A Kingston janitor was hauled before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on allegations that he stole 90 pounds of seasoned chicken meat from a restaurant where he was employed.

The accused, Lamore Hines, was reportedly caught removing the chicken in the rubbish he was clearing out of the restaurant in Papine, Kingston.

When he appeared in court last Thursday he pleaded not guilty to larceny as a servant and bail was extended for him to return to court on May 25.


  1. Suh him want to wreck the ppl dem business. Den dem bawl bout no jobs and poverty. but when ppl open avenues fi create jobs dem wreck dem.

  2. Mi naw knock nobody hustle still cause some a dem place yah dem no give not even di employee nothing free but wah di sense a teef from di place weh a pay yuh… maybe Mi a puff too hawd

    1. So just because you don’t get anything from your employer that give you the god given right to steal from them? Do you realize that a lot of restaurants are just struggling to stay a float or a lot of restaurants go out of business within the first few years of business? People like you think that people owes you something. Why doesn’t the employee take the risk and open their own restaurant?

      It is sad when you scape to put some funds together to start your business and people are robbing you blind behind the scene and putting YOUR hustle at risk.

    2. The employer is not entitled to give the employee nothing except the pay for the work he has done. This is the mentality that is holding back Jamaica. There was many garment factories in jamaica in the 80s and 90s but many of them because of heavy theft in the factories.

  3. This is not right, he could have jepordize the owner and the other employee’s livelihood. Plus, his action is also a public health issue. Thawed chicken must remain refigerated or cook asap. Most people know thawed poorly stored chicken have loads of bacteria growing on it which be harmful to everyone. But deathly to pregnant women, the immmune compromised and children.Plus he had the nerve to put it into the garbage bin, too and inna hot hot Jamaica. Thats not kosher, and he acted selfesh. Now he will have to pay for his actions. #seepeoplethings #leaveitalone #thejudgemustgetunnu

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