13 thoughts on “ELE IN DI BILL DIN

  1. Met ele gone pon Di big charts …. Mi know some DJ have heart attack cause dem de ele did done … Ele got i back

      1. Died right before case call up :think:

        It’s on here. Yu got the ‘Mas Cut’ part 😀 😀 down pat :hammer

  2. HE DID NOT RAPE THAT GIRL SOME A UNUH CHAT TOO MUCH. If him Fck the girl and she wouldn’t stop ringing off his phone, when she found out him have him woman that’s when she got mad and report di man

  3. Look like Basement did de de. The girl died just as case fi call up and poof! Just like a magic the case disappear. The amount a pickney and woman call pon Ele name is how she wouldn’t know him have woman. What a weak argument. But yu must know yu did de de

    1. I agree nuff i meean nuuff from me a guh school me a hear bout ele and his nuff babymamaz! Gyal nuh affi lie bout rape and even if she did lied and he knows himself ddnt raped her he damn sure got rid of her lying ass for sure! By Force!

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