1. His parole hearing is deferred to Sep 2015. I think he’s highly likely to reoffend as baaed on his prison history he hasn’t reformed. Unbelievable his sense of entitlement to sexual activity by consent or force. Offenders like him shouldn’t even have parole hearings.

  2. having booty was more important than water_____________________________________________________________

  3. but him deh a prison before him born …………him a jus fifty five and grandmada deh a road weh born after him get arrested ??? a wonder a weh him do fi go in deh

      1. oh no mi see the assault charge pon the officer but mi neva_____________________________________________________________

  4. So how dat sick f**ker nuh have AIDS? Him fuxx any man him can get n nuh ketch it? No sah him fi tan rite where him be. Society nuh need di likes of him.

    Him is di USA Kid Ralph

  5. Morning met and Metters

    Didn’t know ‘booty warrior’ was made off a real character, it was so damn funny I couldn’t even stop laughing.
    if you ask me he (fleece) have it too damn easy in prison, dem need to lock his ass in somewhere, where him can never frigg a next ‘booty’ again because him a enjoy ass to much. Disgusting!
    On the other hand what a man funny? ‘a like yuh, an a want yah, we can do this the easy way or da haard way’ lol :ngakak

  6. so I guess the saying “strong like 10 battyman” is true den? because how him manage fi mek prisona’s and gaurds consenting to giving up the booty? a suh him strong and fierce some dat dem consent to it???

  7. I can’t even watch this right now , as these thingsjust get me down.

    This just reminded me of a documemtary I saw many years back now.
    It was aired in UK just before the film Lockdown came out. So, I saw two things on this disturbing subject in the space of about a week – and it just haunted me.

    I didn’t even recall the name of the documentary but remembered the name of the prison and somehow found a clip (i will post link in separate comment).

    I think Rapists are evil, but worse than them are these f**kin predators attacking people in an already tense and hostile environment, away from family support and unable to report it for fear of being dubbed an informer.

    This is one of those issues that should be exempt from people being persecuted, beat up, or killed for reporting a crime (especially if committed against them personally).

    As a mother of a Son my heart cries for the victims and my bloods boiling and bitter at the thought of this act.

    Enough gay man I’m prison for them to stick with each other and not go raping those who may softer.

    The only people who this man’s (and others) crime be inflicted upon are the child molesters & paedophile who are worse than them.

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