0 thoughts on “MAYBE SHE HAD ON SOCKS SENDER -_-

  1. Silly-cone???? Isn’t Keisha’s bum real from birt’?
    I’m with Metty, looks as if the athletic socks she had on earlier were a bit to tight and left the imprint!

    1. Not no socks. Go look through het ig. A lomg time mi a ask the same question weh senda a ask. Wha happen to har foot back? !

      1. True, it’s not just this picture. I’ve been saying the same thing as well. And no Keisha’s body ain’t real, she just got it done ahead of the curve.

  2. Keisha used the Dubai money to start her transformation.probably removed rib to make her waist smaller to

  3. Mi nuh care who wah seh mi bad mine that body dont look good. Mi nuh think it normal fi somebody nuh have no waist with chicken foot and a big bumba. I could be wrong but I dont find her sexy…

  4. Hello met, and metters! U all need to watch BOTCHED is a show where doctors fix surgery Weh gone wrong it is sad to see a hear how people regret doing things to their bodies. A swear a nuff a dem people ya inna di long run going to be so sorry on last nite episode this woman put implant inna har butt a it drop down a stretch Weh like elastic. It comes on SUN on after the kardashian.

  5. Look like fat gyal foot wid fat a heng dung. Guess all shi a nip n tuck n suck, she caan get rid a da lazy fat dey. So wait, foot back caan lipo?

  6. Mi notice seh most ah dem care zero bout how dem lumpy lumpy cornmeal porridge foot dem luk. Mek fi dem foot affi luk like dem sleep unda ackee tree suh? :bingung

  7. Her ass isn’t real she got a Brazilian butt there’s no silicone in her ass just fat from her stomach ..looks like she was wearing socks that left a mark ..I get those all the time

  8. A so her foot them stay MET not a socks. She should and never take off her color matching stocking cause it do her justice !

  9. It is very unattractive and frankly is a hood trend. Most other races get their bodies contoured in a natural manner with hardly any detectability but black people always go overboard with everything. This looks more like gross deformation than what was supposedly meant to be curvaceous.

  10. I don’t know her but I workout a lot and wear athletic tights. If you wear them often they do leave marks and imprints on your legs.

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