Boy (14) vomits mysterious objects including Zimdollars
A 14-year-old boy is alleged to have vomited mysterious objects including bearer cheques (Zimbabwe’s old currency which was officially discarded in February 2009).
Some claim that witchcraft and Satanism are at work after the minor’s disappearance and mysterious return a week ago.
There are claims that more children in the area were being targeted.
Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda confirmed the case saying that investigations were in progress.
“We received information about that case where a 14-year-old boy is said to have started behaving strangely before vomiting a bearer cheque that was written names among other objects. The father is the one who saw the child vomiting and inquiries are being done,” he said.
A crowd quickly gathered to catch a glimpse of the mysterious objects and the boy had to be taken to a pastor’s house where he received prayers.
“Come and see what this child has done. God help me, Satanists want to kill my son,” cried the boy’s mother who was being consoled by her relatives.
The mother who was still to come to terms with the whole incident said she believed her son was being used by satanic agents, fingering one of her fellow residents in the acts.
“Strange things started happening after our neighbour sent my child to steal his brother’s money. The child later confessed that the woman who lives next door had instructed him to steal money from her brother before she went on to threaten him with death for exposing her.
“Two days after the resident threatened him, he was kidnapped on his way to school and was released five hours later. We reported the matter to the police and also noted the resident’s threats,” she narrated.
The woman added that they started seeing strange things at their house which she believes were acts of witchcraft.
“We then started seeing ritual herbs tied with a red cloth that had a needle on it. We saw my child’s name written on the juju as well as names of other children who he plays with,” said the mother.
She said things got worse when they burnt the juju. That is when the boy started vomiting mysterious objects.
“We consulted our pastor who prayed with us before burning the objects last night. My child then started vomiting strange things which I have never seen in my whole life.
“Every time he was vomiting he told us that he was spiritually seeing our fellow resident shouting at him for exposing her.
“We prayed last night until the child slept and when he woke up he requested that I boil him an egg as he was hungry. Before he could start eating the egg, he started vomiting again and we rushed him to the pastor’s place,” she said.
The boy reiterated that he was in trouble with Satanic agents who wanted his blood.
“I have never been so afraid and I don’t know how this is going to end. I can’t eat anything and I just feel like vomiting all the time and wheneverI vomit I see the woman,” said the boy.
The boy’s father, warned all parents in the area to pray hard hinting that the devil was at work and more was yet to come.
The accused resident was not around to comment.


  1. Morning Met, Metters.
    Bwoy some things can gwan ova Africa deh sah no man a fi dem voodoo tun up up up up, and mi hear people a talk bout repatriation mi nuh want no repatriation fi deh. Poor young boy..dah naybah deh evil sah but wah u expect wen she sen a chile guh rob har own family…smdh. But hear yah now mi hear people a refer to dem female parts as juju. Looks like this juju have many and varied definition and u haffi careful how and when u use it…aiii sah

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