Why them young gyal nuh tek dem money and go good hair dressa dan let this tacky batty bwoy tino ” star bwoy ” bryan do dem head n dye it up???. And den him deh pan Fb n Ig bout talent this and talent that.. Wtf is this???? Mi wouldnt mek tino go near my head wid a long stick kmftt

0 thoughts on “DYE-MON

  1. morning met dem deh up ya too.. in NY di gal dem a walk round with a bottle a black rinse inna dem head and it look terrible.

  2. Di one wid di black hair look like smaddy juss walla a tin a shoe polish eena fi har hair. Di red one, look wild, di colour don’t compliment her skin tone one bit, unless shi is a lady a di night and wants to be easily identifiable in di dawk. Id dis person really do dese atrocious work him does need fi be put on blast. Please guh get your cosmetology license, and put een di hours required to become legit.

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