The teenage son of a popular Jamaican entertainer is set to appear in court after he was slapped with three counts of s*xual offences.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that the 15-year-old boy was charged by the Centre for Investigation of S*xual Offences and Child Abuse.

He was charged with one count of having s*x with a person under 16, one count of abduction and one count of indecent assault.

He was granted station bail and is to appear in the Corporate Area Juvenile Court on September 22.

THE STAR learnt that both offences were committed earlier this year while he was at school.

The name of the accused has been withheld due to his age.


  1. Okay, what I don’t understand about Jamaica’s laws is this; he is a minor being charged for having sex with another minor as well as the other charges. I understand the other charges. I don’t see rape mentioned, which would make one assume that the other person was a willing participant in the intercourse, except that I have to take the abduction and indecent assault into consideration too if those acts were committed on the same person. What I want to know is this, when two minors have sex in Jamaica, is it the male only who is charged? If so, why is that? It’s something that has always puzzled me because it seems as if when there are two consenting minors, the male is the one who usually gets into trouble with the law. Correct me if I’m wrong Met or anyone else who has knowledge of this.

    Anyway, in these times it’s so hard and scary to bring up kids because they seem to know more and be doing more than the parents themselves. It’s really sad. All abduction this little boy get charged for. I wonder whose child it is. Could it be Beenie, Bounty, Vybz Kartel? The article says popular entertainer so I don’t think it’s Zebra as someone else said because him nuh deh pon the scene right now

  2. Lol how zebra fi have 15 year old son when a 20 years him dey prison, him lib dey wid fi him man dem. Lol zebra found his true long last love in prison. So dem let him out him assult just to go back to his men dem, gosh him sick.

  3. The sexual offences act gives right that when both children are under the age of sixteen both of them can be charged. This happens when both participants own up to the act and statements are recorded from both of them. Most times the girls make the report and the boys flat out deny it so a statement will not be recorded from the boy. So the girl will not be charged. But I don’t see how the offence of abduction occurred when he is being charged with under sixteen sex because she was a willing participant unless it was a different complianant or the incidents took place on different occasions.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. The abduction and the indecent assault puzzle me too so I’m wondering too if those were done to someone other than the minor he had sex with or on a different occasion because clearly the sex was consensual since the article says he’s charged with having sex with a minor

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