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  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers and Others…

    Imagine yuh did an interview with Carlyle McKetty and she told you what you need to do including a lawyer who called in and gave you some great advice yet still yuh out here still writing shit,let your PR do the rest and be quiet with it already you’re only sinking your damn self more and more. Mi neva know a suh she dense like mi-self yah.

  2. OM-gee, why do t she shut up already? The more damage control you try to do Etana, the more foolish you get. When I watched the interview, it just seem like she deh mongst a bag a waste man who support Trump, and in the interim she lost her self, they persuaded her

  3. Love love love u Etana n uve never come across as dense or lacking in our interactions.Honestly it is regrettable how uve handled this matter n i’m extremely Disappointed in ur utterances.The 2 main issues I just cannot ignore or

    1) u said trump’s wife is Mexican n not white to which Fisha Milla corrected u n told u she’s white n eastern european.U persisted to the point u said that she’s NOT WHITE becuase she doesn’t SPEAK ENGLISH.i never knew speaking English is what makes someone white…I imagine black ppl speak English too!

    2)Every musician who writes their own music always insists their music is abt their experiences n have meaning to which they express same. How can u Etana sey u just a sing n u DONT believe in the message you are singing abt??like seriously all those uplifting positive songs is not a reflection of how u think or feel??

    Love love love u Etana but but but…sighhh

    1. Love u inna real life Ms how u like ur coffee!! GoD knows me feel it cuz mi woulda Defend her to the bitter end even more than Princess Apple cuz I know Etana in real life. The challenge is how to Defend someone KNOWING them wrong n strong.

      Etana wrong in abt 99 different ways n I only gave 2! Gonna dig Deep deep within n TRY come up with sumpn,anything to defend her cuz mi love love her n her music n the charity work we Did together.

      1. Sir, hold the charity portion at heart because she can’t mash dat. The music may have a ghost writer… everything else tun dus :hammer

        Jamaica is a spiritual place and Etana got pinched and exposed by the ancestors :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks

        Should have researched STFU extensively before and after the fact.


        1. Noooo behaviour PP…Although mi a part time peeper now you mek mi affi drop this emoticon :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak you need detention. How are you doing btw?

          1. Marie :kiss

            Me good Mumz. A busy me busy or a avoid comments when yu don’t see me. Plus the phone keyboard annoying as hell.

  4. Gm met,mi say mi loose affa da gyal yah!!! How can you sing uplifting positive songs and dont believe in what you are saying? You just sing!?! Is something really wrong with you etana? You should’ve kept your mouth shut in American politics, you just lost a ton of fans. I’m really convenience you are lacking common sense, judging by your egregious statements! Yes go and do your research and shut your trap!

  5. When you’re so use to running up your mouth, trying to pass off your OPINIONS as FACTS, do no type of FACT checking so you can have a say on every topic, then you will be prone to situations like this one. Reasoning like you’re in the streets will always make you look stupid and ignorant, when you get around educated folk with that style. In Jamaica I notice a lot of people don’t form their opinions off of facts, more so they form it off of their emotions. It’s ok to have an opinion but make sure you present as just that and don’t try to paint it as fact.

    1. Frankly speaking…anyone who makes up n speak their minds without first knowing all the facts,is a f##k##g IDIOT!!

      1. I agree Yardie, but in some cases where facts are hard to come by i can understand why a person would sound off on little to no facts. I could never understand however on a topic like politics, where you can research/google people’s stances on topics quite easily, how a person would be so oblivious to the candidate they’re supporting.

  6. All deze so-called positive, uplifting singers are a deception. Unno shock when unno realize a just business and a one a try eat a food. Folks so sick a di dancehall acts dem idolize these singers only fi find out seh dem a scam. Scammers every weh.

  7. This election is about knowing if white supremacy is still firmly intact.If you support Trump that is what you are making sure remains in place.The only thing Trump is successful at is conning people out of their money.Please take sometime to study the history of black people in America and you will understand a lot more.

    1. We don’t need to study nothing about black people in America to know what’s going on. Jamaica is black man territory and we most certainly KNOW what’s going on more than black America. “Who feels it knows it”.

      1. You don’t need to study a situation in order to understand it????? Hahahahahahaha most ignorant paradoxical statement I’ve heard yet. Jamaica is black man territory but yet the Chinese dominate commerce? How is that? If you don’t know how to read or are reluctant to, just say that…. Don’t discourage people from doing research though, it would be wreckless to do so. People research any topic you want to discuss in depth big up to Anon15 for the YouTube link.

        1. In all fairness uve raised interesting solid points.however with a bit more effort,u would have easily seen pp is on point within the context of truth she put forward.sure I can Google info m research abt living in Alaska n im Jamaican.contrast that with pp facts THAT the Eskimos in Alaska will feel n know a ton more than any research I can do.

        2. Paradoxical… Nah factual!

          Tell black America to read up on Jamaica. You on the same path as etana :ngakak Got all the negatives down pat, but fail to see facts.

          Talking about China…how much % of America real estate and commerce it has control of? :maho

          After all, you and etana can go research and sort it out. While Jamaica deal with it’s own issues…like proper budgeting and monitoring etana taxes so we can get couple ambulance 😉

          Frederick Douglas wrote a piece on Independence day…go hold a book and read that first! Trying to put down Jamaica under Sykes… GTFO !!!

          YardieT…hailings bro.

  8. Blessed love a sista Empresses PP n needleye101!a the first mi ever comment pon one post so cuz disappointment is a emotional thing enuh especially in the manner of how ppl let u dung!!

    Now here is my beloved Etana a swear blind that chump trump aint prejudice!The facts show not only is he prejudiced,he is racist toooo!Google this…did y’all know trump plead guilty n settled a lawsuit for discriminating against black ppl for refusing them housing solutions he built n owned!!?

    He calls black ppl…YOU ppl!!oh n he says oh the blacks love me!!…hello!!
    I give up it’s all too sheg up for me gonna tek some time off,big up unno self jmg massive.Met u know why me feel it so cuz u done know etana a mi…

  9. di first likkle black prezzie elected trump went to hell an back trying to prove him never born yah, di odda day him seh him waa bring back stop n frisk even tho di courts find it to be prejudiced an a violate ppl civil rights cuz it only a target blacks an Hispanic, dis man make it clear him nuh like immigrants, him is a dam racist and etana yuh don’t have too look far fi si dat.

  10. That is the reason why I can appreciate my artiste Vybz Kartel because at the end of the day from day one everybody know him is a ole fart and him never try to pretend or prove otherwise. Some of these so-called conscious artistes are only signing about the poor and the system to get rich, but some of them are only pretenders. I was cringing through the entire interview Friday night because I was so embarrassed for her, especially when she said CHUMP wife is Mexican dwl..which tells me she don’t really know anything abt US politics. I hope she tune in to the first round of debates tonight tho.
    Apart from that her interview was no different from any other yardie who I personally see for myself trying to stunt a little when them get US citizenship when we all know damn well that a white man bombing schools and theatres in the US has more rights than an unarmed blackman who did nothing at all. SO that hype where Jamaicans and black ppl on whole is concerned need to stop, we all know you are second-class citizens in the US and only when some of unnu come Jamaica unnu get good treatment.

    1. Unu don’t even treat unu one another good a Jamaica and di only reason why unu treat foreigner likkle betta a because unu a try get someting.Keep this in mind yuh a last class citizen inna yuh own country.

      1. you not even in a class in a other people country but a damn low life, leeching foreigner, no matter how long you live there. Y

      2. Frightened Friday-Sunday, I assume one of your parents are jamaican or you yourself is jamaican who might have acquired citizenship of a foreign country so you think you reach?
        The topic is about an artists whose music is about black awareness and yet still she is endorsing a candidate who insults blacks without apology. You would have thought she would understand insult is directed towards black people.
        I dont know what kind of research she will be doing, however I think the best thing she shoudl do is to listen to his speeches and arrive at a conclusion .

  11. Anon 35 I am yet to see one a unu refuse di money weh di leeching foreigner send through western union.Think about who is a low life.

    1. See you and reading comprehension are enemies. You just wanted to say you send western union…okay. the B.O.J. says thanks bitch, and to inform them of the amount so it can refund you.

      You motherfockers act like de money unu send to family or fi buy pussy or cocky a hold up Jamaica. Bitch grab an identity and stay out a Jamaica affairs. Goddamn succubus is what you are…leech too good.

      Damn fool if you read correctly you would have gotten the jest of the original post, but if Trump said it (which he has countless ways) you would have hug it up like a big cock.

  12. @Anonymous 4:45 It burn you eeh ,I know the truth hurts when me say unnu a second class citizen inna America. Even African Americans who born there a second class citizen so hush up and deal with the reality. Me very comfortable in me country travel when me want so that is why me can chat because me know what goes on in America. This is not 1960s, 1970s when people use to come from farin and act like farin is a bed of roses, nuff jobs that some of unnu HAVE to do over there unnu wouldn’t dream of doing it out here. FACTS! So yes, some a unnu a second-class citizen in America.

    1. You not unique and YOU are living abroad or you would have phrased you bullshit differently.

      Cunt @7:42 if you learn to read with understanding you wouldn’t reuse the leeching foreigner phrase. Bitch stay out of Jamaican affairs and keep you Western Union money. Simple bitch

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