1. Met da Body blouse deh weh him have on mus Snap unda……. Yu see how it we’ll tuck an tight …… No Sah :tkp :tkp :ngacir2 :ngakak :ngakak

  1. Ele yuh look like a stuff bird and by the way yuh fraid fi leff some a di jewelry inna yuh multi-colored house suh yuh wear errrrryting one time doah

  2. Ele look ridiculous like him need to come out the closet.I hope he’s helping to take care of Sidonie baby!

  3. me pirit just always tek ELE . him seems like him happy n fun n wanna share it with the world without the drama n confusion. his heart ia in the right place it seems.

  4. Elle inna ladies clothes and jewels look like he buy from Jackie the bleaching higgla round a queens. Is it just me or the belly a come down.

  5. From mi watch di video wid him on stage a gwaan bad tru di ooman buss him pants, from dat him name alone get mi cross. Him need fi tek off dat anklet and dat shoes. Mi know man wear dem type a loafers deh but dat one look velly velly feminine.

  6. Wooooooooooooieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I cannot laugh no more no sah. Ele a full time now yuh stop where woman clothes, wah happen to yuh manhood???? How woman sleep wid dem cross dresser yah??

    1. But Babygirl, Ele shape like ooman already wid dem wide hips and big ass An him always wearing dem tight pants wid dem feminine standup deh. Sas crise

  7. how old is elephant man?

    him no ready fi grow up yet?

    mi seh mi a dead wid laugh in yah, how di anklet luk like piece a di anchor chain from di slave ship amistad so??? massa let ele’s ankles go (inna mi slave voice).

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