1. Sender are you saying that he messing with you and this woman and you had to pay the go in because he was with his woman???? Well that’s too bad, but he could at least make sure her wig is up to standard she looks not cute sorry sweetie…

  2. Suku ugly and stay bad nuh RASS WTF THAT SHE HAVE WEH LEOPARD PRINT AGO WEH OLD WIG AGUH? SHE COULDA STAY HOME LOL NATTY SUKU NUH FIT YUH . UGLY TUFF STAY BAD ASS BITCH She nuh cut no dash wouldn’t want her to be my mate

    1. mi na lie natty really low mi standard with suku Viva was and is hotta and badda gal fi suku !! viva cum here and look

  3. viva laaaaa cum here yu nuh see yu mate in need a wig and makeup artist… weh leopard ago teika rainbow and pretty girl ave sale tell natty seh gi sum him site money cuz yu stay bbc bad . viva cum help yu mate with har dutty wig

  4. even di wife look betta than yu teika
    natty cum here cuz mi no seh yu read pink wall daily y yuh a do dis to teika

  5. But Natty Nuh Suku Seh Yuh Suck Har Dutty Nah Bade Pussy How Yuh Inna Dance Wid Har. Might Be True To Rass Dwrcl Yuh Nah Nuh Shame. Stop Buy RainBows Clothes Bitch Yuh Deh Ah Big Foreign N Nah Nuh Papers. Have Principle Gyal Mek Di Man Weh Yah Mek F**k Outt Yuh Hole Geh Yuh Money Fi Go Get Str88. Dirty Suku

  6. Naah lie suku a beat unu badddddd watch unu a nyam upself and natty Inna dirtywig naah nuh clothes naah nuh papers suku bed

  7. Well viva mite look betta but it look like teika pussy betta sender and viva friends unu nuh tired a Natty yet..no sah..obviously him naah lef teika so unu ago Dead

    1. sender a yuh must dead cuz natty deh wid a younger gal dan viva. teika no dis u caan beat n dis mi like yuh do viva. mi a badda gal fi viva so try it teika

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