So LaJohv a.k.a Johvonna don’t know why the La to this crawny can’t dress gal name added. Anyways from early this year she and her mate been at it over this no teeth boy them say him name AJ. My question is why Johvonna keep cussing chin saying she thief and that’s why AJ do for a living😂😂as chin stated time and time again “if shi Johv get Zara chin get it to” but mi nah lie met her mate look and dress way better all this Johv gal chat bout is how she pretty sorry Hun I guess a u one see it stop dressing like the clown u is Aj only live with u inna da box because he don’t wanna go all the way to philly by his family and more store here plus his next friend who shoplift with him is in NY. Chin a beat her bad she say chin old and ugly but Johv your 24 with 4 children and u look very old and crawny miss old lady









18 thoughts on “NY TURN TABLE

  1. Nah lie chin a get winnings this 24 year old double chin can’t dress buss up body clown face can’t spell attention seeking man beating stick need to go park now and it’s evident chin dress and look way better she’s well put together

  2. But I’m confused. suh Aj nuh thief? Don’t he go in Zara, H&M, urban outfitters, pacsun, adidas, forever 21, express etc and go steal the people them goods then return them and sell back credit for a living? So why u cussing the girl saying that’s what she do and that’s exactly what the Man U sleep next to do so that’s why u can wear those hideous jackets and clothes always looking like a clown. Girl leave the gal

  3. The Gyal don’t thief a AJ thief and give she and you out the stores is just that she put herself way betta Dan you fool fool clown gal

  4. Met a NY this crawny skin girl come from not LA don’t know why shi put her LA in front her name and she look and stay real bad never see she take trip to LA shi just nuff

  5. @yardielovethug your comment tho dwrl fb knows she look like a damn man..I had to stop by on her/his page having a double chin,big head,big/lean mouth with all this clown looking make up u called that pretty girl you need help …

  6. But sender yuh should have put some error check for spelling cause this too much fi mi..to me LA johv is just a nuisance…Inna real life tho mi hate DA gyal yah she worthless,vulgar and she so ratchet and lack of understanding..my girl just quit while u ahead it nuh fit yuh do stop ..don’t fell important

  7. I still can’t get pass the fact that this old looking lady is 24 plz recheck her birth paper fi mi. And girl 4 pickney 4 baby father none of the pickney dem with u and u party almost every night girl your the definition of a worthless careless menace to society

  8. Just view her page like she a try convince herself saying she’s pretty and fashionable in reality she’s not pretty she got a big head big mouth double chin big face she shape disgusting dress horrible makeup look like a clown she’s very loud and vulgar and she’s a dunce a attention seeker good god girl u need help u need Jesus

  9. @anonymus don’t u see she is dunce lol she soon go on fb bout dem talk about me like everyday… And then (me hun affi hack myself) likkle girl u needs to be dumped. Stop run down the hype cuz it nuh fit yuh

  10. The attention seeker already start on Fb saying she’s pretty girl go get a hook on phonics dunce head plus we challenge you to wear a 2 piece and take a unfiltered pic with your stay bad buss up body. She’s calling chin old and chin look way younger than her. Stop run down hype and man who beat the f**k out of you then chat u like crazy

  11. If y’all ever see her in person she look horrible look at that blue striped dress tho with the boots lol she look like 60

  12. Me nah lie la jav u life sad and boring no bloodclaat how u love gwan like u cute so!social media tired a u lean body and u fur dem…gwan go hold a seat in a hog pen! Am so tired of seeing u on pink wall,bout u a 24 wid four kids and big up baby daday me neva hear ur baby daddy big u up yet.one thing me wah ask u get a stroke? Cause the left side a u body lean up bad .Every day u dey pon u mate name look like u have sleepless night over ur mate,full time u focus on ur four kids.

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