53 thoughts on “WELL WELL………………………….DI BOSS WOMAN HAS SPOKEN -_-

  1. Oh well is Jamaican amber (soap) rose and China plate. Defend u best friend yah aka baby daddy. A she sey shit up dick sweet

  2. Lord, I come to you today in prayer asking you to please guide and protect the child conceived in that confusing a$$ union. Please give that child the strength to face all the ridicule that will be directed towards them. Even though the child does not have a good example of a mother or father, please station a sensible, responsible, God-fearing motivator to serve as mentor to this child Lord Jesus. Just protect the innocent child Jesus, amen.

  3. My girl go and hide u self man masscot man door bell move u rass with u shit up pussy u give woman bad name man done pon u make u Afi a f**k batty

  4. Guh hide dutty gal yuh is a batty bitch you and you baby father suck the same dick jamaicas biggest disgrace

  5. Mi can see my daughter sperm dona a lick off cocky like when ice cream a drip from cone like a BITCH an talk bout naw lef… Ok well he cheated on you and is now anally pregnant so I’m not badmind 😉

  6. Oh Mi know wah happen now

    Baby madda: a how yuh mek dis happen?

    Amber: yow yaw hold Mi down or wah? a photo shop dat eno. A some likkle ediot a try bait up di ting

    Baby madda:Mi naw left yuh Amber a you a di only real man eva own mi an yuh deh pan internet

    Amber:OK now go post pan yuh ig an mek dem know say yuh naw left me

  7. Always on Facebook a bash women like him grudge them for them pus too. Somebody always a chat say him this or that I wonda why… Leave the gq to someone else

  8. This girl is so dilusional.Poor thing i’my trying to understand is she ashamed or damn proud to take shifty buddy..oh my.smdh
    I would say ashamed so she feel she have to say something to defend herself but damn this not the situation for that.In this case girl your silence would be golden.

  9. These uneducated creatures need to voluntarily eradicate their dna from the face of the earth.

    Women fight so hard to be treated as equal and there are some “waste of sperm” treating their worth like a doormat.

    Dis unidentified critter reminds me of an ostrich that bury its head in a hole when danger strikes and leave its eggs wide open for anything to attacked it at will.

    Walking shit collector, yu ah walk pon yu self esteem, your worth, your pride and dignity. Yu nuh see say amba USE as an experiment fe see if him coulda breed sumin…his time around yu proves he only wants to see and adapt how fe live a delusional life…caws yu clearly delusional fe ting Amba did want a woman…bitch him want was to be a woman. :cd

  10. Wow, to see your baby father on his knees, with man phallus in his mouth. This woman spirit Mek outta steal. To openly stand by him and declare undying love and devotion. This girl need Jesus, carry her to the river Jordan and dump her in deh. Spiritually a walking dead.

  11. Hold up deh Bitch is the name of a female dog but dis yah mammal yah pass dog status ,it is a waste a space, air every damn thing pertaining to the human race.

  12. Mi nuh able fi dis enoh..Di gal seh shi love him like life… :bingung :bingung …anna tell people fi suck dem madda…SHEEE ah tell people bout suckings??!!

    Meck mi guh fi ah walk cah mi cyaa deal wid dem level ah f**kery….. :travel

  13. Wah the difference between a gal whey just done suck pussy and still deh with dem man? Unno too bias… Girl enjoy ur shitty dick a d sweetest dick.

  14. Check out d ig page @dragqueenamber. Bwoy deh a do him nastiness longtime, Nasty!! Dat babymada just dumb and doing it for money. Smh these younger kids stoop too low for “likes”

  15. I understand where you guys are coming from, but understand that she has been exposed to the gay world and she knows that a large majority of men plays with other men. The gay community is not a small community as they make it out to be, and you would be surprised by the amount of lesbian/bisexual women, and gay/bisexual men, so maybe she’s content knowing he’s bi instead of not knowing. Just remember that having a gay friend or relative doesn’t grant you access to the secrets of their society and heterosexuals have become the new minority. I’ve once lived that life and I pray daily for the people who have not been exposed to the life, and yes, bisexuals transmit plenty diseases to their innocent heterosexual partner(s). :tkp

  16. A she yuh call ride or die chick,continue ride yaw caz u definitely soon dead or should i say die from Aids with the lifestyle u lot living.

  17. In the gay community you have levels of secrecy and you can also get whatever you want. You can have it all, but they make sure you are constantly distracted. It’s a dark world filled with drugs, sex, vanity, a elite parties. I was among the elites until God delivered me. No matter how much money, liquor, marijuana or sex I had, I always felt empty with deep regrets. When my decision was made to exit that world I was unable to get a job (masters degree),homeless for 7 1/2 years, and had no friends.

  18. Met amba go roun a garveymeade today wid police a d boy yardgo keep up one piece a foolishness, when dem a lef out, a bare stone d pple dem fling off d nastiness dem. Amba say him na change, only thing change a him bank acct.

  19. Nothing is Wong with this gal except she’s a worthless shithouse. The new generation have a low mindset, they don’t want to do decent work, or go to school to uplift themselves or make their family proud of Rhee. They rather do the most nastiness to make money to be able to floss in clothes that was not made for them and bleach out their pigmentation to look like an alien. Kmt it so sad they were blessed with children, imagine how messed their kids gonna be, may God have mercy on us all. We are doomed.

  20. Amber doesn’t have to sell sex. It’s extremely easy to find a successful man who wants to engage in homosexual behavior. Many times you’ll find older successful rich (old money) men and women wanting to have a same sex encounter, and all it takes is to capture some damaging evidence. Once you have an overwhelming amount of evidence against the individual you can make demands

    1. True ting yuh ah tawk. As yuh mention old money. Ah friend of mine recently went dung ah yaad an buck up an old money man who basically teck up residency down dere cah him seh all him haffi do is gi di young bwoy dem ah money, promise dem ah shoes are one phone an him can get dem easy easy….and he plainly said him like dem young…. smh

      Shi tell mi she an di man catch up becaw shi tell him plain him ah predator…but him nuh see it dat way…

  21. Those kids didn’t create that mindset. Powerful homosexuals have been manipulating the children from in the womb, look at the test tube babies. With all the science and a group of people who wants to be the top elite secret society in the world, what do you think they are gonna do? Who do you think operates the military bunker in the cheyenne mountain in Colorado? Its world wide surveillance between Canada and america operated by gay military officials

  22. Wait. ✋ so this is the man that was sucking that cock and his baby mother? And she deh pon internet a defend him? She never see how the hood sweet him? This girl is mentally ill! This some sick ish!!

  23. As my mom would say, “what a condition of liiiiife?????” What a condition of life and sign of the times in which we live/exist, when a female deems it okay to bring forth life and maintain sexual relations with A KNOWN HOMOSEXUAL, just as long as he quenches her and her family’s greed and lust for vanity!?!?!?! SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS, TO SAY THE LEAST!

    @Anonymous 10:52, whom I assume is the same person who commented earlier in the post, below which, Met commented: Please, I beg of you, if time and opportunity permits, would you be kind enough to share some of your experiences with us? I am CERTAIN it will be met with open arms and much gratitude! I am ALREADY INTRIGUED by the little (however LOT) you’ve said here! Thanks in advance, dearest.

    @Asheeka, yuh last name fit yuh, yuh likkle GERM yuh! I despise di whole lot ah unnu!

  24. OMG I recently move to America with my kids but I’m worried everyday coz I have a teenage boy. So I was thinking to send Dem back home to finish school but that makes no sense as it’s the same type of environment Im trying to get them away from. My God I cry out to u as the ppl are forgetting that u r the ruler. Very amazed by the young man’s intellect. I am very interesting and would be delighted to here more about this please.

  25. I doubt I’ll share my experience anytime soon because I allowed demonic forces to bruise my soul and I’m still hurting. That lifestyle wasn’t for me and I advise everyone to avoid it. No matter what you accomplish in that life you’ll always feel a deep unexplainable emptiness. As I’ve stated before, they use parties, sex, drugs, and vanity to mask the reality of things while sucking you in. The longer you remain among them, the more normal and acceptable it becomes, but just wait until the “music” stops. Who won’t overdose will commit suicide, murder, violence among children or simply feel there’s no hope of returning to the ” straight society ” and become a bigger drug addict/ prostitute. I’m so very thankful that God worked overtime all the time to save me.

  26. I’m glad he did too. We serve a great big powerful that nothing is impossible for him to do.I understand u are hurt to a extent but will never know your pain. It would be good of u to share somewhat your experience so it can be of help to others. Plzzzzz.my manners good day met and metters

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