed.

Without mentioning the Kartel case, Llewellyn explained that she is required to carry out regular reviews of the “welfare needs” of her staff, adding that once it is deemed appropriate, the police would be asked to put measures in place.


  1. “Increased security measures” will be put in place becaw d sheep dem ah run roun dazed and confused.
    This just goes to show the heights of how this “man” has influenced a people, negatively!..Nuttin but negative energy is being released from his “camp”. The demons dem let loose inna jamaica……Selassie I angel dem soon tek care ah oonu!!!!!

    Apparently the guilty verdict was the right one….u av some good, good ghetto yute inna jamaica….but as a ghetto yute living in jamaica, (hypothetically) I doa tink me wooda waa be associated, or represented by this sect…sumting nuh right!!!! Da people dem luk like demon!!!

          1. You’re right Met. Only when people possessed dem just can’t quit. With all them si Kartel a guh prison, with all dem si the juror get arrested, the hit man get arrested and the Jamaican police dem a work, the people dem willing fi join him in prison.
            For the first time, I have faith in the police department. Met, yuh si the statement wey the juror mek when he confronted the other jurors? Bout “a good artiste dem with potential. Mi a guh tek care a yuh if you do wey mi sey”.
            This grown ass man. I want him talk a who bribe him suh Finson can lose him law license.

        1. ye man di ppl dem a protest and man a sen threat and kartel read the book pon power and him nuh know seh jamaica leaders nuh tek threat …so it look like to me him a have a grand time in deh …and him want dem extend di sentence

  2. Them need to lock up those jobless idiot for stalking and give them five years… dem a work fi go jail

  3. U kno..and its not to be biased but i thought he “appealed” to all the masses!? u soon c d sheep dem come now…ACE where u deh????? :bingung: :bingung: :bingung:

      1. you memba when him cuss we and say how we a go shame when kartel touch road? now a who shame and cannot face the pink wall?

        1. a dat him se and him gwaan badddddddd …him shudden do dat because him know him wudda shame if it neva go di way him claim it wudda go…

  4. dem need fe lock up de whole gazamites dem nd de head cheerer dutty croctches slime she a she a put up tings pon har fb a help boast up de phuckery nd why dem nuh charge har dutty bloodclaat yet fi de lie she tell bout de dead cum rob har live?!?!?!?

    1. but mi a wonder who a go tek bleachette and pussyrella crus…..dem really need fi go look orange and sell :salahkamar

  5. Gaza slim you might get a chance.. because maybe you are a first time offender .. but I think they should give you the one year in jail for lying about a dead man robbing you.. me rather friend with a teef than a liard.. liard will send me go prison

      1. lmao! bout she a focus on music and a support kartel no badda better no help her cause when she done tell lie pan dem.. she take two charge from kartel the weed charge and the lie weh she tell pan the dead man wicked liard gal

  6. that big hug just for me :hope

    weh yuh she met di sheep dem “dramatize” inna di hot sun yah. Bwoilin sun and hungry nuh gree enuh..they don’t be knowin? (yankee twang)

    1. __________________________________________________________________ mi did a try locate di video wid di dramatize eno man lmaoo
      dem sheep deh immune because we see dem and know dem hot and hungry but dem nuh know it

  7. I’m embarrassed for my country! These ppl Weh protest and threaten the life of everyday ppl doing their job should be ashamed of themselves. Imagine before unno got protest against the system Weh oppressed unno, protest about the whole heap guns, child abuse, domestic violence, better jobs and education fi unno Pickney some dem nuh come out like kartel unno deh there a Mek threat and protest fi dis ole murdera, tormented soul..

  8. @Real, me fry plantain nearly choke me to raas, wha u say “DEM FI GO SELL ORANGE”…*TEARS***..Me laff till me cry!!! What a iggle set a raas dem? Me glad smaddy clarify say dem nuh wok nowhere or have no work fi guh..Dem sole purpose affi tek up space and use-up oxygen, lawless, classless set, sick stumock..

    1. Pussyrella and Bleachette need fi go look a RORK……opportunity deh a Jamaica a dash weh …..and dem out deh a mek dem foot and di concrete tun family dem wotliss bad

  9. Not defending gaza slim but that girl is petrified of kartel
    She has been abused and may have stockholm syndrome where she
    Finds sympathy for her abuser. Remember he controls her in all aspects.

      1. @ talk the tings? so shorty no get abuse to? why him never ask her to tell the lies? all papcaan get abuse and him tell papcaan fi tell di lie and papcaan say no a nuh she alone get abuse so me doe understand

    1. shi need to********* stuck her ass at home**** DI STOCKHOLM SYNDROME NAH WEAR and stop go out deh inna di sun go tan up ……it a wear out di bleach

  10. @ met he will get 7 years in prison and could face 20 years in prison if he partake in more than one bribe as a juror.. them fi investigate him thoroughly.. I wonder if this his is first time being a juror?

  11. this walk weh from him own freedom fi ntn..dis big gray tone 50 add year old coach dash weh him life fi a man him only know over radio waves mi muma rass

  12. So this juror was “planted” with the others to carry out the bribe plan? So one ah kartel sheep was in da midst? I wonder how he was selected?
    No sah. Kartel ah one real manipulator….by any means necessary, and true the juror dem av little integrity, dem scheme, again, get sheg; all to show, who kartel really is!!!! :bola :bola :bola :bola

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