Dreams that indicate you are under attack by the spirit of poverty
I have had many conversations with folks that could not understand why is it that they’re losing all that they’ve worked so hard for. In fact I am always asked by them to pray that God will bless them financially so that they will not only meet their financial obligations but to actually experience some type of financial freedom.
I want to make unequivocally clear before we get into today’s teaching; financial losses in your life do not mean that you need a financial miracle. Instead the root of your problem could be the fact that you’re under attack by the spirit of poverty. The spirit of poverty is responsible for eating away or hijacking your spiritual blessing so that they would never manifest into physically blessings. So it isn’t that God haven’t blessed you, the problem is you are completely unaware of this spirit that has been assigned to consume your spiritual blessings in an effort to prevent your physical blessings from manifesting.
As a reminder scripture clearly tells us that God has already blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly (spiritual) places, Ephesians 1:3. Therefore, everything is already in place for us to succeed in every area of our lives, inclusive of our finances. Satan and his demons are spirits; therefore they are quite aware of spiritual laws and very much legalistic. They know that the spirit world is the origin of all things, so if they are able to disrupt or misplace your spiritual blessings from the spirit realm then the losses will be manifested in the natural or physical realm.
The following are dreams that will indicate that you are under attack by the spirit of poverty. These are demonic dreams revealing how the enemy is stealing from you spiritually, thus, revealing your financial losses in the natural.
Have you had dreams where you saw yourself walking barefooted or wearing tattered clothing or shoes? Then such dreams are indicating you are under spiritual attack by the spirit of poverty. What about dreams where you saw yourself or others begging, then such a dream is indicating that the spirit of poverty is preventing the person from getting out of poverty and keeping them in an unemployed state.
Have you experienced dreams where you’re in a shopping mall purchasing goods or what about you seeing yourself spending money lavishly in a dream, then the dream is indicating that this spirit is influencing you to spend your money foolishly and wastefully. The evidence of such dreams are manifested when the victim gets paid, and at the end of the day all of their funds have been spent and they are not able to give an account of what they did with their salary and none of their obligations have been met.
Some of these dreams can be very manipulative on the surface but when spiritually analyzed it can be easily determined that the enemy is robbing your financial blessings to secure physical financial losses. Have you had dreams where you saw yourself in a private jet, owning a luxury car, living in a mansion, especially if you’re currently in a financially depress state? Well, such a dream could appear as if you are about to be very wealthy, right? Wrong! Such dreams are indicating that the enemy is influencing or persuading you to spend what you don’t have. For example, maxing out your credit cards, applying for loans and credit at various banking institutions and merchants that you know you cannot afford or keep up with. The whole idea is to place the victim in such a position that even when finances is released into their lives, their former and current financial agreements and obligations causes them not to enjoy their increase.
What about dreams where you had goods to sell but you were unable to sell them? Such a dream indicates that there is a financial block on your life to prevent you from increasing financially. Have you had dreams where you saw your home being sold or occupied by others, such dreams indicates great financial losses such as foreclosure, or destruction of property that has great value that will be almost impossible to replace or repair financially.
Are you having dreams where you are at a bank but you are not allowed in or the bank is closed? Then the dream is indicating a block and lock on your finances. The reality of such dreams will manifest where the dreamer have folks that owes them money but cannot collect on the monies owed them. Also, the victim could have won a financial settlement but finds it almost impossible to collect on the judgment that has been granted in their favor.
If you’re having dreams where your wallet, purse or bag is leaking money or you hid monies at a certain place in the dream but when you return to retrieve the money the money was missing. Such a dream is indicating that the spirit of poverty have you involved in investments that’s not giving you a return instead it’s eating away at all your financial resources. While missing monies in your dreams indicates that the spirit of poverty is stealing your spiritual financial blessing thus, causing funds to not manifest physically in your life.
Dreams where your finances are being withheld or delayed is revealing that there will be a delay with your real life finances. For example, let’s say you dreamt you were at an ATM machine and when you insert your ATM card to retrieve funds either the electricity went off or the machine stopped working. Again, the dream is indicating that the spirit of poverty is delaying or hindering your spiritual finances, which if not cancelled will manifest in real life financial losses. Dreams of rats and cockroaches are a sure sign that the spirit of poverty is at work in your life. Missing properties in a dream is also indicating to the dreamer that the spirit of poverty is at work. If you’re having dreams where your monies are stolen or you see yourself picking up cash, coins, silver or gold then such dreams are indicating a pauper spirit that is supervised by a ruling spirit, which in this case is a spirit of poverty.
Also, if someone is giving you money in a dream, please don’t be too quick in getting excited; again, these types of dreams can be very deceptive on the surface. In fact most folks are deceived by such dreams. I have discovered that such dreams Satan will use on folks that are financially frustrated and desperate all in an effort to further their financial oppression. If you had a dream where someone gave you money, however the person in reality is a good person and the monies that they are presenting to you is well presented, meaning the notes are in your currency, it’s in order and clearly visible. Then such a dream is a good dream which for the most part will represent financial increase of favor.
However, if someone gave you monies in a dream but you do not know the person or the person was someone that is a known enemy to you in reality, then this is an evil dream and the money is cursed money, that once you accept it you have received a curse on your finances. Another example; if you are given money in a dream but the money was old money crumple and a mixture of foreign currency, then the dream is indicating that someone is attempting to bring confusion and disorder to your finances. There are also dreams where someone that may be of good standing and even a Christian giving you money in a dream, however, the money is dirty, torn or counterfeit. Such a dream is revealing that masquerading spirits are disguising themselves as folks that you are familiar with in an attempt to deceive you to place a curse on your finances.
In any event such dreams must be met with spiritual force and resistance by rebuking and cancelling such dreams immediately upon waking. In dreams where the dreams are repetitive, then you must engage in a fast, which should be between 2-3 days. It should be a no food fast and it can be done all day, again without eating or no eating from 6 am to 6pm whichever works best for you. While praying during the fast you must use scripture that should have been prepared prior to the fast and that is relevant to destroying the curse of poverty over your life, such as, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19. “The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children” Psalm 115:14. “The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow” Deuteronomy. 28:12. Also, ask God to destroy all covenants that were subtly achieved in the dream by the enemy to secure the curse of poverty on your life.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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