Bwoy this idiot mascot gal Web jus walk and dash out her pushy inna Dunkirk and don’t have nothing to show before she go Look fi her child Weh run way how much months now all she a do a make the boy Weh name dumarley a f**k out her hole and nah give her nothing worse him live with him baby mother.all him do a f***k her and class her the way how the gal shitty and stay she a take her baby father money and a mine the boy and have the Bwoy a come up a the house and f**k her and nah help her with nothing chin u need a life u sad and careless u to take a page out of tall girl book and me don’t even know why tall girl all parts with u cause u a crosses and destruction cause u tek all mad man,all u do a duty up the community with u pushy stop waste time on man Weh nub want u and go Luk for u child


22 thoughts on “GIRL DEM SEH YUH PUSHY

  1. Da gyal fi name tekky..gyal nuh partial nuh bdy..u walk n f**k lke dawg,girl u fi b more ambitious n stop f**k fi more dan a grand

  2. the rubbish truck nuh stop walk and clean up Dunkirk,brown gal u don’t have no ambition no class and u pussy nuh have no principle luk who u gone pick up dumarley weh nuh wah nobody u should be ashame before u go luk fi u pickny u Inna Dunkirk everday a wait on a f**k from the bwoy u mash up like Dawg it come like u baby daddy nah give u no money no more u need to go be more ambitious and stop walk and tek the man dem Inna Dunkirk.
    A msg to talk girl mine distraction tek u and u marriage cause chin a crosses.

  3. My girl if u did Eva black.. I sorry fi u,all u av a color cuz u heap big nuh BC n u foot DM fava handicap.. U act like ur it n ntn naa gwaan fi gurl nuh man naa stay wit u cuz u too in di streets..n nuh man nuh waa ur type u fi sekkle wid..a bugga alone waa sekkle wid u..u fi b more of a mother to u daughters n set example
    .u play room for rent apply within n that di lil gyal cum a do to..u nor she cya keep unuh pussy steady

  4. Chin nuh led no stone unturn..gyal u mash up bad..gwaan like the hottez thing n u naa ntn INA lyf..not even a hole u nuh av gyal cuz u ole dun..u nuh cum from kirk n u cum a dun Kirk.. Yaa crosses gyal every weh u go u mek worries..das y Sarah mek u lef di place

  5. U need fi clean up u act n stop run road..tek a page outta u fren book..u fren buss lef u..gyal own car n husband n u nuh own ntn..nuh boii naa wife u cuz yaa whore..big up u damn self tall gurl u mek it b known seh u know wat u waa

  6. Due to how da gyal ya can chat ppl chat ppl day In day out.u nuh si u naa prosper every step u mek fawud u mek 3steps back.u heart dutty gyal.u need prayer gyal

  7. Lol dwl unu boring bad I doubt unu Mek likkle tea from morning .Sarah suppose to put out chin cause chin did tired a the oil an powder weh did a come up pan har. Under Sarah likkle finger nail them have pure roach . Then again everybody know say chin a gal weh whole money an the gal nah live inna lie like unu an tell bayy lie bout man gi unu things a nuh ntn if she sorry fi the poor now cause she use to man things unu too miserable . Some time yo tek some boy an u nuh wa ntn but the f**k unu have the most fi say bout people an unu nuh have no good furniture nor bc clothes , chin nuh do ntn else weh nuh body nuh do a wa suh an chin nuh suppose to look for fruit punch either cause she never sen har nowhere the likkle gal jus Mek out fi bad unu fi move unu bc mhan an gweh

  8. No sah this last comment sound like a tall girl a talk and a pick up for pussy less chin cause nobody nah go defend she cause she is well hated and not like u need to stop tek up her nasty careless lifestyle on ur head cause luk how u change ur life.all when her pickny bad as mother she suppose to go luk for her and a tru she know a Mada a a dash shit and careless make she Run way.chin a idiot gal she need a blotclat life she need to turn round her life.she all tek the blotclat man and know say him have the baby mada inna him house chin need to go get a new pussy

  9. Lol f**k out chin u should be ashame u must be like duppy and start walk a night cause the way how u name just dotty up kirk and now u a come call ppl name boutique them fi low ppl business u suppose to over here cause u a one waste gal and everything them talk a true gwan go get some class u handicap luking gal u Luk like little ppl with big head and likkle body,community clean up the way how u is nothing u nuh see all the glamour gal them run and class u day in and out u affi hitch up with tall girl cause a she alone sorry fi u lol u come like old house.

  10. Lol Dunkirk clean up u suppose to ova yah cause u a nasty careless gal the way how u a johncrow u nuh see the glamour gal them run u and class u the gal them never want nuh waste gal like u round them so them run u like the dwag shit u be u nuh see say u life sad and miserable a tall girl alone u have cause no one nuh like u see how u favor little ppl with big head and small body u must start behave like vampire and come out a nite cause all u do a dutty up Dunkirk u worse a than waste.

  11. This is getting boring now cause a one somebody a do dis and yuh naa get no farword yuh nuh shame? Ugh all starts call people name go sit down cause yuh lame boooooooo! What a way unuh make chin a hurt up unuh head all unuh deh pon is chin can f**k and a walk and f**k but yet still unuh cyaa talk who she f**k. What is unuh problem go get some bwoy fe run unuh dung to nuh. Every bwoy chin f**k want har so she must have a good punny under her move unuh bc and come off a D gal cause go see who a class D gal kmft.

  12. A muss one a di gazebo gyal dem write dem comments yah! Ntn bout chin and ntn bout the suck cocky glamor girls dem, chin shouldn’t stop par wid dem cause dem a waste and she really need fi go bk a portmore! Keddy, roshel and the ress a more than waste! Poor dem! Sad bitches!

  13. Met we all know say a one a di gazebo whore dem put up mi fren! If a anuh big pussy suck cocky Gracey weh a f**k off all a the man dem dung a shoe lane or, lumpy pussy keedy weh a hide and a tek Flo or stay bad kendesha or ugly rochel…..gweh unno f**k out like anuh chin alone a f**k unno a lick out batty to! Abaayyyy….

  14. Lol u chin fren u should be ashame cause we’ll all know say waste gal chin need fi go luk fi her pussy we all know say she a idiot gal cause a duck she f**k down the whole a portmore make she run come yah chin a dawg without leach nthin bout nasty chin she need to run way chin need a life chin sad and miserable a d u chin fren the time u a tek and a pick up for her tell her to go clean up her life tell fi go luk fi her pickny why u a pick up she on ur head a she fi come defend herself a tru she know say she a waste gal and all weh tlk a tru a which part a she use to hold money nothing bout babble head chin Everyman duck she affi let.

  15. Chin fi guh look fi de likkle gal fi true cuz yu can’t deh at every dance and don’t know where yu fuss baawn hitch up the poor rass can guh start eat pork noe cause the amount a things she do behind him back ungrateful dogshit look how the man men the gal own a setee and everything else in a the capture house the baby father carry a new kid on the block likkle most chin end up a Bellevue she shuda come dung when geesha a class her she go hide spoil milk ntn about chin more than fi bad mind her own a fren tall girl a live in denial cuz she all for herself and selfish tall girl tell me that plus she should a shame how from stenking chin gi to Kirk she has to be her backative in everything nastie chin don’t stay no where look how she do to keddisha badmind f**r don’t have no name where she cone from go to Kirk a gwan lite gudass but come to think about it the coke head muma a long time I don’t see her Whitney pass off or what chin face remind me of a sick dick

  16. Duty Tiffany cockroach ago under Sarah finger nail because she did a help Sonya pick them out of her pussy yu worthless nu bloodclaat bout married and in a babi place yu husband fi see to it your kids them comfortable look how the man put ring on your ganga finger fi sidung inna Kirk f**g ediot nu call Sarah bloodclaat name cause is pon bamboo boat u did deh pon and end up on a chair round a red square now young a restless set a johncrow unu stop defend brown girl and guh brush Sonya teeth them

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