Weir got a lashing for this. The girl comment and him run and tek it right up..knowing him nuh do nothing in track for 2015






  1. How Kaci she so nuff…dem call fi ar? According to dis fella here di young miss have reputation…is dem people here ya kip fren wid miss Jamaica? I hope u not another Yendi.

  2. i feel a di ex send him. When shi did a gi Warren bun left right and center, why him neva say nuttin. When shi did a sleep wid di man fren dem, why him neva comment. When di man did inna depression, why him neva comment. Mi tink di man duh a nice likkle upgrade. i think shi deh wid him fi di money yeah, but if she a treat him right and stay faithful, den it is not an issue. As fi everyone else weh comment unda d pic, kmt

  3. I was thinking the same ting….weh kaci she a nuff up harself bout. She nah nuh book to read…smh

  4. I’m gonna pretend as though an unrefined comment from a national representative & expected polished lady, was not spotted in that social media buffoonery

      1. Onedrop, madness you come bout? lol

        Met, me a order up a next emoji fi @Looking on…we need one wid one unisex crown a slip off a head top, to go with the funeral one. Please and tonkkks :sup2:

  5. @spa stop give the ex bad name. Unnu love chat wah nuh go so? Where u see di girl deh wid none a him fren dem or sleep wid none a him fren dem? A so rumour start. If him Neva a whore down the place him cuda still have the ex but tru him get hype him switch. Him pick up him own kind Cuz dis girl never know him when him a go calabar and nav nuttin. I agree @met mi swear it was a man. She nuh cute at all.As for kaci go have a seat you too rass nuff n ups

  6. Word of advice...some ppl link dutty and stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    @Kaci darling once you comment your in ppl business too hunny, furthermore ppl of your supposedly caliber should not be up in social media shenanigans.How is your reign going, talking to any young ppl today, any seminar on the acts of violence against our children, a 5 yaer old was kidnapped yesterday you heard about it? But i am sure you heard about Warren girlfriend and them man and woman story!!!!!!!!

      1. Met! a tell yu we need a funeral emoji round di rass here! Gunshoot phrases pop off round yah nuff!, lolol

        As fi that lexi girl…mek Kaci glam squad help you out of the facial & hair rut.

    1. A must him man caz only a mate would behave like that boy. A two matte a curse becaz no man couldn’t deh pon a woman page a behave so. Some a dem a bend ova man behind curtain.

  7. Met me no feel say a just coincidence d MISS JAMAICA run in pon d convo – d ole a dem uptown thot a disgrace, smaddy fi run Kaci file she must have 1 fi a run in pon mix up pon IG she nave nutten better fi do? U tink none a dem a come trick me again bout dem MISS UNIVERSE BULLSHIT!! SMADDY FINEGO LOOK FI KACI FENNEL FILE PLEASE lol :tkp :tkp

      1. Miself deh yah a wonder if she nuh have nothing constructive fi guh do or can lend har voice to a worthy cause. or a dem sinting yah she do wid fi har sparetime?

  8. Met dat a more dan nuff, the nerve n a she a wear d crown, Weir a old whore so if dis gyal a whore dem wi match – Bout butter n cheese, kmft she a no rass upgrade

  9. Hum her likkle way to Weir n him money we a go de ya fi laugh cause him tink is a upgrade

  10. Lexi stop give the ex bad name unno too lie….because the ex have no mix hair or brown skin..Weir got caught up in the hype. Him give the girl bun left right and center and could not commit to a date when the wedding was going to take place. These athletes all the same him mek Bolt dem boost him up and him forget where him come from simple. Some of these so call uptown is no uptown regular living get a likkle money man move in an uptown apartment and continue to get different man fi mine dem…..Lexi move yuh he/she self and Gwey….Kaci yuh need to start acting like a queen…

  11. Loooooool @met why you do di girl like that? Oh my looooool real hummingbird. Yes weir swear think a prize him pick up

  12. She goodly f**k wayanne man. Dem uptown gyal ya no partial a soul. Not even dem dawg miss @justpassingthrough

  13. wha kinda pickney ting dis, no troll caah come step to me on social media and chat to me bout mi man and mi entertain dem wid words and pics nope uh no. as for my girl deh kaci these uptown chicks don’t disappoint lol listen out fi she and har mawga self.

  14. Met all whe a gwaan me still a wait pon d hummingbird looking Kaci file and she @ the man to u know like a she wine d ole whoring Weir

  15. Ey mi nuh too like Lexcee needa but everybody blame warren fi him n d ex break up n nuh kno seh a d ex bun out him rass lmaooo. Dem seh if u nuh kno don’t assusme. N is 1 a him fren she f**k too n Bolt n d whole a dem did kno n have Warren a look likr a punk. Lmaooo. Him good fi hold it in still cuz nuff man wuda blast her. But anyway Kaci n Lexcee a best fren from Andrews so I guess dats y she drop in a word. Mi wuda defend my fren too cuz when d reign done a still mi best fren. Lexcee n Wayanne a 2 johncrow still so sorry Warren dat was not an upgrade.

  16. @wickedandbadmind di gyal never give nuh bun. a warren a di whore. if so be the case him wuda been put or pon blast and him wudnt get back wid ar cuz him did get ar back at one point so you not making nay sense. stop coming on the website and give the girl bad name.

  17. People need if stop talk shit a lot of prostitues say warren buy pussy from them and give them head to so I hope miss Lexi get regular check up an change r mouth wash regular . Plus Di boi a sex off the likkle high school gyal them and a load up the insta message fi Di likkle gyal them a beg sex an Lexi look like a drag queen but mi guess man a fi him thing me hear say him and Di Sakky youth a touch each oda

  18. Some a unno a talk bout wen Natalya did a gi Warren bun left right and center, wah unno knw bout the girl weh unno did deh wen Warren neva have ntn and she cook good food and tek care a him, weh unno did deh wen nasty warren weh nuh like bade and a natalya haffi bade him???? Unno answer dat warren mouth full a rotten teeth like him nuh like brush teeth and him get so damn hype! Natalya is such a nice pretty girl, who happen fe deh wid a man weh easily influenced by friends and him mother, him nuh have a mind of him own friend dem tell him anything and him believe a dem same one and him mother fight out the girl wen she a try tell him say dem is no friend is him money him want and it is so obvious cuz a bere man live s hi yaad! Mek this gyal yah enjoy herself cuz warren nuh want her him friend dem love her doe cuz she mek him a shell money wah couldn’t gwaan wid Natalya and he still hasn’t got over Natalya and if y’all didn’t knw is Natalya lef Warren she dash de ring Inna him stinking face!!! When are friend dem did a tell her fe tek him money she didn’t cuz she say is not dat she deh wid him for. Miss a tekki back warren weh tek back the car and have man a drive it down to the brigets sandals and dog dog him tek back a mussi mawma man. So unno stop talk weh unno nuh knw. Lexcee paid her tough man face fe go siddung

  19. Live a him yaad* her*
    Some a unno pissed mi off a so rumours start, cuz the girl talk to one of his friend fe get him fe talk to Warren the other one dem weh want the likes talk bout she a sleep wid the friend and so what if she did him deserve it, wen him a whore dung the damn place! And Kaci we know is your fren but how the raas u reach Inna this??? You nuh public figure girl have a damn seat!

  20. Wicked and Badmind Natalya did not sleep with Ramone so nuh badda talk wah u nuh knw! Talk bout warren weh sleep wid Natalya friend dat unno fe talk bout and him still a look her back! Kmt unno hop offa the girl case.

  21. Him a follow inna bolt footsteps tho, look how bolt did have him nice country girl and him hype and nuh memba weh him start with. Tell u bout the hype and money how it can change nuff people. And u miss kaci fennel what a way u nuff up yourself eeh but yet u tremble and stammer when u fi answer the question for Miss Universe smh, go one side and do something constructive, to me Kaci not even really represent Jamaica, all she do a parade inna carnival costume in different countries, just waa be Miss Universe Jamaica for the hype, the glitz and glam, Lisa Hannah need to school you.

  22. I just hope say batman and her did f**k fi real but the boi name talk I just feel say any how that boi start talk warren belly ago bun him cause that boi batman a Di missing piece to dah puzzle yah so I hope warren piss him off di rite way so him can talk Di things them mix up pon the rock lol

  23. Del
    there is nothing Warren Weir can do to piss off batman he is not going to say anything cuz him owe warren whole heap a money and warren did all post a pic on ig wen batman did a hype up wid money a say how batmam owe him and a pose wid money, and natalya did not f**k batman I don’t know why people keep saying this, batman was warren good friend, wen Warren did a act like idiot she use to talk to batman hoping warren would listen to him but the other waste man dem weh wah warren money start tell him how batman a f**k the girl wid dem battyman self before dem go look work dem itch up under the man. Darren, isakky dutty leford weh yuh nuh go stay wid yuh wife and kids kmt. People unno stop follow rumours Natalya was a food girl Warren just fool and now him deh wid f**ky box man royal looking girl fool I hope she nyam him out clean. Ungrateful Warren Weir yuh day coming

  24. Batman nuh owe him nuh money me hear sey a one hype gyal did a beg him money fi go party or carnival Weh a sex Warren and him blast her and Warren take it up pon him head batman far from hype them man deh humble bad if you nuh Noe him you would know you and him in the same place plus the nigga rich under wrap an him injured how long plus Mi Neva see Di dwag a party or even pon road lol mi feel him a drugs man under wraps the way how the man make himself invisible fi a famous youth

  25. Del mi naw ask u mi a tell u say Batman owe him money and owe some other ppl as well fe a party weh him did keep but it flop cuz whole heap a other party did a keep dat night and it rained And him postpone it And him try keep the party again and Red cups did a keep and Warren was promoting red cups fe spite him. Yes he still owes Warren

  26. Dwrcl Ramone Mckenzie is the furthest thing from humble clearly u and him a fren lol him is the most Badmind person kmt him Badmind all Ashmeade dwrcl who’s fault mek him naw run fast again??? Kmt rich my ass if he was him wouldnt have to borrow money from a bunch of ppl to keep a party!!! Him borrow money from mi cousin naw cal, him name and a dun dem haffi dun him fe get back him money or him wouldn’t see a dollar back! Gwaan yah. Him should a stay here and train farrin life dem wah live wid him fat self

  27. lexc look like a man ..point blank uptown downtown sidetown upside down town me nuh cya .. Ugly nuh bbc .. Kaci fennel sick me from day 1 … unintelligent from the start i doh know who sent her to MISS UNIVERSE sometimes it just bun fi Jamaica.. Everbody a sing pon pretty .. PRETTY WHERE?? high color and mix mek u pretty apparently she mawga like dog.

  28. Mi know bout dah party deh Kimmy and a fi him money alone keep it cause the other man them couldnt find it and that’s why him cut off the other people dem weh never play them part so tell your cousin stop tell lie pon Di youth like the youth care bout y’all and him an Ashmeade have nuh beef so nuh start nothing between Di man dem cause people will laugh after bout them man deh nuh humble dem man gi weh to charity every month and feed people pon the street side something bout Robin Hood project but obviously you have something against him from a personal stand point guess he gave you that bud wood lol anyways lets get off all these people dicks and go look some food lol triple century anyone

  29. Lol him fat self was funny too lmao him look like him would beat John cena the way how him big lmao Kimmy you have something personal with dis a youth yah

  30. And dah party deh me feel Di boi keep it fi wash some drugs money until him come fort an say him a nuh drugs lord that’s my belief lol and kaci Raci Zaci Uaci you not cute you need food miss fluffy fi represent we a miss universe or one a them sexy body tracks gyal deh nuh skin pon bones like yam an banana nuh deh yea and foul pill

  31. Warren use to f***k pan Natalya hol heep him all use to bring him gyal dem over Jozef yaad guh f**k dem

  32. whole a dem a whore from andrew’s high…lexi and wayanne are sisters (or brothers wid dem manly physique) …same wayanne who bow down to andrew french, same spongebob square pants shaped wayanne who have vid pon island freakz a masturbate

  33. Lexie’s mom own Flow Internet and dad in a millionaire real estate agent so they are millionaires so she nuh want Warren money. Natalya a skin out ins every Pict unna know nuttin. Natalya a breed now

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