The worse family Inna water house live pan Dewdney Road nobody inna water house nuh like dem, see the whole a di man dem unuh f*k just a dead one by one cuz unuh p**y full (Edited). Dutty p**y GLAMMA stop f**k the two cousin dem, nasty p**y PIGGY go take ur son from him granny waste mother, old face nunny stop war wid the young boy woman dem, CHIN saw that u finally had a baby good to see u carry one after all the belly yuh dash weh and tie ur baby girl nice tho won’t lie, buy mi coulda swear the last time GLAMMA & PIGGY cuss u out on facebook they said u couldn’t come back a Jamaica guess they were wrong. TANIESHA if u feel marrying brown man mean him going to stop f**k mi friend it nah happen him seh a young gyal p***y him love and the only reason he married u is cuz a America him a pree fi touch in and u send him weekly money and him need it fi spend pan no friend. CONNIE CONNIE did ur cousin glamma tell u had friend f**g ur man yes white nice clean daughter a f**k yuh man and glamma know piggy know even nunny know so how come ur family didn’t fill u in I guess u and him and her might do 3 sum cuz a that him love and no hear seh yuh freaky bad. But CONNIE Look how long u left Ja and cyah put on not even a 1lb it said bad.









18 thoughts on “FAMILY STRING UP

  1. sometimes you can be so dunce that it makes ur story nuh credible senda. These aren’t simply grammatical errors but also errors in ur whole thought process.

    Only the girl in the white can get IT, the others… Bleh

  2. Sender wah de dou u …please stop talking to dem stop play hypocrite cause dem meck u so angry dem control u an by this post mi kn u still talk to dem but u noh like dem one bit gosh

  3. Met put this story on the fb book page mek the world see it, glamma eye dem twist up like, piggy need a bloodclaath bed, chin come a Ja a gwan like she hot she big and fat & stay bad nuh blood Inna her down tow clothes bitch nothing u had on nuh stylish, taniesha and her cheap bloodclaath wedding weh she did a kill glamma fi reach early and them still late dwl brown man nah stop f**k mi good up friend wooiii it nice , nunny look like dead yo bloodclaath a when her family dem a guh bury her next to her thiefing son. As for Connie that brown u don’t want u bitch yuh look like the dog dem inna gully, whitey daughter a spend him money like wow ask c yuh cousin glamma and piggy bout it. Water house worse family fi true nobody likes dem see Jody beat piggy wah day and mek blnunny run up and down wooiii it set good

  4. Let me clear it up for the sender real quick den
    Glamma- u f**k poochie dem two cousin and dem talk up pan u how u a hoe and yuh nasty cuz ur pussy smell fishy, glamma u don’t even know who grape belongs to carry her down the road to her real father.
    Piggy- see why ur daughter father hate u cuz u a how ur son wasn’t even one yet before u start f** all over the place thank god for JJ mother else ur son would a suffer see all now him nah walk.
    Nunny- fi a big woman u need a life low out Andre him don’t want u every day u cuss him on facebook then walk him down like u look for ur child.
    Chin- u come here hyping like u somebody after yuh dutty pussy kill of the 3miles bus man u use to f**k u come a gwan like u somebody yes its good to see u finally carry a child after the 6 u dash weh for the bus man. Taniesha I like u but brown man don’t want u and the cheap wedding wasn’t a good look u couldn’t get a better car to drive in miss woii to how u hype the wedding should a bugger. Connie u just look sick like the dog dem Inna gully, whitey daugther nah stop f**k the brown boy and like gamma told her u have our man a taxus so she shouldn’t let u stop her shine. Glamma Piggy & Chin nobody Inna water house don’t like u both see chin run web piggy and glamma a ur turn now

  5. Met mi wah kno why di sender a go so hard. I really don’t know why u ah call Glama name or grape name. I don’t business bout nothing else. Don’t call Mih **g Sistah name. Yuh fih run up Inna yuh duty Mumma pussy weh all di man dem a watahouse f**k out. And yuh stinking mouth weh di man up a lane no stop stab out

    1. Suck cocky gyal tell Glamma to stop walk wid her pussy all over the place her friend dem nuh stop done her and tell her family to leave Jody alone cuz everyday I’m going to put them up, think a only face stab pigga going to get next time watch man a Inna gully dem a guh find her body next think Jody baby father a rub joke wid unuh bitches, all big pussy chin did a run off her mouth true she know she don’t live here anymore but mi friend mother live a Bronx so she can still get f**k up same

  6. Sender move ur BBC a jj mother want keep the girl baby cause a her first grandchild and the girl mind ur son… When she did have her daughter a she take care of her daughter and she did big a fat just like ur brother kmft and so what if the girl want f**k take ur mouth from under the girl pussy… and a next thing so what if glama want f**k two 2 cuz a fi her pussy dutty sender the girl know her baby father a just hope you know bbc urs…. ur life sad nun bbc..

  7. Glamma that bitch I don’t like swear she did a f**k chin father cuz she always over the yard and now a over there her child live who knows she might be his child old nastiness.
    As fi piggy girl go take ur baby from him granny and be a mother to our child
    Nunny life done pan u see u a old dead now
    Chin no lie we expect u to look better u just look like sum longtime big woman next time u coming to Ja girl fix up Yuh self.
    Taniesha kmt u and that fake wedding because all our family know yuh mate and she and urs r friend
    Connie bitch I don’t know buy u f***g ugly and want sum lamp oil and a good home cook meal u sick stomach fi true

  8. Wow remind me all this is for ? When people life sad a so misery love company everyone living them life accordingly but you stop to dish a plate and sit and eat it when your life is no better no sah people really have time to waste!!!!

  9. Sender yuh sound bitter bad. Sound like dem a mad yuh bad. All these ladies in this family look good. Yuh a style di girl dem bout dem own man. Yuh done state seh a fi dem man already. Sound like yuh mad cause di girl have too good up man an unuh a try f**k weh one. no sah unuh life bitter. Seem to me di girl dem a goodas an dem ting proppa an it a mad yuh

  10. Sender yuh sound bitter bad. Sound like di gal dem a mad yuhtoo BBC. How yuh fi style di girl dem bout dem owna man, cause yuh state seh a fi dem man an husband. Seem unuh a mad cause di girl proppa enough fi have up two good up man an unuh a try f**k weh one. Di girl dem ting tun up load!!!!! No sah unuh dangerous nuh p*****

  11. mi family a mad dem to rass
    Nunny been there done that have young gyal a play catch up.
    Taiesha mi cousin I love the step u take husband and wife u and yuh man lock fi life
    Connie mi diva cousin talented yuh f**k slim and sexy and a it mad dem
    Chin to how den never expect fi see u back Inna water house yuh catch dem off garud to bloodclaath dem cyah believe it and ur pretty baby top the cake
    Glamma and Piggy girls u need yo realize that the bitches u run with ain’t ur friend and all they do is sit and talk and badmind u open up ur eyes girl plz and thanks

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