High school children speak about not being black and not liking blacks. Black boys describe dark skinned women as crusty..Must watch


  1. mi did si di video before but never saw the girl at the beginning….a joke shi a mek dont?

    shi neva serious …….all di other one weh seh shi light skin…….mi feel seh dem a run joke inna di video

      1. it irritate mi fi hear dem wid it..dem not evn noe di difference between race and ethnicity but a suh wen ppl illiterate to di facts dem focus on superficial arrangements

        1. As Obara did se one day say is America give them that option..U will not even hear a Cuban say dem nuh black and they have more white looking people dan DR…but because racism so strong there dem try dem best fi stand aside from any black association

          1. exactly…illiteracy is real caw mi wah noe why all a fi har word dem a roll an itch on pon one aneddah suh…not one word was singular…everythin plural an soun muble jumble

            they’re not even actually discussing race because they’re lost..dem juss a talk bout dark color smh…den dat ass really said “yellow teeth” yu nuh see seh dem a idiot shani

          2. Their parents supposed to shame …a black people really have naturally white teeth…u can go africa any day and u a go wonder how ina di world people why nuh use tooth paste really have dem color teeth deh ..bun mi fi dem

          3. di way ow dem africans deh teet white n pretty it mek di melatonin tan up inna dem..i tink is pure jealousy n hate wid dis dissociation of the human race

      2. That’s why them bleach out them skin and wear blond hair to be accepted in the white community and the white people look down on them more than how they look down on others.. met Hispanic swear them white…


  2. My friend husband is Dominican and he is darker than quite a few people in my family (we are black) and I have heard him on numerous occasions saying that he is not black. He refers to himself has Hispanic and the kids that they have are darker than my children but yet I have heard my friend referring to them as mixed. TRUE STORY

      1. Metsy post a link let me see these blacky totus bout dem no black deh cause if missy up top no black mi a albino den kmt

      2. so ppl approach mi and tell mi seh mi nuh look Jamaican so mi seh how Jamaican look… mi se how Jamaican look? mi tell dem fi go read…now dem start di same shit wid mi pickney …….The problem is these ppl dont know what black is ……dem dark but dem nuh black pun intended

        1. Yes dem love come to mi wid dat…..u know whey day I went out with some friends and on our way outside we saw some a fi har man fren dem and me and dem a talk dem ask whey mi come from mi se jamaica………Mi nuh sound Jamaican nor look Jamaican and dem neva know Jamaicans speak English..I got so angry

          1. And unno know seh me love my patois but when mi a talk to people whey dont understand it mi talk English..not ina no American way but jus plain enlgish…We came from so many different parts of Africa , my family I think some look more ethiopian and we mixup wid indian and white jus like whole heep a Jamaican how dem expect Jamaicans gi look a certain way is really baffling to me

          2. No mi lite dem left right and center ina English and tell dem nuh mek dem assumption deh bout somewhere dat dem clearly DONT know

          3. aduppy dem …… They are just not educated ,,,,mi granny used to tie ar head all of a sudden shi stop ….so mi se weh yu tiad …mi granny se him cah tek di ole oman deh a come to ar a question ar all shi tell dem shi a nuh italian or jew

          4. A so dem poison dem mind from birth same so di doorman at my job him a look somebody hard so I said to him r u Cuban r where u from him say Dominica BUT his great this n great r from Spain n horse fat n cow dead I’m like y the rush to inject the Spain part cause no matter wat u do r say the Spanish dem nah look pon u kmt

          5. A met them do me the same thing.. and it always upset me.. bout you don’t look Jamaican and you don’t talk Jamaican! me just lol and go bout me business.. cause if me chat to them in my language knowing them no understand me.. to me it seems disrespectful to do so when the person don’t understand… me no pay them no mind

          6. Blame it on the media for those that aren’t around Jamaicans of every type. When my Aunt met my Husband at our wedding, she said the same thing. He has a bit of an accent, is from a rough area of Jamaica but does not carry himself as what is seen on Television……thank God for the internet and social media things are sure to better.

  3. This topic is gonna touch a nerve wid a lot a folks, but here is my stance on it….I am a light skinned Afro-Caribbean woman. I get highly offended when I’m mistaken for Puertorican or Dominican because I am not. It irritates the shit outta me when Hispanic just assume that I’m one of them and just start speaking to me in Spanish cause I always have to tell them, ” I no espeaka espanol ” and walk away. I don’t date light skinned men because I’m not attracted to them, and even though I am content with the shade of my skin, I believe that darker skinned people are so beautiful. There is just something so beautiful about dark skin that I find absolutely radiant and gorgeous. Funny enough, my kids are darker than I am and are always mistaken for Indian, but they don’t bother explaining all that were mixed with. They just say they’re black. The end.

    1. dat happen to me all the time.. this man see me and just a chat in a one language weh me not even understand.. me just tell him in a English say me no understand you.. and walk way me not even wait until di fool explain him self.. u wan see how them always shock when u tell them say u a Jamaican.. you wan see how dem eye big out..

      1. Ah true. Mi encounta couple Spanish gal one day and dem ah fimi some breed ah dutty staring. All mi understand and hear was “puta”, suh mi politely respond with ” yuh muma ah puta ya bytch” ah walk galang bow mi business. The end.

    2. Because of your skin color you are mistaken for Puertorican and because I am Puertorican even though I am a light one with light eye’s you want me to say I am BLACK. Contrary to @Zervhater’s theory of Spanish in a Jamaican body :ngakak

      1. There are 5 races
        1) Mongoloid (Asian and American Indian)
        2) Caucasoid (European)
        3) Australoid (Australian and oceanic)
        4) Negroid (east African black)
        5) Capoid (south African black)
        Hispanic is not a race it is an ethnicity

      2. @quena you sound foolish, but when hem come to u and say u white u accept it cause a dat u wan hear. Bout light eye fi see how u ugly and shape bad lolololololol no boddda come cuss me my dear..

      3. Quena ur ass don’t know when fi stay down ee Man U know say this a dangerous waters u a thread when it come to dem topic u no just gwaan read n chill no u being the pugilistic person u are cannot leave well alone but Quena a one ting bout the ppl dem whey name Jcan dem fasss n love ppl business so the person u are pretending to be in ur likkle warped mind somebody woulda memba r recognize who u be long time n bawl it out long time do pls bear in mind u AINT FOOLING NOONE BUT U SELF OVA HERE AND WHILE WE LOVE WATCHING U MAKING AN ASS OF UR SELF WHERE RACE IS CONCERNED WE ARE SUCH KIND N NICE PPL(black ppl) WE READILY ACCEPT U BECAUSE WE ARE CAPABLE OF SEEING GOOD IN EVERYONE EVEN FOOLS

        1. Metty you locked me out and thats not nice!!!!!
          Chuetty, I know everyone but no one knows me….personally.
          I am in a position to know all of your business on every level but has never let any one into mines PERSONALLY. They may guess but they are never sure and BLOOD, I’m not Jamaican.
          I came under this topic because if I didn’t it would of been a problem as a LATINA to bypass it. Ain’t that what y’all said when I by pass the spanish lighting up the wall uinder the Bob Marley topic and never saw to come defend in my native tongue. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t…..Fam’

          1. Quena?u a ask or tell mi if mi lock u out ? Mine a u conscience lock u out because Jah know mi nuh move a muscle muchless fi lock u out

          2. My conscience for what??? It’s been almost two years on this and you know thats not how I roll.
            But if you aint do it, maybe it’s my location because I tried signing on and the ‘ish said I’m locked out or something to that effect.
            My apologies if I came at you side ways!

          3. A mus ur conscience because mi nuh move sideways either u nuh have no reason fi run in pan dis topic Quena becausee ure not contributing or creating understanding . If you were locked out by me it wouldnt say locked out, that is the security software on here. Mi nuh drop sneaking ban I would have said something first..The only time mi ban an ip without saying a word is if its spamming

          4. If di system lock u out and believe mi a nuh mi…but if dat happen is mus a sign ..You are not addressing the issue of this video..Wedda u waa call yourself Spanish or Hispanic which is NOT race..No matter what you think you are what they are saying in this video is beyond appalling .

          5. Quen-aaaaaaaaaaa when my mums did send mi go school mi meck sure go n leave man taking fi after school so mi is no rassss fool NOBODY I REPEAT NOBODY nah let nobody into dem business personal at dat unless their is a mutual sharing n bond so try offa somebody else mi believe u u not Jcan smh nopes u ain’t for sure but I’m willing to eat my chair dat I’m sitting on now say u ain’t Puerto Rican either so gwaan mi dear kmt

          6. @Chuetty… should have take man because you ain’t as good at common or book sense eedah!!! You gonna eat your chair, save some for Zervah and Metty and few others on Judgement day to. Maybe when we’re old and gray or if I pass untimely early (gf) I will let my people contact Metty’s people and expose the truth!

            They don’t have to willingly do anything, yall love to talk each other business and I’m in the mid of it all. #beenBOUTthislife!

          7. no no dem can save dat contact Quena because mi nuh business that is not my concern..Quena di topic is not about u so nuh mek it be about u

          8. You came into the topic to create discord and den mek it look like di people dem a pick pan u when u done thow out u come grab me now bait..This topic is not about u

          9. Mettyyyyyyy you something else who under this is “contributing or creating understanding” aside from Obara’s regular education of the travel of the mother ship? Firstly I came on to say black kids in the BX say that Dominican’s aren’t black as well….”they DOMINICAN” so if these are saying their not black it’s how they grew perhaps. What I find wrong is if they say hateful stuff, which I am quick to correct if I here, like the nappy hair, big lip comments.

          10. Yes that I will be …Mi neva hear no black pickney call out no spanish especially dark skinned spanish and tell dem seh dem not black dem spanish..that is what Dominicans say of themselves. No one nah contribute but we nuh need ur sarcasm condescendingly served yah now. Yuh a talk like se a children set the trend and not adults bout a dem se dat ..Dominicans have a race complex from dem country and dem carry it here.

          11. Alright Metty, I wasn’t trying to make it about me. I’m keeping lo’ and reading. Do your thing!

          12. in a position to know everybody business?….@quena, yuh ah Feds? is which position you cudda inna fi know bout all ah we?, I am not attacking you, I am genuinely curious!!!

          1. @Real… would have to see me and make your own mind up. Since I was told by so many on here that Puertoricans are black then….I guess only I would describe the black in me as, one drop of Hershey syrup in a bowl of milk.

            Last comment :ngacir2 I’m out____________________________________________

          2. PQ u are black and so are puerto ricans every last one do you know there are jamaicans that live in Southfield, St. Elizabeth that have blue,green,hazel eyes light skin long curly or straigh hair & they consider themselves black … The reason why they look that way is because the GERMANS got ship wrecked over southfield and breed up the black woman dem years ago … when mi say gal dem prettty like money no spanish can come close!!!! AND FUNNY THEY DONT SAY THEY’RE EVEN HALF GERMAN lol dem consider demself black jamaican … as I am one of them. Go sit down and get over yourself like a panish ppl alone have pretty eye fool!

          3. Hmm …so u nuh black ? mi just wah know cah if mi mix sugar, lime and water…………..I cannot extract any of those ingredients the sugar will now be a liquid……………a weh u si u self as still mi jus did a ask …


          1. Obara mi say my dear this whole heap a tawk bout light n light wat the hell which color name light meck di gal gwaan whey she a go kmt

          1. Hi, everyone. There use to be wan big foot Jamaican girl inna Brooklyn back in the days, dem did call har ” Big foot Lavern” now Lavern did have wan pickney feh a Puerto Rican bwoy, whea me been wondering is, if this Puertoriquan here is Lavern’s daughter? . This gal itch up on this site like crabel louse, which she is allowed to do, however I do not think her intentions are good. Is either she working to gather whatever information for whatever reasons, and has taken on the persona as of a Puerto rican, or she is just resentful of Jamaicans on a whole, especially the women. as meh did seh wan time, dis person is a serious contender of being a fifth colonist. And, PUERTORIQUENA does not have to be a female, This is the internet.

  4. Metty please to delete mi first post cause it haveen wholeap ah grammatical errors eena it…and to the 1st young lady inna the video…it’s arite boo. Bleaching cream selling every bodega shop ah New York. Problem solved.

    1. @Wicked you a look at quena lololololol no matter how u educate her she na go get it.. she have it in her barins say she white lololollol and look how she reply to people lolololol like she think people a idiot.. quena you clearly not in your lane because your thinkng mentality f**ked up.. and you think its okto think like that Quena you need to go hold several seats cause obviously u dont know say u Blackkkkkkkkkkkkk quena u are the weakest link good bye vamoooseeee shefly dry fooot wanna be white lololololol ‘ll l

  5. Ay Bendito! This has been an arguement like forever now. They are dark but never identify with their black side…..growing up in the BX was a trip, blacks in the Bronx would have dark skinned Dominican friends and would say too ‘She’s not black, she’s Dominican” so (shrugging shoulders).

    1. Everytime i read a stupid comment u made me wan fight meself.. cause me know better not to read it..u need to chill sometimes… anyways i habe a question why when the jamaican man them married to ooun why them take over the kitchen all when them cannot cook its just a question no badda cuss me plz

      1. You want me to answer something I know nothing about, I cook and he eats, he cooks and I eat! I will say he is not interested in learning spanish meals but he has certainly showed me how to make Jamaican meals. Hope thats helpful!
        Quena! New year so I’m keeping it respectful and staying in ma lane as much as I can so please remember to do the same with me…I ain’t the enemy…..BLOOD!

        1. U too lie a shame a kill you lololololololol tell we the truth. Me doe believe. Tell u husband to log on and confirm it lollololololol

  6. Good day to all, mi cudden watch de video it hurt mi heart to see how black people hate themselves, all de bleacha dem mi ah tawk. The greatest trick the white man ever played on the black man is to hate himself

    If they ever knew the accomplishments of our race through out time since the beginning of civilization, how even chemistry which is taught in schools got it’s name from the Kemet, now called Egypt, the mathematics it took for these Africans to construct the pyramids and sphinx, all now white people cannot figure out how we did it, when Napoleon went to Egypt and saw our accomplishments he was amazed and bad mind ketch him, he took his cannons and shot the noses off the Spyhinxes and there are pyramids in Ethiopia use to be known as Cush that are older than the ones in Egypt!!…Our history are not taught in class, so HIS STORY (HISTORY) IS ACTUALLY THE WHITE MAN STORY, They have erased US out of history!!…

    Please read WHAT THEY NEVER TAUGHT YOU IN HISTORY CLASS, by Indus Khemet Cush!!..

    The medicine of the ancient Egyptians is some of the oldest documented!!

    Who was Imotep! He was the world’s first named architect who built Egypt’s first pyramid, is often recognized as the world’s first doctor, a priest,. scribe, sage, poet, astrologer, and a vizier and chief minister, an Egyptian!!

    Jesus was born in a cave in Ethiopia, dem change it along with his looks and even though THE BIBLE DESCRIBE A BLACK MAN, we look upon and accept the white representation. If he is the Savior and he is White then it is fitting to say anyone looking like him is superior, while it may not be uttered out, this is what the mind retain!!..

    Jamaicans love describe each other as blacky tu tus, or cuss and sey dem black and ugly.

    There is only one race and that is the human race, this is what Anthropology teach, but if asked the only race is the BLACK RACE…there is no Caucasian, this comes from the Caucasoid mountains in Europe, neither a race call Mongoloid (asian people) all made up to give these people race identity (READ THE AFRICAN UNCONSCIOUS, BY MICHAEL BYNUM!!)…as they are doing now with HISPANIC!!

    If our history was taught in schools and not suppressed, even if our deities had our resemblance as other cultures do like the Indian mans deity looks like him, so does the Chinese man, and so forth we are the only ones whose God do not look like us and we accept it! If Jesus was painted black n white person would worship him, none!!! so damn sad!!

    “There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society, with a large segment of people in that society, who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that they have nothing to lose. People who have a stake in their society, protect that society, but when they don’t have it, they unconsciously want to destroy it.” – Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. pull upppppppp pup upppppppppp

      Paul Mooney: “You have black Anglo-Saxons. Their skin is black, but their brain is white. I call them “graham crackers.”

      It’s sad……VERY SAD because whiteness has glamorized and romanticized Egyptian and Nubian civilization so damn much that they have internalized it to the point where you all believe subconsciously in the demonized view of West Africa as dirty, dark skinned Africans half-starved with flies on their faces, and seemingly no civilization to speak of.


      1. Mi say Obara u see when u type bout mi black heritage mi eye full up a wata all the time eno man when the white man came upon us it was amazed n confused cause the beautiful cloth n designs we had, when him sniff we oh the beautiful aroma cause a we discover spice then we being the kind hearted n loving creatures that we are show them salt the nasty no color shit dem whey smell like wet dog jealousy n badmind kick in and so set out on a mission to rape rob n erase us as a nation. Africa is where life began just watch this a “white” “Chinese” r any other race woman cannot produce a pure black child but a black woman can carry any race child n no one would know that child has a black mother we are the mothers of this Earth.

          1. Mama pls teck time pang pang one word at a time we in no rush but we IN NEED OF THE KNOWLEDGE
            Obara when mi go no whey a fill out no form mi always meck mi own box or line mi family always a dead with laff cause from dem see it dem know whey mi ago do by box always say Afrikan/Black a dat me be end of story

          2. Chuetty tell mi ah joke ya mek ma’am ________________________________________________________________________

  7. The joke has just began!! Oh how I love these topics and educating my people wayyyyyyyyy beyond February 28!!

    Says an educated black woman: Anti-Black Spanish speaking (????) are confused as hell.

    Speaking Spanish does not absolve you of being Black!! :travel

    Absolutely no one cares that you’re slave ship went to Hispaniola or Puerto Rico or wherever.

    Yo ass has African blood and in Merikkka yo ass is Black!

    1. G’day, this may descend into the costa rican story from last year…on that note, at this point I am so OVER these dominicans…dem ongle good enough fi blow dry me rass hair all then them bun-up me rass scalp.

      These 1/2 bred negros y negrocitas get put into them place when dem exup wid Argentinians, Mexicans, Spainards and such. Me can understand the attempt fi not be associated with de haitians (dem predominant ancestral linkage) but fi sey yu a ZERO Negro is absolute bullshit.

    2. …and mi deh ya glad se fi mi ship top a JAMAICA…u eva si di pone weh name joseline hernadez weh she shi nuh blck….a beaten dem want

      1. lolol….in da house…lol.

        De baddest a male and female were left in the Island of Jamaica. De brute dem did think the heat would a kill we ancestors…lololollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll how illogical when a heat dem come out a ….lol

        Met fi run de willie lynch letter whey sey de half breds were invaluable because they were just mere offsprings of sexual perversion. Yet, the pure Africans were valuable.

        1. ******************

          The letter hits on how to Institutionalize racism for a century and more and how to pit the negro race against each other, but I use it as reference to highlight the demeaning variable it presented on Inter-racial births and why people of fair complexion should be cautious in their thinking.

  8. We ought to be proud ah we race, dem put in the minds of the world dat a size two is the perfect woman, another attempt to disqualify and debase de black woman wid har natrual curves, hips an bottom, when in the baroque age women use to make their garments to look like they had a singed waist, big hips and but, so till now kim k put batty back pon de map, dem likened we to monkeys and gorillas, but look at the collagen den injecting in their lipsand tanning salons all bout…wake up black people

  9. You know as race centered as Jamaica is I found out that we are the least racist people among the people in the Caribbean. I like when here people who were actually enslaved by the Spanish avoid their Indian and African side. I heard my Spanish Professor thanking the Africans for their “contribution” to Spanish culture. I was like bitch contribute ? Wi mek up 85 % of that culture.. . In the Caribbean like Jamaica and such white men from Germany were losing their white wives very early…..due to illness and poor stamina. So they came up with this idea. We will marry black women for their blood. We will raise the children to marry each other and by the third generation they will look white. However, the blood will still be in them and they will be stronger and carry our names longer. Not all black women were raped but some were courted for their blood. They helped them to build their names and establish “healthy” children. I was listening to my dancehall music one day with my “mixed” self and pan head came on the radio: Gimme mi African princess ….and mi hear a voice in my household (male): Yes a dat yu fi listen to and stop wid di buguyaga music ………………Hence from that day I knew that I should be an African princess…I know u think its kinda interesting to be light with u know light eyes and nice hair ….But don’t u think it would be more interesting to be known as a mother of nations ,,,the fact is you are black….and you know what black makes everything beautiful…….because if nuh browning nuh deppon di chicken mi nuh want it ……Unu black …and unu fi top tell unu pickney dem bout dem “light skin” and dem nuh deh nuh where near it ………..or dem have curly hair …if di colour embrace unu wi si how much door open fi unu

    1. Me and a dominican bwoi fight years ago a McDonalds because him get ignorant because me tell him that him is black and Indian. That fish step to me and I hold that bitch by the throat and mek him know “me a Jamaican Pu$$y, and me we kill you bombo”….lolol. Afta dem pull him from me me bawl out ” you Indian and negro bitch!”….that bitch quit the job. lolol.

      1. Case and Point: Me black/African first and foremost and de rest a “oids” follow after. Therefore, I’m JAMAICAN. So, yes REAL I think we are the TRUE Melting pot of the world.

        1. mi did so oblivious a school mi go know seh mi light ..bcuause I thought I was dark ..di other brother and sister dem did jus look really light……….a only the long hair mi did ting little different .

      2. mi GLAD MI BLACK …since mi know all the benefits of being black I JUST love it ……….IT IS THE BEST THING……….I JUST FEEL LIKE RUNNING SKIPPING PRAISING THE LORD …….FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR ME ……………my spirit is so free……………….

      3. a nuh dat ….disclaimer no offence to any Indians…………….a di half indian dem weh tink a prestige……….one get pon top a mi nerves one day mi did haffi mek shi know se a di UNTOUCHABLES DEM tek off a di road side and carry come a JAMAICA…………….NUTTEN NUH PRESTIGOUS BOUT IT …………….and when dem done dem a renk wid naiga………….

        1. Yu gwan lef me Bangladesh cousin dem alone…lol That gene cause me fi can’t hold liquor.lolollllll All the Indians dem blacker than some Africans to ratid.

    2. Nice hair by fi dem standard an our adoption, our tightly curled hair is because of where we came from, HOT AFRICA….REMEMBER IT IS THROUGH GENETIC CODES AND SOCIAL CLINE AND CLIMATIC ENVIRONMENT WHICH DETERMINE OUR LOOKS, HAIR AND ALL!!!

      1. “Dem” hair nice to de minds eye base pon convince of “wash and go”…lol Me nah lie we hair a “slave” wuk fi maintain…lolol.

  10. P.Quena wish she was Puerto Rican .. please LET HER BE GREAT!!!!!!!

    Funny … we love chat each other business!!! but u come on here to confirm and further more chat di busineesss add on minus subtract and divide child please.

    Mi senses a tell mi yuh come from LA .. dem must know ah who yuh be ..
    ur man is a Jamaican dancehall drug dealer boo how DARE YOU reallly gwan like
    u shit can mek patty yuh very presumptuous!!!!! Have several seat your a dancehall RAY tambien!

  11. The way to keep things away from the black man is to put it in a book!!
    oonuh know sey mi always a recommend books, here I go again, most of these books you may not find online, but still search…but go to Harlem and you will find it on the side walks or the Hue man book store..HERE GOES!

    The destruction of the black civilization by Chancellor Williams..(he gave his eye sight to give us our history, it took him 16 years to writ this book!!!

    Sixteen crucified Christ by kercy Graves

    They came before Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

    The who pan African series by the very bright Dr. Tony is on Amazon

    Black Athena by Martin Bernal (a white man)
    Black Athena revisited, by Mary Lefkowitz

    Black women of antiquity by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
    Civilization or barbarism, …..Pre colonial Africa,….The African Origin of Civilization,…Black Africa…By Cheikh Anta Diop…watch his interviews on you tube…he has since joined his ancestors, but left us a great legacy!!

    Ifa will mend our broken world..Prof Wande Abimbola

    African Genesis,…African people and European holidays vol 1 and 2,…..African woman, the Original Guardian Angel,….God, The Bible and the Black mans destiny all by Ishakamusa Barashango

    Stolen legacy by George James…dem kill him for writing this book! as it publish dem kill him, dem also kill Barashango

    The Wonderful Cushites Of the Ancient Ethiopian Empire by Drusilla Houston
    We the black Jews by Dr. Ben Jochanan and anything you can find on Dr. Ben watch him and Dr. John Henrike Clarke on Youtube…MORE BOOKS BUT AH CYAA TOO MEMBA SOME AH DEM YAH NUNG!!

    Rest In peace Dr. Khalid Muhammed!! dem kill yuh but yuh layed down your work before you went…


    1. Hi Obara………… trust mi, its always good reading what yuh write, yuh always killing dem oh so softly.

  12. Mornin metty n folks…I ave a light skin Haitian friend that speak French fluently….so I guess she no ave no race……..guess tessane ano Jamaican…quena go sit in a f**kin corner….unno want to c some a di Dominican dem to…kmbct

    1. Me go 6th grade wid one…she smell like pee pee every day and de hair matted up. Not to mention the whores in New Lots.

  13. When things no work out in quena favor she take way her self and talk sy people block her and dis an dat.. and who she thinkveducated and who she think not so educated… but people dont follow her a the white in a her a kick in.

      1. di girl seh shi a SPANISH ……..but she is not black …a beg unu go google di first madonna ……..caw di SPANISH DEM A BLACK TO …MI CAH MANAGE

  14. a yu know weh if wi sen een wi pictcha yah now all back way ……………………….some ppl would not look LIKE SO CALLED SPANISH INDIAN AND BLAH ………………MI CAH MANAGE :travel

  15. Obara and real mi like how you guys come out with the culture of being black, which is most interesting, making my sprite lighten and taking away the heaviness. Making proud to be an African Queen, princess, mother of a Black nation, and of course black is beautiful and have a proud heritage and HIS STORY, as people, I don’t even care to say I am mixed with anything as black is a pre dominant color put black in anything and it changes it for life, there no point in arguing with some fools that does not know their real identity, because them brain washed and most of all them white washed. Lol, I was about come out with mi Sketel behavior, but when I saw Obara come out with the fact of my true identity, as a beautiful black woman I am so proud to say I am young gifted and black, and that’s a fact! Very proud of my heritage. We have been here from creation, in the beginning, Amen, big all the people that have an identity with a race, most importantly big up to all human race.

    1. Sketel, we were Kings and Queens before Europeans, had any monarchy, one day in Africa my husband and I stopped and came down from the Jeep to greet the king of a town here in Lagos called Isolo, he was sitting in his courtyard with all his Chiefs and Iyalodes, (women chiefs in Africa where there is men women even one must be present, in any counsel meeting, it represent balance, masculine and feminine energy), my husband went first and prostrated before the king,…SIDE BAR…People in Africa shows respect to their elders or superiors in titles by prostrating even in our traditional religion it is done, BUT MI NEVA DWEET, BECAUSE OF MY OWN ROYAL SPIRIT (or de Jamaican inna me, mi nah li dung ah grun fi nooo body), but as it came up for me to greet this nicelt robed man, I knelt and bowed my head and greeted him in the name befitting a King of the Yoruba’s KABESI!!!!

      IF people can bow to Queen Elizabeth why not to my black King??? WE WERE KINGS AND QUEENS BEFORE THEM


      Big up Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana!!
      Queen Tiye
      Nana of the Maroons, (Nanny was a slave name, and she was not a captured slave brought over, she came as an indentured servant!)
      Sojourner truth
      Cleopatra..(Elizabeth Taylor, my foot!!!…this woman was black)

      The other name my husband ask me the meaning of my government name, I said it has no meaning, he asked me the meaning of my children name my answer was the same, (SHAME)..He proceeded to say that is no good, and told me the meaning of the names of he and all who were on our compound with us…

      These BARBARIANS (THIS IS HOW WE ARE LOOKED UPON),are so wise and knowledgeable…o ma se ooooooo!!!!!

      1. Obra, Cleopatra VIII was a traitor and of mix ancestry. We can debate it but I cannot stand her position in history.

          1. yes Phantom she was, but I threw her in there because of who they used to portray her on film, and also from one drop of black blood is in you, you are black ask any scientist!!!, no debate mi fren, yuh know yuh sauce, but she was black regardless her complexion or mix up!!

  16. it is sad that this culture of denouncing there afrikan blood is seen has the norm for these dominicans.when white men were eating raw meat and sleeping in caves we the black race was practising dentistry,plastic surgery,architecture,living in palaces,creating systems of government just to name a few.i am not the lightest shade of brown but in jamaica men still refer to me as browning which i find to me matter how much these negroes say yhey are black dont chnge the fact. we r a product of a colonial heritage where we were taught to hate everything afrikan

  17. I am Black-I do not have a dual identity,I have two parents and both of them are light skinned Blacks.And I know my history enough to know that I do not have an identity problem. I am Black my consciousness is Black! My concerns are about Black issues and Black people.I have no problem with being Black-I am not multi-racial I am not mixed I am Black.BLACK AND BLACK MAKES BLACK!


    1. mi sey Observa comment 3:06 mi agree wid you, my first and last name Government name is very English, plus de mix up deh deh, (mi even shame fi say it, caws ah doe waan nuh body mistakenly tink mi ah meshan it chu mi proud..farrr from de chuet), Obara Meji is de name of my destiny, it is the name of my Osun (Oshun, water deity, mi come from water world, Jamaican would say river mumma!!) and plus I have an Ifa (EEFAH) NAME WHEN I RECEIVED MY IFA, AND NOW I HAVE AN AFRICAN LAST NAME (Chu husban, an mi ah gal always swear mi nah tek on no man name, man fi tek fi mi name), but chu de European slave name was like a burden mi jump an tek de man so happy, not ah mix mi BLACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!…YES MI LIGHT IN COMPLEXION, AND AH NOT BIGGING DAT UP, DAT NUH MEK MI PROUD, NOR DOES IT ENHANCE MY BEAUTY, BECAUSE I AM BEAUTIFUL…..MI BLACKKKKKKK…quena sey if you put one drop ah hershey in a glass ah milk is she dat, well dat black to me, caws ah suh mi ooda describe mi tuh and me is BLACKKKKKKKK!!!…HIP HIP HORAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  18. met mi need u …di Trini dem go look pon dem candidate fi prime minista story deh..dem seh him too black fi bi candidate …..a weh di mumma

  19. Boy o’ boy get behind me to the ‘elephant’ in room. Why people shame to be black? We are the most beautiful people in the world!!! Latinas dem nuh consider demself as being black, mi work wid some a dem. Mi hear dem inna my office talking about Black History month, mi not even luk pan dem causen sey black history is 365 and 366 days of the year.

    1. @Me too Pretty mi seyyy. When Obara touch road (JMG) yuh know my eyes dem glued causen mi know sey is some serious knowledge gwine drop. Those kids need to be educated on who they are and where their ancestors are from, it is clear very clear they have no clue, which is very sad indeed.
      Good Afternoon Ms Met :peluk

  20. I am not going to entertain the ignorant people that don’t know the place on the color scheme of life, them nether black nor white, so it up to them to choose, I choose black, because anything the black taint it can’t come back. The Dominican are stupid to think that been light skinned is race, may God go with them, because it’s so much things are being hidden from us, we perish be we have so little knowledge of who we really are. As our history is a strong one, and it is not taught it the right way, what they teach us is that we are an inferior race, and we were slaves, maids, and servant to the white people, it was never expounded as to how the Caucasian race even began, even the bible told us they were lepers that we banished to the Caucasian mountain, and came out with fine hair and tainted color eyes. Black is an original.

  21. Hello one and all. I know we are a complacent nation of people. Let’s ignore all that is negative on the blog and direct all our anger and written expressions to the video above. 🙂

  22. Obs is the video me a penetrate, mi nah look mi not loking on the negative, because are already in the negative because of the color of our skin, so I am learning more from Obara of where we came from, and our royal blood that flows through every black persons vain, weather we light skinned with long hair, or jet black with nappy hair, is so much we don’t know, and that is the real reason behind this video, we were taught that being black is an ugly thing, you can get far if you are fair skinned, the black race is looked upon with scorn, and so much people wants to disassociate them selves from being of darker complexion, this is a real issue for 100s of years now. Look over on the other thread, even though the black man has all the qualifications to govern the country he is being penalized because of the color of his skin which happen to be black smdh.


  24. I couldnt even bring myself to watch it as i perceive it to be filled with IGNORANCE. The moment you have one ounce of negro in ur blood, you are black, so those dummies can believe what they want..Children live what they learn and it’s evident here that this is the case. Some a dem are far darker than myself. My youngest brother is bi-racial and if you ask him he will say, “I AM BLACK AND ILL BE BLACK EVEN IN DEATH” SO mek QUEENA GUH CHUCK OFF SOMEWHERE, she really irritates me at times..

  25. Watching this video was disheartening, all I see is teenagers who have a distorted view about their race, I guess all I could think about is teaching my child to love her blackness when she is of age to know and appreciate the BLACK RACE. Obara always luv your insight.

  26. No sa dis getting from bad 2 worse. D pickney dem need a reality check bad bad. When did the issue of race become so dominant in society that now light skinned vs. black skin, has taken over basic conversation this need 2 stop. Mek me tell u me just love fe c a beautiful black man with him skin a shine n him teeth white n glistening. Granted me woulda participate in d Black History program at me wrk place but thru is Caribbean and British history me learn a Jamaican High School me neva get much of d American history n there is so much 2 learn. One whole world o freedom fighters, underground railroad and all these things dat when me reach a college d time never enough for me to get d right amount of knowledge hence my limited participation. But now me like a sponge n whatever me can learn about black culture even when social media has its advantages n disadvantages me try fe read n understand. This is ridiculous cut me cut you a d same blood a run black, white, chiney, spanish etc. Y some ppl should feel elitist because a skin color is beyond me. Obara u well read n me wish me did kno all a wa u kno but me likkle brain can only hold so much n no more:) An older Italian woman did tek har frehness 1 time n did ask me why me come 2 America n me tell har is d same reason y ur family dem come here bright and facety n outada what an audacity….Plus Ms. Met me c a word wa grieve me soul. A fraid fe hear ppl call Asian ppl oriental. Jah kno when me hear it all me can think about is noodle. I have a couple Asian friends n trust me just like when we hear d n word I think oriental touch a button but we can all tek correction including meself…Say it loud I’m black n im proud…

  27. You know what the thing is these children lack so much knowledge about black history itsreally messed up. this generation is really f**ked up and even tho im apart of it im really not afraid to admit it. This f**king lightskin darkskin shit a get out a control now. But it funny to enuh cause me lightskin and i would never or have i ever been with a lightskin man. It sound f**k up but its the truth. Mi love mi husband dark hershey skin. Turn mi the f**k on. And mi tired tuh fi hear ppl seh mi nuh look jamaican smh if yuh stick mi yuh nuh find no blood morewhile. Cause as much as mi light mi is still a black woman!!!! And proud the f**k of it

  28. The best way to solve this problem is to give them a trip to America , and let them visit a racist town, let them walk around at night , then they will see what they really are , it seems they borrowed the mirror from the witch in the Snow-White story to find out who is the fairest (lightest skinned) of them all.

    1. lololl…..REALITY CHECK pon de end a one a dem klans man rope. Then there’s the option of being tied to the back of a pickup and dragged fi miles.

    2. we don’t have to let them out at night, it nuh matta what hour, their ass will know what race they are when they get to the THE US OF A.
      From I live in America mi hear Hispanics (wedda DR or PRicans) saying “im not black’ and so on but yet, the only place they live in is ghetto Fordham rd, ghetto part of Washington heights, hunts point, and have to branch off in black neighborhoods, so why dem not living in Manhattan? Greenwich? or somewhere in Europe?

  29. I see the Trujillo mentally is strong as ever in the Dominicans, I remember getting in a discussion with some of them about the documentary Henry Louis Gates did on the country. They were pissed he highlighted how racist and backwards they are when it comes to acknowledging that they are black and of African decent.

  30. OK since ppl don’t know the history of Puerto Ricans. Me….. a BLACK WOMAN will teach you!! *Tek out yu book & sharpen yu pencil!*
    Puerto Ricans are a MIXED BREED A PPL!!! Taino Indian, Black SLAVES & SPANIARDS!! That’s why Puerto Ricans looks range from White Europeans to the Darkest of Africans.
    I wish folks would read up on their history b/c Dominicans share the island with Haiti aka Santo Domingo. Trujillo MASSACRED Haitians in 1937 and currently there is a ethnic cleansing of Haitians in present day Dominican Republic. Children of Haitians who were born in DR are being DENIED their right to reside there. Haitians are killed in public by Dominican law enforcement. SO Dominicans are a VERY confused ppl. There are very few that acknowledge their African roots & they’d rather be classified by PLACE then RACE. Dominican is NOT a race!
    OK Class Done!!
    Obara Queen Hatsheput is my personal hero. The first female Pharaoh & the BEST to ever do it!! I told my friend to use Queen Hatsheput in his Black History class b/c Black History did not start with slavery!!! It started when Blacks/Africans were building EMPIRES while whites were crawling in caves. Tuh! :cystg

  31. Now I understand the reason why white men do not date Hispanic women like that. if a white man date outside his race its either a Black woman, a Chinese woman, or a Indian woman but RARELY do they date Hispanic woman.
    And why should they? if they wanted to date a white woman they would, not a BLACK WOMAN OF HISPANIC HERITAGE THAT PRETEND TO BE WHITE.

    Right now mi have a Hispanic fren weh nuh date nuh Hispanic gal because him she unuh a idiot and act like unuh ‘white’ when unuh not, he doesn’t have time fi it……DAMN NONSENSE! ‘im not black im hispanic’ what is ‘Hispanic?’

      1. Of course not. I grew up here in a America and notice the PR dem from high school always bleach dem hair and pretend to be white, but dem ketch any white boys? nope, because dem don’t even know dem self…

          1. hayyyyyyy di white man dem seh onli di black ooman dem caw bring mi offspring weh white……di onli ooman dem weh bring black blue pink an red children purnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :selamat

          2. you don’t notice is only black man si dem? all the bawl dem a bawl out ‘not black’ is only ‘black’ dem peer up with? if they are not with their own ethnicity then they’re with an American black man or a Jamaican black man.
            And lets make it clear, for MOST of the black men that date Hispanic women, all mi eva hear dem a seh “Spanish woman wid duh anything yuh tell dem,” das dem main reason because lord knows I cannot afford to blow my spinster out, and consuming body fluid is not my thing.

  32. @Yeyelid, me notice it fi chue. Its rare u see a white man wid a Hispanic woman. If not dem own kind its black or asian and sometimes Indian..It always puzzle me fi chue..

    1. White men don’t date Hispanic women because for 1. they think Hispanic women are trashy and not up to their standards (not my words, its from a white friend), plus dem think dem only good enough to be a house keeper and dem promiscuous…
      Don’t believe me? look at the roles they get on t.v.. maid, housekeeper, or the side chic, and prostitute…. just being honest.
      its like the majority of Hispanics lack education because about 90% of them don’t have a damn clue what ‘hispanic’ means.

      1. and how do they portray black women? as loud mouth, bastard baby having, uneducated single mother who cannot grasp the english language. does this mean thats accurate of the black race? so why it accurate of hispanics? met i am amazed some of the ignorance you allow to go uncheck purely because its backs up your agenda.

        1. Did you see me YEYE LID said it was true? yuh suh damn educated is like it impair yuh reading ability. And I am not backing up Met, afta shi a nuh car or bus, she’s capable of defending her self.
          I just cannot tek some a unuh weh act like unuh is the most educated and logical around….. because now you want to make it into something else.

          It sounds like yuh belong somewhere in the cotton field holding the whip for ‘masa’ to make sure us ‘blackies’ nuh try escape or maybe yuh should be in the house beside masa?

        2. Who r u? WTF u know bout Met agenda who’s asshole died n needed a replacement hence came ur birth this THING irritates me always on the attack when u see woman a tawk r argue STFU
          U sound like a bitch ass dude who doesn’t like woman so any chance fi bash u reach FOH

          1. a feel a quena Jamaican man, or har second because its seems the two of dem have the same agenda…. cause problem and mek things about dem.

  33. dont mess with black women and their obsession with catching the eye of their white daddy lol thats why oonu so proud to tell the world when a one white man say oonu look sexy, cause at the end of the day a your master dat. isnt that why black women to this day brag that they use to breastfeed the master pickney? think bout that, can you imagine jewish women bragging that they breastfed nazis lol

    hear the bedwenches dem a bawl bout what kind of mixture white man tell dem they can get and how they are strong lol so proud to be a cum dumpster for your white daddy 🙂

    1. right yah now I WOULD NOT EVEN know wen a white bwoy a look mi …mi mind nuh desso it inna di …….blackness …………….

  34. tell me suppon, since every woman in this post so proud of dem black roots, why oonu spend billions of dollars every year(inna di asian man pocket it end up) to buy longggg hair and then spend 3 hours straighten it? and every now and then throw in the blue contact lens lol its just for style right haha

    talk all oonu want, its all noise. we both know none of oonu not leaving the house until every curl and kink come out a oonu hair lol

    wait aren`t you the same women who beat oonu daughters inna dem head and tell dem how it bad?? how these girls must grow loving themselves when dem madda done instill the self hatred.

      1. wise?? hahahaha hey bedwench i wasted my time writing an essay and that is the best you can come back with? because you cant challenge none of my point.
        while you at it, why you dont mention the apostrophes i left out and den mark me down for being lazy lol

        1. Not lazy but lots of annoying n super duper impressed with ur conjured up intelligence (which is borderline mediocre) because u think its so does not make it so, so no need to bad up ppl pon ur bullshit theories.

      2. Thank you Observer….. how such a educated man mek such a mistake its mind boggling, a simple smaddie like me just cannot understand so I want him explain it. :thanks2

        1. em alwayz cum like a big stinkin puxxy enuh suh mi nuh too penny har bout terrorist :nohope: it nuh noe ow fi wol a decent conversation…imagine dis gyal write a novel and as di reader I simply said “never use every” that’s a simple observation that could’ve been corrected with another post or just a yes but instead she bashes another female :hoax2 deres room to learn an as a female yuh caw cuss mi caw mi a bawn ooman sissy suh yuh words caw soak…guh luk pad fi yuh menses

    1. A black woman create straightening products fi cut dun pon de time it take fi get all those curls in place….gwan an lo de hair department…den again yu do have a point pon de weave…lololollllll

      1. but he does have a point on ‘every’ one though….. my hair is 100% natural, no creamy crack for me, nope. so him need to stop it because not all black woman are weave wearers.

    2. Not every woman..I do not straighten my hair and I do not wear extensions……its really not fair to say that all women do or to assume that only black women wear extensions and straighten there hair……………Arabic Indian and European women also straighten their hair

  35. I wonder y quena married a “black Jamaican”….no Puerto Rican never want to wife har? Dem distance demselves from black race but nobady nuh love black cocky like dem…….mi love mi race….lub it…black Jamaican I be……a white man will take a black woman quicker dan dem …

    1. see what me mean^^^^^^^^^^ can somebody please give me a trophy!! another one bawling bout who the white man want lol nananananana white man wants us more than youuuuuu 🙂 this is about the 5th bedwench who mention what white man want. why not chinese man or arab, maybe even a little old black man. its all about eliminating the competition i guess.

    1. The Europeans are the first race to wear extension. Jewish women wear wigs because in their practice they are not allowed to show their own hair.

      1. That’s not true, the only women that wear weave, and extensions in this world is black women. I refuse to believe other race of women wear weave or extensions :siul yuh nuh hear weh jmg terrorist seh? :cool

  36. i dont know, sorry i meant don`t (see observer i am slowly learning) who you all trying to fool with this black queen crap. you all hate at least one of your black features. so leave these kids alone, they learned from you. black women were the ones who taught their daughters to be ashamed of their black hair, lips etc.

    you were the ones who told your sons they are just like their wukliss puppa, when it is your fault for not picking a better partner to reproduce with. all when di man have 10 kids him naw mind, oonu still skin out and breed fi him and it is the children who get the abuse for your mistakes. well i am here for all you hahaha

    i dont give a crap about dominicans because i dont live there, that is their problem. how can anybody from jamaica, a country that is world famous for bleachers tell anybody bout self hate kmt. clean up your yard before you clean up abroad.

    1. Did ur black mother mistreat u why u have a deep imbedded hatred for black woman n here u go again with ur assumed all knowing self saying all black woman hate a self feature again WHO R U TO MAKE SUCH AN ASSUMPTION , SHORT OF AN ASSHOLE WHO?

        1. Ur right nobody not even u urself u mussi live alone an arguments give u a hard on so u come over ya a look a quick nut (I’m being just like u very assumptive) hurry a gwaan whey u a go rasss ass kmft
          Ever a start war den claim say u a seek debate cho

        2. I yet to see a lion a mingle wid a dog…… so since you’re like sooo super smart (rolls eyes), why did you even bother to address us?

          is like this is the only place yuh can come to display how “educated” you are, what, yuh nuh have nuh PhD frens fi mingle with?

          gwaan guh find a Hispanic, dem have great debatable skills.

  37. Only child mi a one woman dat can never b enslave by no man,black,white,Chinese,Indian or no other race…mi mek all mi decision n tek di man wey me want dat want me… no bed wench roun here….

  38. Only child….di African dem bleach more dan di Jamaicans….ano Jamaican alone tell dem Pickney bout pupa,ano Jamaican alone breed fi man wid ten Pickney.u look like u ave a dislike fi Jamaican women…..

    1. dislike for jamaican women? must you be so predictable dear. i have only ever dated one girl that is not a black jamaican and she was mix race, half jamaican. you all claim they are black too right so every one was black jamaican. when did i say african exempt? i know nigerian women especially are famous bleachers.

      the fact remain, it cannot be a coincidence that about 4 different women brought up what white men want! white man think dis, white man think dat! i thought you were black queens, but it seems oonu want the white woman place. im sure the jewish woman would be arguing what jewish men want, or chinese etc. as me say black women are proud to brag that they raised the children of the man who was enslaving their men(supposedly) it shows where your loyalty lie. if a black man date a white or chinese woman he hates his mother, but barrack obama who has a white mother is a hero for dating a black woman. shouldnt he be considered a sell out for not dating the same race as his mother? hey i dont afree with that but that is the logic black women use after all lol

      1. No dummy Barack Obama is praised for dating a woman of his choice not one who someone with live experience like his would normally chose ur a pessimistic pest I see clearly now

  39. Merry on some real talk…….I been in and out reading along and as much as you told me this post is not about me Quena…… You not gonna tell my fellow bloggers the same….like seriously since I’m here low every 3rd bitch got something to say about PR. This ish is a video of DR youths!
    Metty you one sided or nah?
    Continue on tho FAM’ cause I’m never saying I’m black because that’s not how no one sees me or I see myself……tell’em why you mad? Live life it don’t have to be about color, it’s about being happy!
    I’m out now, just calling it like I see it….until another day BLOODS!

      1. Met this a the disrespect mi a talk bout. This cockroach been on this site and it seems 99% of her comments a insult she a insult we because she know YOU don’t want the cuss cuss and you do not like it.
        a style people as ‘3rd bitch?’ smh
        I bet the pennies mi a save ina butta dish dat she have a burning hatred fi Jamaicans, I see the things the post, she got issues with us, deep down psychological issues, dat we cannot help her with…..
        why every time she come on here come cause problem? why?

        1. a wen she seh 3rd bitch caw mi nuh too read quena tings dem mor time enuh but yeye lid calm yuh nerves doah fallah fool tun idiot…quena juss trap e yer membah mi tel yuh ooooooooo

      2. den a di second time mi see di BLOODS signature is wah wid dah word deh? membah she use to call wi cockroach an all dezeeeeee tingssss suh fine out deh fimme cawzennn sehhhhhhhhhh…I’M TALKING FAIR OR NAH?

        1. No Obs today when mi address har mi call har blood which in the boogey down Bronx is a popular slang n true mi know a Bronx she come from mi say it no pay har no mind is a BLACK WOMAN trapped inna a light woman body lolollllll

          1. di lady doah live a no bronx agen membah she did seh sumthin like it rent out i tink she live pon di island hayyyyyyyyyyy she ain’t poor sonnnn :hammer

      3. Finally I’m able to sign on……Metty I’m out to dinner with all Spanish Women, Showing them the post and there question is why are the bloggers so hateful towards Spanish women if they think what these kids are saying is wrong. Secondly, why do you all feel this way about us if you believe us all to be black? And finally my question since I grew up around Jamaicans…….why do Jamaicans put down every other island whether they are mostly black populated or not…… For instance, Back in the day y’all disliked being associated with Haitians more than the people of DR. I remember confusing a Guyanese persons accent with being Jamaican and a crew of y’all went off . Everyone has there quirks but we should teach the younger how to get along not hate further and compare…..and to whomever said why did I marry a Jamaican man…..I feel in love with him the person so anything else about him did not matter.
        Look from day one I’m just here for the most part as entertainment and because I am able to contribute daily what I know for #fact about Dancehall people! Buenos Noche !

          1. :mahongintip

            Matthew 7:15
            “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.”

          2. It serious roun yere man

            3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
            for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
            4 Blessed are those who mourn,
            for they will be comforted.
            5 Blessed are the meek,
            for they will inherit the earth.
            6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
            for they will be filled.
            7 Blessed are the merciful,
            for they will be shown mercy.
            8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
            for they will see God.
            9 Blessed are the peacemakers,
            for they will be called children of God.
            10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
            for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

          3. Met amen and amen…. I think you see it long time and see the agenda.

            Psalm 109
            Do not keep silent,
            O God of my praise!
            2 For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful
            Have opened against me;
            They have spoken against me with a lying tongue.
            3 They have also surrounded me with words of hatred,
            And fought against me without a cause.
            4 In return for my love they are my accusers,
            But I give myself to prayer.
            5 Thus they have rewarded me evil for good,
            And hatred for my love.

          4. Psalm 34
            I will extol the Lord at all times;
            his praise will always be on my lips.
            2 I will glory in the Lord;
            let the afflicted hear and rejoice.
            3 Glorify the Lord with me;
            let us exalt his name together.
            4 I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
            he delivered me from all my fears.
            5 Those who look to him are radiant;
            their faces are never covered with shame.
            6 This poor man called, and the Lord heard him;
            he saved him out of all his troubles.
            7 The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,
            and he delivers them.

            The first lie was ‘you blocked her,’ now she want to show all Hispanics (not Spanish), how ‘hateful we are.’ The lord hate a lying lip and a deceitful tongue.

          5. Met no worry u head Mama a so life set up but as long we stay PRAYED up no need fi concern
            U caaa censor she but u must censor the others she deh a fi har dinner with her “Spanish” women n a read said way dat mean unnu need to change the restaurant di food no good something no right whey unnu deh man

          6. thank u fi di prayers mi need dem ….when i am angry mi cannot even open my mouth fi tell u di truth mi neva see dis yet.. no man

          7. Met mi feel it fi…. trust mi, I cannot exactly say I know completely, but I i feel it.

          8. I was on here typing and also answering an email and mi look up and see say mi lock out someone now to be specific that program locks people out when u put in the wrong password for a user name so how me cudda do dat ?

          9. dis is not di fuss blogger-fren tun enemy but she well dry yei wid it an den braps she cum bak tomorrow like all is well n a kin teet…mi avoid evil at all cost…mi nuh hate caw it tek a lot to hate but I WILL AVOID…mi neva see plain evil tongue suh yet in all mi time a jmg dis a histrie

          10. Some people when dem and people fall out and dem claim dem a fren all whey dem was storing fi talk come out then..I cannot cuss my fren ..I will say goodbye very quick
            but all informer site dash up wid di intention fi draw mi outa mi person I think :ngakak

          11. but mi a wondah if em nuh noe seh di site a informah site wen em ooman did a lash har mout bout la ppl an di killing of dwayne smh..dem gud oooooo tings onli rong wen it offend dem

          12. No,seriously…….Y’all taking it as that? Metty you know how mean dudes say that dumb ‘ish about informer site and that bullsh@t. Who gives a f*ck what he wants to say! I made mention of him because zervah you said I am the only JAmaican in the house and anytime I go to him about what I read here he says he don’t want to hear nothing about my gossip informer site but that means that I don’t genuinely like to be here and chill and learn… all really have me fu@ked up in your minds! Metty I always been straight if I’M being hateful I come straight out, I am not that type of person to come here after so many discussions with you and do shit like that….. I didn’t come back on tonight to be hurtful to you or anyone else, I started off the new year differently and my intention is to continue in a better light, I’m gonna take a break as truths suggest ….again sorry to make you feel how you now feel! Good night all!

          13. I wrote a entire book in the comment section…..for some reason it did not post, I will resolve to email ingredients you, but as to my husbands description of the site it’s just what he says , means nothing as you see I am here daily giving my two cents……chuetty im’ma take that break tho!

          14. Metty as of tonight I will say nothing more on your site! I said my Husband calls it a gossip informer site and for that I am evil, the devil and not a friend to your site as I know none of you…. that’s cool tho, thanks for having me and all the best!

    1. But isn’t life funny anybody remember how Quena reach inna di hot seat cause every post that was putting down a black woman she would be right on top of it but now the tables turn she upset.
      Again Quena no one cares if ur black brown r beige we r wat we r and we can’t do nothing bout that but if u can give u must can take
      Met how much signature u require fi push through a request round here?

      1. I’m with you on that one because I don’t know why she’s here, it seems everything we seh shi fight wi.
        we cannot compliment ourselves, we cannot love ourselves because here comes quena with ‘me me me me’ ‘me white’ ‘me have light eyes’ etc….

        nuh baddi over here not sleeping with your man… I have a feeling the Jamaican you married to have been cheating on you with a Jamaican woman suh when yuh find dis site is like a woman learning the passcode to har man cell…. i think you are here because 1. yuh feel hi might get posted one day with who he’s cheating with, and 2. yuh hate us, suh this is where yuh can chat shit w/o repercussion.

        1. hayyyyyyyyy mek mi tel yuh a ting…di onli JAMAICAN inna dat hous is Quena e yer membah mi tel yuh suh dun it :ngakak

          1. Ladies, remember teaching opportunities are present in all we do. Many among us are asking for knowledge in peculiar ways. Nevertheless we should share it.

          2. Preachhhhhhhhhhhhh mi say preachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
            Shalamah shalamah preachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mi sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a one J’can in dehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mi did dream ittttttttttttttttt I went to the river n when mi look mi see the big Q pon di leafffffffff preach lollllllllllllll
            Ova ya noooiiiccccccccceeeeee ee mainnnnneeee

          3. People whey come and comment a people whey come in and new to the topic and u a go tell me bout me fi tell dem fi low puerto rican..No man mi really a beg u from mi heart fi go enjoy your dinner because I am so angry u wouldnt believe so please. Mek di line draw

          4. No Quena mi no want petition u off eno wouldn’t do that cause I quite enjoy ur company on other topics but in celebration of BLACK HISTORY MONTH and since u ain’t black u won’t mind a read only month of vacation :maho

          5. @quena
            so new name fi jmg a ‘informa’ now? so far anyone been to prison because of jmg? when unuh wicked unuh wicked bloodclothing bad.

            spirit never took yuh and never will, you is a snake and yuh cannot hide it.

          6. wat a raaws if dem lef an dis man stawt confess :ngakak fi all my husban noe i doah noe noooot a site name jmg or pinkwall yuh brave doah….a wah name so?? :bingung is like a you wear di pants still suh rock on

  40. di man weh wear pad roun ere a juss dis mi did a tri show yuh

    (preceding a singular noun) used to refer to all the individual members of a set without exception.

        1. Ya he terminado de comer…….gracias!
          Heading to the airport……L.A. gossip hopefully next week.
          I’m over this post,should have kept ‘lo but my company was reading along on my iPad at times and had a few questions.
          Enjoy the Weekend all!

  41. But it seems quena want come in, cuss we, and then leave, and we should never, ever address her because we beneath her…… I have a strong spirit but i didn’t know how strong mi spirit was until I start reading this blog, its mi can actually feel the spirit of some of the people that blog here and so far we have 2 damn snake….

    instead of contributing to the topics, dem come fi start confusion, problems, and mischief between the bloggers so I want to know, whats the agenda? who send unuh?

      1. Met mi fren, mek mi tell you and all e bloggers something, Prayers work!!!..Fasting and prayer can achieve anything, and although this is a blog site whey many of us doe know each other or even each other names we are like family even the peepers, so mek mi get to de point, through incessant prayer (which I know you do always) God who is a spirit and who is every where will not allow ANYONE TO DESTROY, CONFUSE/CONTINUOUSLY BASH/USE OR ANY NEGATIVES which can be attached here to continue along with us under disguise, THE ALMIGHTY WILL SHOW THAT PERSON/S UP!!!…In this world TRUST NO ONE!!!

  42. Mettyyyyyy..I just buss out a big dutty laugh…at quena…learn a thing or 5… bro-in-law ask mi husband is what….he said”my wife is a met groupie….lmao….

  43. Metty mi nah bite my lip..mi a laugh n mek di quena she think mi a fool…..wey she sey…she leavin dinner to di airport with har panish friends….den she tek out har iPad at di dinner table???.quena Jamaicans don’t cook on a Friday,we eat out too…lmao…take out or dine out….like u said you should ave kept low……what a way she ave di ole a har panish friends a clock jmg….gurl bye……

  44. Yuh know is only people wid sumting to hide would refer to pinkwall as “informer site”. Cause if yuh walking di str88 and narrow, den dat shudden even be on ur mind. Pinkwall never buss no baddy secret yet, cause anyting reach over here must come by way of some one else . So sum baddy haffi bring it here fi it reach here. So how JMG turn informa. JMG is only di messenger. Funny how nuff ppl in the past have refered to you as an “informer”. An now u husband call the site “informer site”. Dwllll. A sumting u a try tell us Quena?

  45. What a rass one a dem fine day yah jmg inform pan quena or har husband……..unno mek sure unno laundry nuh cross da washing machine yah……jmg wash,rinse n dry inna one….quena if I was u I woulda tek a long holiday from bout yah….Brite nuh bloodclaat….

  46. Goodnight Metters, have a wonderful late night and be bless.

    Met, goodnight, nuh worry yourself, all shall be reveal, when you call the devil out in Jesus name dem have to answer an reveal dem mission… have a good night and be bless as well.

  47. met a mi girl, so mi nuh wan nobody pass dem place wid har cauz mi will get bringle.

    quena a mad head from eva since but met patient bad, but at least u finally tell her fi avoid u as of tonight. shame mussi kill har. she wan tek weh herself till she all reach clear a LAX. dwl….delusional much?! what a way fi har ‘spanish’ fren dem love yaad mix up. met mi nuh kno a how u do it, but a so u gi har di rope a so she heng harself.

    wah mi wan kno is wah kinda new talkin she pick up. she bipolar or wah? a wah name ‘bloods’ and ‘chill fam’ an all dem ting deh?

      1. met u kno mi love u, so i don’t want mix u….but….everything inna me a tell me seh u kno all a wah gwaan pon what a gwan, but u just choose to be di bigger person. mi have a feelin like u coulda expose har an shame har, but not only is it illegal, most importantly, it’s immoral. an no matter how she tan bad, i don’t think u woulda wan hurt anybody like that. mi jus hav a feeling seh it grieve u cauz u kno di sham but u jus haffi tek di high road. if a so i commend u an u a do di right thing. mi feel kinda sorry fi har now so mi a go low har.

        1. :angel I am not like that and I think maybe das y a lot of people even in general do the things they do to me sometimes..Jesus is always the winner so all who tink dem win and wonder why mi nuh do XYZ is because I always at least TRY to take the high road ure correct and thank you for your words :kiss

    1. Is it far fetched to be out to dinner and peep here and there at my iPad at this post, cuss at a few remarks, they ask what’s the matter, I show th the video they read what they can and I explain what they can’t then they tell me to ask a few questions, of which none was answered they laugh at that, then when I mentions what my husband will say when I get home that is where I said the worst thing imaginable…..evil,traitor. Shamed not in the least but puzzled and moving on. Some things in life are left unanswered, I would like to know by chance what did I do here to you Metty, without all the bunch of tracing.

  48. story come to bump! from evenin me a shovel up snow/ice from me vehicle park @ werk. One f$#in hour an a half! Me reach home, safely an log on…267 plus comments, and well, well, well…SELASSIE I J AH RASTAFARI…met iz a gud ting me did get stuck..but my fellow bloggers were in fine form……me nuh tell u met, me kno u kno already but u always give nuff chances wid out being blighted. U are not easily influenced, and you are not judgemental.
    Bless up met, JMG CREW, bloggers, peepers an all.
    No spell-check roun ere, too exited!!!!!!

    1. Obaraaaaaa morninkkk. Yuh nuh sleep? Lol. Mi jus wake. Morning luv. How u do? What u getting u self into today? Lol. I would love to experience ” a day in the life of Obara” Lol. You never seize to amaze me. I could learn a “ting or 5” from you. Mi nuh talk it much but ur my friend in my head ( right next to Shani cause a doe waan she bexx). Lol. Happy sabbath Ms Meji :kiss :angel :peluk

  49. Mamacitaaaaaaa, mi love you, yuh comment dem always floor mi, mi juss leff ah comment fi yuh pon de batty topic, whey yuh mash up ova suh, mi an yuh ah fren to de end like chucky…lololololol..mawnin miss Met!!


  50. Metty morning, and to the beautiful and cleaned hearted bloggers I respect you all, but Met I want to ask you a question, you not tired of one dog biting you in the same sore over, and over again, God knows you have the patience of Job, and you meek like Moses, Mumma God bless you ma. When me look pan all rat bat Quena mi just feel fi cum outa mi skin like The White Witch Of Rose Hall, but I more than bite mi lips, because she is like a map going in all different directions, uno notice how much things she one :kiss a doe on a freezing evening, then in the same breathe a run fi ketch plane to go a LA, wwwwwooooiiiiiiii that’s y mi realize say me nuh suh supposed to mek dumb mek act dumber. Big up to all the sensible bloggers that see through the madness.

      1. Dem want new Ppl fi log on n think we live like hog n dog pan yere,and as bad as things be we blog as a family unit so mi nah guh come outa my skin certain way noh sor. Dem haffi go buy chance balloon.

  51. Well we are family and we embrace everyone, no colour or nationality, n e one is welcome on JMG, but we nuh put up wid d foolishness eda. Ah ONE voice we say, and we do agree to disagree…but some, tek it do a different level!

    Obara, my prophetic black, beauty…bigup!

    To d BOSS……gwan true…we deh ere! :peluk :peluk BIGUP JMG TO D 1ST POWER!

  52. If the comments were based on “enlightenment” this blog wud ave been da sh$#t, but again for some reason, it becomes about Q! Even tho u think wen u mek ur sublinimal remarks, the pinkwall tunnup; IT DONT.
    WHAT you are capable of doing is stirring up negative feelings amongst us bloggers, and thats not rite. when i first started readin, the first person who came to mind was u, I was thinking ok quena gonna come and give us some insight, raatid, in tru form here she comes!
    I was very disappointed, because i knew if i continued reading there was gonna b a back-lash, and of course, there was!

    So I kno within myself i was not judging you….your true self always comes out, unwittingly, and everyone here, who blogs, knws u.
    This was not positive, because u shared your disdain with your “spanish friends”, shameful!!!!!!!!!! :bola :bola :bola :bola :bola :bola :bola

  53. METTY AND METTERS blessed day to you all on this lovely saturday!

    omg i am so upset at all theses BLACK children speaking ill of their own race. but i am not shock because they all are confused about the difference between race and ethnicity. People think african-american is the only black and if your not african american you are not black! i love my black skin never considered myself brown or considered my skin to be black or crusty. i have smooth clean and clear beautiful BLACK skin (im offended by that black is dusty remark). my great-granmother is from st. elizabeth. I have white german inna mi bloodline but i never here anyone in my family consider themselves anything other than BLACK! BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, BLACK IS STRONG, LOVE AND EMBRACE THE COLOR YOUR IN. IF ALL BLACKS CAME TOGETHER AS ONE WE WOULD LITERALLY DOMINATE THE WHITE CULTURE AND WOULD DO TO THEM (without even trying) WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO TO US.



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