1. Watch har bleach out body to nuh. Well u just got played. IT HAPPENS .u can’t revenge it.let KARMA HAVE HER..

  2. Drew the 9 yard no shi Neva wah yo from morning that wicked gal shi walk and f**k like she mad but yo Fi get it cause has she & people yo ready Fi guh pon Facebook bout wait on it you & yo woman ago kill people with uno fake happy see it yah a this wi did a wait pon uno too hype something yo think buy love a real love the only thing Michi really love a the smell a yo money nothing more a fuk a yo a pink’s f**ka gal so you just get f**k bounty killer and the team people laugh at you all the time because you don’t have no sense

  3. Michi everybody say yo cah read it sad tho cause yo luv gwan like to hot yo fava foolishness cause mi nuh no who guh jailhouse Fi clothes Ina Jamaica a so yo nake Mon and everyday mi see yo a write bout how people bad mind yo but a you bad mind the people them China clothes cause yo thief them if only everybody no how yo thief and mixup & lie but drew you a Di next one how you really & truly get yourself wid this devil

  4. Still not sure abt what she do to him exactly!gonna assume she geet whey cuz this cant be over Smaddie have bad manners!

  5. It happen to rass a f** a yo bloodclaat mi did know it did ago happen yo see how yo class mi suck pussy drew now see how it workout god don’t like ugly you and ugly walking dead gal weh walk and f**k & kill baby and set up people life you should be lucky she didn’t tell lies on you that could cost your life because she is wicked and evil …..she don’t have no friends because has soon as she get to them she start talking about them with others look how she do we are families but a good she should show you your grave because you act like a bitch but just look good at the thing’s you put out about her but yet still when we had it going on the other day it was all lies lmao I told you that I would live to see this day because she didn’t want you from day one the only reason you last that long is because you’re the only man who gives her money yes the scheming money because you no she don’t know how to keep her mouth she talk that you hype like you work the both of you are just actor’s tow wanted to be hot couple

    1. If you were living for this day then you really have no life why don’t all y’all hop off my dick, or suck it either way low mi or get some money, if y’all broke ass people trying to figure out how u gonna eat everyday ass people stop pree me so much stop watching me buy bottles on the sidelines maybe u to could get money and pussy and be happy like me, people love chat but never to my face but I’ll be at boasy tues poppin bottles if anyone has any chat say it to my face…. Pink wall wtf is a pink wall No one is NY where I from gives a f**k or even knows about this bs so it makes me Any publicity is good publicity and people gonna chat whether your doing good or bad jus y’all Jamaicans be doing so bad and all y’all do is pree and chat

    2. Only people commenting are Michelle broke family members so sad I understands Santa Claus drew doesn’t have nothing for u anymore but y’all this miserable… Hop off my dick…. Why didn’t none of y’all bum people who like to chat come up to me and say something last night but hide in shadows, I never see u at the bar I never see u at are ATM anyone of u broke looking fa ya next meal badmind people can show me a million then we chat if not hop off my dick land stay in the shadows wit y’all bitch I still kno u dying from hiv… die slow from not eating because I remebember when I came from Macau all y’all was dying for my leftovers now because I’m not dropping over table scraps to that dirty yard y’all chat… Hop off my dick suk yuh mada

  6. Drew is a man or a woman why this man put all these people name in is scandal he’s a bitch ass nigga for that because he’s no better than his bitch be calling her out but at the same dam time you putting other people in Your nastiness keep it low key or move on bitch ass ….you didn’t no you can’t take a street dog into a house they’ll never stay in you punk ass go home son you said she’s a waste of space but so are you !!!!!

  7. Everybody is talking about these two kmt who need glasses to see that this girl didn’t want him kmdft I can’t stand see how she walks tho she look deformed to me more like a AndyCapp she also have a purple color teeth in her mouth right at the front too yow it’s disgusting and she loves to be seeing is like she don’t notice it girl from a girl to a girl go fix your mouth and you breath smells too and you also like hugging on people & get all upclose like your somebody you must be seen & not be heard yow

  8. The other day I was laying up with my man going truth his pictures he’s like look at this you see when you see people on Facebook and Instagram acting just look & laugh because they ain’t shit so I’m like OK let me see because you know a girl is unctuous to see where he’s getting at by the time I look is this Michelle girl picture with her pussy all opened I’m like what the f**k is that doing in your phone he’s like bby relax she’s a nobody I f**d her just once and I’m talking buba to make it clear and I’m like really and she’s all up on my friend/sister page liking my pictures and shit bitch you tried it but you’re nothing but a f**k I see better than your sorry ass comes & goes bitch

  9. Michelle suppose to do as she please why you guys sound so hurt and badmind eeeh nuh fi her pussy…nuff a you guys a theif until unu get kAtch the gyal comfortable than nuff a bloodclooot unu badmind f***s the gyal not even see unu.or memba unu nastiness michi big up yuh dam self love yuh and mi nuh meet yuh Inna real life yet

  10. Drew a battyman a Diego aka Rich Kid him a follow backa.. Diego aka bruck and hungry nuh bomboclaut ..Diego aka so call rich kid f**k man and a look things from Drew.. Unno nuh see rich kid inna drew versace beach shorts lol.. Rich kid wah a gwan like a fi him place him live inna him shoulda glad di bloodclaut baby mumma pick him up.. Him walk and beg like dog.. Dutty johncrow… Dis diego aka rich kid did wah suh him can get drew money.. Look like Ven the hair tech a brooklyn wah him a f**k nah gi him nothing… Beware of Diego aka Rich Kid big big batty boy him just wah see tbe man dem come from foreign fi run in… Drew a big waste man dis man nuh know Jamaica and all over the place a look a hype…

  11. All you Nicky Giscombe weh did a teck up fi her she nuh stop chat you like dog how yuh bad mind and yuh nuh stop borrow her things and she tired a yuh she say yuh run guh buy di same cloth weh she buy fi her birthday party behind Her back and how yuh all guh buy dog just because yuh si her wid dog shi walk a every hair dresser and nails shop and rub your yuh name yuh and seh yuh Badmind her yuh all guh a Liguanea guh meck dem lick yuh in a yuh face fi her yuh f**ka yuh

  12. Dutty michelle nuh body a chambers lane nuh like yuh not even di boy dem weh par in a yuh aunty yard or none a yuh aunty dem don’t like yuh not even di one weh yuh guh to in a di yard nuh like yuh yuh have two set a family and two sisters and none a dem nuh like yuh and mi nah ask Christ mi certain a dat seh dem nuh like yuh shit up pussy Mitchell member seh a Drew man hunnu a fight over Drew a big batty man coz him a f**k Poppy from Mobay and yuh get jealous and a war wid him Drew yuh a clown and yuh bring yuh daughter in a di circus poor child drew a two time yuh put her pon social media how she have two colors skin and seh her pussy nuh good Drew yuh all a comment pon batty man picture and Michelle find out gway hunnu a laughing machine as hunnu enter Chambers Lane di people dem nuh stop laugh all di dog hate hunnu as hunnu enter di lane di dog dem start run up and dung as hunnu drive out hunnu a di topic obeah wuka and batty man michelle yuh nuh have no ambition yuh ambition a fi wuck obeah tie man theif clothes and f**k battyman shitty pussy michelle guh hide coz yuh curse

    1. All u hear from chambers lane is belly grumbling jus like last night no laughter jus empty bellies , this must be someone who didn’t get any of the 20 piece meal I bought last night, I’m not the Salvation Army I can’t feed everyone jus get in the front of the line next time no need for pink wall

  13. Mi and di bitch use to par she’s nothing but evil she talk every body dat deh bitch will never change all she talk about is money and obeah all her family hate her fi true she will never ever have a friend or a family by her side she only need a broom to become a perfect witch

  14. Misknowitall…..a try yo nuh av nuh friend mek all you would a say a fuka because friends Fi av each other back but tru Michelle nuh no Di use a friendship that’s y shi chat Di gal but a suh it guh Nicki yo afi learn yo should a no how she stay Di way how she duh r family them but when you love friend…..and if you dress like your friend that’s not called badmind that’s call friends

  15. Michi yuh stop a hurt up dem Pussy ya head eeeeeeh dwrl….all you drew Michelle should a chop out yuh head top cause yuh come ya nuff up like yuh bloodcloot Jamaican and wah Inna lime light yuh gone par with batty man richkid and only a flap out yuh self Inna ja…gyal should a hide yuh like a rat Inna Ness cause yuh too bloodcloot friendly and nuff richkid soon set up yuh life and rob yuh nastiness richkid all Inna yuh clothes and boot dem already michi dem think we nice eeeh f**k dem and duck dem like bat

  16. Nicky nuh stop chat the gyal too and badmind her me know the whole 100 and 9 yard nick you fi go sit dung with fi her big bussy self and stop hype pon Nutting and low off a Michelle could a she same one send in Michelle…..Nicky class pinky.stella.ratty.tantan…pinkypink..all her muma she class so she never did ago spear michi Nicky a wanna be longtime from Stella dem days miss know it all

  17. Battyman Drew Michelle should a shit in a yuh mouth Drew memba seh a social media yuh find di bitch pon and come a wife it up and a gwan like a one angel you pick up is a f**k truck yuh pick up bounty killa use dat like toilet paper she chat all yuh pickney seh di little girl a hide under bed and a watch blue movie and a feel up herself Drew tell di whole a New York seh yuh a clown in a Jamaica the other day when she fracture her hand a run she did a run yuh dung fi beat out yuh bludcloth coz yuh come in a her house stink a shit and when she search you yuh cocky full a shit and she start beat yuh tell New York seh when Michelle and people nuh chat yuh nuh chat to dem and all a walk and a skin up yuh face like gal pon di people den shitty pussy Michelle let guh di people dem pickney yuh tie till yuh tie all battyman Lickle gal yuh nuh shame guh repent of all yuh sins yuh nuh have not even a ounce good in a you yuh wuck obeah yuh theif yuh lie yuh dash weh 3 five months belly yuh muma and puppa hate you yuh sister dem hate you yuh aunty dem hate yuh cousin dem hate yuh only one family yuh have a carry news to yuh and a dutty Burger and a Drew old bruck him a carry news fi get a want Drew start f**k burger him in a bumboo hole yuh si Michelle yuh need fi guh borrow Jesus robe and wrop up in a it fi 40 days and 40 nights

  18. Unnu low the gal n har man…… A dutty big pussy rich kid a mek the gal n har man a have problem. Tru big pussy rich kid see the boy a spend pon him woman n him love likes him gone friend the boy. Diego nuh you say yuh rich and just buy house suh weh yuh a do inna the boy shorts a wet and wild. Why yuh neva mek yuh woman buy and send shorts come gi yuh. Ven the hairtec how you feel as the best hairdresser in brooklyn but yuh man a wear man tings. Why yuh dont mind yuh man n mek him stop look other people own

  19. Nuff a unuh wey a call up michi name the gal a live Betta and comfortable than unu nobody nuh deh a chambers lane a pure monkey dung deh….unu talk bout theif members seh her aunt Judy bling a the biggest theif dung a that a she come from England come show unu fi dweet and one time a did crime now a style nuff a unuh a theif until unu get Katch,,,,,but a hope sample take heed now cause pure bad unu wish pon the little gal fi wah everybody chat ppl….her auntie dem a wicked especially Judy yes dem hate and badmind the Lilly gal cause she fly pass dem fi big woman suck unu Mada and low yuh gal

  20. Michelle nuh stop feed and clothes all who done her but a god nuh like ugly mi gyal don’t stop shine pon dem dutty badmind shit yaaaa ppl Eva bite the hands that feed dem…two sisters dem wey nuh like sample she nuh stop feed and clothes dem especially the big one the Lilly one Fava rat nu Blooodclaaaat bout nuh like the gyal and a she put dem Inna hair,,clothes,,,and boot so how dem hate her now she feed dem like a fish her child from muma to suckling

  21. Drew I’m so disappointed in you look what you cause on yourself because you came on social media with your drama if you and your lady his having a disagreement you guys could have talk it over what kind of life you and your lady is living with your daughter around you need to take your ass back to New York and sort out your life

  22. Only people commenting are Michelle broke family members so sad I understands Santa Claus drew doesn’t have nothing for u anymore but y’all this miserable… Hop off my dick…. Why didn’t none of y’all bum people who like to chat come up to me and say something last night but hide in shadows, I never see u at the bar I never see u at are ATM anyone of u broke looking fa ya next meal badmind people can show me a million then we chat if not hop off my dick land stay in the shadows wit y’all bitch I still kno u dying from hiv… die slow from not eating because I remebember when I came from Macau all y’all was dying for my leftovers now because I’m not dropping over table scraps to that dirty yard y’all chat… Hop off my dick suk yuh mada

  23. Drew go look a life cause sample neva want yuh but yuh money and what you have to offer cause she realize yuh sissy without electric titty your Nutting but a man farm with yuh dutty bloodclooot battyman self….yuh act like a you put sample somewhere when yuh come see her wirh her things dem but she fi get it cause mi warn her bout yuh dutty bloodclaaat sissy self q pure judgement from yuh get inna the gyal life with yuh problem self,,,,sample did a play with you too bloodclooot long now yuh should a get f**k and duck longtime

  24. Drew go rent a hotel and come outa kid baby mother house with yuh child a go buy a ticket and fly back home with yuh dutty self Michelle neva dash out yuh pussycloot good she should a bun yuh up with hot oil….

    1. Hotel I been at the Pegasus same place i had to clothe y’all and feed y’all for her bday because y’all could’ve even afford proper clothes while y’all talk jokes I talk facts… That’s why y’all mad no more western coming and no more bday parties on my dime y’all broke bums gonna have to feed survive on yuh on bitten the hand that feeds you ass all y’all damn near 50 and ain’t got a lot to piss in should be ashamed of yourself and jus die waste of air as bitches…

  25. All ugly judy nuh stop hate and theif from sample wah day the gyal come inna the lane and she and dead looking pinky plan and theif the gyal f***g money….and then sit and a rub the gyal everyday family like unu bring dung unu one another and a far the likkle gyal a come from and unu a do her so and a rejoice fi see she fall but sample mi wish yuh all the best in life hold yuh head tall and don’t ever give up,,,,,man nuh dead nuh call dem duppy all you drew wey a write bout srry a want yuh get f**k before yuh left yuh cause from last year till now yuh put the f***g gyal inna worries with family friend and all who yuh nuh know that’s why the gyal a fly pass unu dead johncrow

  26. Michelle hold firm dem nufffffffff and whole heep pon yuh mi gal just climb a nxt step and left the pussy dem behind give dem yah wings and fly legt dem….and drew your a big mess to the girl life take your child and leave we country before you get f**k up cause Michelle hsve some sick fam wey me definitely know dem will walk with her from a badness youth hurry and cut before yuh body lost like nicks own

  27. Drew leave outa battyman richkid house with yuh 9 year old and go home she been expose to so many things at her age am very disappointed in you yo….that child soon start f***g and sucking dick cause she been expose to all dem things you don’t feel bad to have your child around battyman wonder wey fi her mother a do are a seh bout all of this mess you cause,,,,mind richkid a feel up yuh child to enu cause him a pervert longtime the baby morher catch him a feel up his 6 years daughter inna last year and a nuh make story this a real shit mi talk from good source take yuh child from there drew go home back to where your from mad man

  28. Nasty dutty suck cocky Lin a friend yuh and Matthew a look from shitty pussy Michelle and batty man bloodclaat Drew any weh michelle reach in a life a di same aunty dem yard she stay and achieve it and come a hype pon dem she’s a f**g ungrateful bitch she should bathe dem deh aunty and drink di water she nuh memba kindness all she duh is show off pon her family and chat dem all di one dem a Grands Pen hate her like poison her muma and puppa hate her something must wrong fi di whole a her family dis poise her das why she slowly tun in a handicap coz shes a f****g wicked bitch

  29. Move unu nastiness wey unu put her snd how unu don’t reach somewhere before her and a unu put her somewhere…unu sad tho eeh weh unu put sample and why she reach sum weh and unu deh same plc in the big dirty yard Dennis soon come throw off unu nasty pussyhole of a him plc cause a regularly unu over deh a cry when him tell unu bout the bulldozer if she poison a unu teach her it,,,wickedness weh unu do her why she run from unu thieving rasss all dirty judy must go luk a wuk and let go the lane cause how much a we swearing of her pussycloot!!!!you wey a defend number 9 dem nail yuh with the hammer too hungry belly gurl sample uppity mi gal…bout unu put her sum weh and unu still in dennis dirty yard the whole lane naaaaah stop till unu get bulldozer ova that

  30. Everyone of you guys that’s is sample families that hate her she feed and clothes you guys from mother…cuzz..aunt…sister.ect the whole 9 yard she give her things dem to families like you guys don’t need enemies non tall,,,don’t talk about phong her dad that man will carry the whole a you ppl to the river bed fi him sample so a lie and make up story yuh a talk bout fada hate 0% with that hate.she this she that she handicap gyal not even memba you wicked ppl that she call fam gal just a cut and go through and that’s the real way she do it…hope she go pon her knee and pray fi dutty dog like unu

  31. Nasty Drew aka Drewsilla weh walk and wine like gal wi nah talk about food and money a yuh dutty lifestyle wi a talk bout guh council yuh lickle daughter weh michelle seh shi ketch a watch blue movie and finger herself nasty Drew weh nuh stop walk and f**k man yuh a use shitty pussy Michelle as cover like yuh a gangster but michelle a di same thing a pure batty man she f**k she vex wid her man cousin over man seh di cousin a look her man Shit hood Drew yuh life is a mess from yuh small coz yuh stepfather did a f**k yuh sister wid yuh muma even a dat yuh fi talk bout answer dis pussy di whole a jamaica Canada American England a wait pon di answer how yuh stepfather fi a f**k yuh muma and yuh sister a yuh tell yuh handicap women and she come chat yuh business dis a nuh fiction dis a fact

  32. Drew we call Pegasus and your not there can’t believe your still in battyman richkid house with woman and child a how yuh dweet and yuh hype so aaah tell him a how that one goes nuh poor and boasy bout Pegasus deh yuh should a run go when Michelle throw out yuh rassssshole instead of a battyman yard are mind a the rental car yuh suitcase dem inna enuh cause yuh don’t have Pegasus money at this time sir

  33. All you ppl so sad tho smfh hope Michelle learn from this cause go see how much a you guys a talk up to her meanwhile unu on air a done her all her dirty ungrateful families cause a regular mi watch her fed and clothes unu and look how unu come a class her now and a give her basket to carry water….all a unu weh a talk over ere so don’t make one much less 2 to rassss

  34. Nicky ya thief too so u badda gwaan like ya nuh goody BBC gyal… Yaa Carry r name albout and a chat buhh u naa chat say she feed u and u in law dem weh u live inna d house weh a leak… U anuh decent gyal fi michelle Caz u f**k anything fi get money first mind u son .. All man weh him mouth a drain laylay wat and u bawl and say u waa come a u yaad stinking pussy gyal

  35. Nicky a wicked cause a she first start chat Michelle me know that fi a fact cause she do it with me…Michelle red eye and all kinda things bout the gurl she and her wicked muma and sis and me see Michelle feed dem regularly and give them clothes and money,so nicky must not talk about Michelle chatting she when a she first start the judgment pon Michelle.hottaz yuh a good gurl so big up yuhself cause a since you come through tg gal start clean and fix up the dirty house weh full of big mama’s and papa’s RAT’S

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