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I read on pinkwall where a couple of bloggers were skeptical about this eyewitness chick.Well here dem is a drag her pon Sm that she fake.





  1. Whether people died or not ???? But a lot of curious activities have taken place… On Fox news a youth had blood on his leg as he had been shot and was carried by two people, when they thought (fox news) had stop filming they put the boy down and they all walked away laughing.. That was the live footage, when fox news realised they edit and cut the end part of the video…

    1. A wha really a gwaan? U know das y from mi see di shooting ting and may God forgive me I dont follow it up

      1. Met, you no see me reference about this gal and har long poem like she a Maya Angelo other day?

        The true tragedy a Orlando is the death of that baby at the Disney estate. Me doubt the alligator part though.

        1. With the alligator story mi a seh to mi self something nuh quite right or a add..the parents had the 4yr old in his play pen but the 2yr old out in the water making splashes…father was fighting alligator but it ended up going off with baby same way,Florida is known for snakes,alligator and sharks so i was wonder is them baby step out further and the waves drag him weh and bring him down under and because them know seh alligator out dem dem a seh is one because them come back saying his body is in perfection condition mi nah hear ntn bout bite mark etc..yet today a next baby him guh tuh the waters and get bite and dem a show how him can bite and mickey moue and snow white to him beside rescue after ppl keep asking about did the 2yr old suffer any bites…

          1. Simplicity, is the same things me a draw pon, because lifeguard say the baby wasnat least 50 ft from the water edge. Disney fi get sued fi a build pond that harbor gators. One report from a lawyer who a e don almost get bite say that Disney say the hairs a resident pets. Disney fi lose some millions still.

          2. Maybe some displeasure to Osun cause a last week alligator eat a homeless man..Things a gwaan ina Lukumi land o

  2. Too much shit going with this shooting story # 1 the gunman shot over 95 or so ppl 49 dead and 50 hospitalized ,ok the gun that they say He has he has to stop and reload as was shown on the “Nancy Grace show” #2 he calls 911 three times, #3 he posted on fb #4 he texted his wife and tell me now all a that he’s doing and loading gun and end up killing 49 an wounded 50 an nobody in the club even try to do something. Gtfoh with this b.s..

  3. If she is lying then the doctors lie, too. And what you want to tell me is that her cousin didn’t die, too. I don’t buy it. People to mischievous these days. I can’t stand fix news and wonder to myself why any respectful person would want to associate with fox. But she is young and probably haven’t even formulated her own sense if self yet. In other words wisdom comes with age. But to go as far as to say she isn’t a victim I won’t buy it. Senda more receipts are needed.

  4. All these shootings are hoax to promote propaganda and lies. They want to scare the American people so they can pass more laws and take away our God given rights. I don’t watch the Television(lie) because it’s all nonsense, and negativity. Good luck to those who believe all these lies!

  5. :mewek :angel :2thumbup Oh My GOD! Won’t he do it! You all are waking up… I’m do proud of my fellow metters! Those the shit I been saying. Open your eyes… to much coverage something’s going on in the background. What’s going on with the election and the last set of laws that ,Oba… and Congress going to pass as we the people are all talking about this.. Just saying… :cool

  6. Been a say it nuh add up cause the way dem love video n video everything shoulda have round 200 video but not one. Is a ploy fi the coming election n all the f***y weh dem plan to keep up.

  7. One of the many things and sacrifices… don’t just believe what is on the surface look deeper… I never watch the news I’d rather read…. things are happening that we are clueless about and some are so far gone they don’t care to know… from Obama went to greet this girl I knew sumting wasn’t right we need fi find out wah him go Jamaica fah cause Mi know a nuh nothing good…

  8. Anonymous 3:15…tHe same thing I said…In this day and age how people record themselves and take pictures…not one video from inside…and I watch most of the witness including this young lady and none shed a tear all were so bing. ..All FAKE

  9. To all the people who said the girl wasn’t shot in pulse, I guess you won’t want to read the update in NY Daily. She was in fact shot. People Fi start deal in real life and stop all this conspiracy bs. The plans of the devil is always revealed, and people of God don’t deal in repeating false information.

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