If ah laff ah dead mail sorter oh lawd man. Not so sort out i see, could somebody please feel sorry fi this ole turbit and give har some clothes oh the agony. But met a wah mek it look like dem set duppy pon the duppy a jamaica. Sourjuice sadness mark all over yuh face Yuh look like somebody beat yuh wid a ugly stick tuh pu***t Yuh mek iron face shawty boost yuh like supligen fi go jamaica and look how yuh look dwfl yuh fava market woman inna yuh crochet top. Yuh outit look like foot cloth. All and pull up keisha a swear yuh life sad. mi hear seh outdeh a buy cocky a true?




  1. :matabelo :malu2 This has got to stop!!!! When going on a vacation, a short trip or merely just visiting FOREIGNERSSSSSSSS please sort out your attire…..’Merika has clothes!!!! Cheap, mid range and expensive, daaaayum don’t make it look so bad.

  2. dis is why di gal dem a Jamaica can laugh affa a some a di foreigner dem suh, cuz u tell me now, why would I even put dis outfit in my suitcase now,…. well if u can’t dress americA, then Jamaica nah Mek a difference

  3. Ah tired ah unno and the di bag a phuckery. Senda de ooman nuh ugly (post yur picture mek wi judge), di only ting me see wrong inna de picture is har outfit. It is inappropriate for har size and age. Lawd unno sic stomach.

    1. Mail sorter your f***king ugly point blank period. And yuh body all and pull up yuh lookl ike the ape inna temple run lmfaoooo. Move yuh f***xxx bout clothes inappropriate for age. When u ever dress like a grown respectable woman? yuh fava road kill. Stop wear things to show yuh rotten navel bout senda fi send in picha. We nuh wah see senda cause a u look like shit suh a u we done

        1. Stop the noise garbage truck. Dancehall clean up lady. Yuh f**king ugly and that’s it. Ano my fault yuh fava temple run monkey. All yah chat bout benefits and money from mail sorting it shoulda a show pon yuh. Yuh fava crobait yuh
          Instead it always show pon yuh man dem. Gweh dancehall tricycle

  4. Wooooiiiiieeeee imagine u lef from all the way a farrin gone drink the goat wata n meck it swell ur rass belly u n brokelikedawg shorty fi stop it man kmt

  5. sourjuice is ian an yuh guh or sammo or feba? caw yuh fuxxin down dancehall one downsyndrome cruff at a time..

    1. Serva lawd of his marcy marcy (no not mercy) marcy! dwfl a how yuj bad suh. Down syndrome cruff? yuh bad this woman is like rubbish truck. Mrs clean up to rasshole and the funny thing is she keep on a pose up with feba and a month time she betta know him need to get his monthly allowance 🙂 feba wife nah ramp lol ok feba yah pose up wid rubbish mek sure when yuh f**k yuh collect -_- i kaint!

        1. Keisha feba caah mad me and him fava the lil man from tales from the crypts. Him wife a mad yuh doe cause after all a she him go home to every night and sammo deh wid him pretty young gal.

  6. she come from farin I saw her at the part and me and mi fren laugh afta her cause it neva suit the occasion

  7. mi would love some mail sorting income right now. they get paid well and have good benefits. at least she was on vacation and I am sure she got paid for it.

  8. Ma sourjuice and nelly shape good a argue pon fb! !!!! Boi the year jus start and dem start with the drama a the little frog face one shorty unno is a set a non progressive element

  9. Whats the real problem with the sender and this lady in the pic? If this woman is on vacation why is the sender focusing on her so much that she have to send in a bullshit story about the woman attire? Just asking? Can the sender travel? Does the sender have her papers? Did this lady f**k whey the sender man from her? Just asking? Why the sender sound so bitter towards this lady? Badmind already in the year of 2014. Sender find something more productive to do with your idle time. Go look a job or your papers so you could travel and attempt to out do this lady……………..

    1. Fi address I’m just saying aka Keisha the last time mi check mi father file fi mi from mi a 14. So because facts a state yuh sound upset lmfao who the f**k fi bad mind dancehall man cruff cleaner :cool mi a wait fi the answer I’m just saying aka Keisha

    2. And the last time mi check nuh ppl always a f**k weh fi har man dem? Now I’m just asking? Dwfl Keisha yuh fava dirt

  10. When I talk I do not talk and hide I am strong up. Now I went to Jamaica and I fully enjoyed my vacation. Sender what is the problem because last time I check u did not pay for me to go or anything. Whether mi look good look bad now tell me for 2014 a that a bother u? Lmao the rest of it is about me being ugly, OK I am ugly is that getting you money in ur pocket? I am a mail sorter. Do u know my salary and benefits to sort the USPS mail. Now really? Really tired of the pettiness and foolishness that is why I address it. Next thing is man. None of these men I depend on to take care of me and my children. So what is the point? U SATISFY ME KEISHA SAY MI UGLY, MI STAY BAD, NO MAN NUH WANT ME AND MI A SORT THE USPS MAIL. ARE U SATISFIED WITH THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING IN ORDER TO BE SO ENTANGLED WITH MY LIFE AND HOW I LIVE IT. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND MAY THE YEAR BE PROSPEROUS…… KEISHA SWEET JUICE TRINI… WHO LOVE HERSELF NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE AND FORM.

    1. You suffer from low self esteem badly. All of what u just said sound like gibberish. Facts were stated that u look like shit which u do just accept it and move on hush. That long ass story Yawns*

  11. nelly keisha look better than you, nelly you claim you a 16 but you look like 44, you lip them thick like a bus tire, you body look like a transsexual body, you face look like a uncut dick, nelly you body go iraq fi fight war and never return, you claims you a 16 year old an d you a tek a man that is 47, nelly keisha look better than you, nelly keisha wear better clothes than you, nelly you vagina a spead way like when ship a sail inna water, go go a vagina tuck and a batty tuck, the silicone drop down in her leg go use a rolling pin and roll out the lump them, nelly that live inna one room you grow up and sleep inna the same bed with your mother and father and you father touch you a night time for your mother. nelly you have cocie breathe

  12. nelly the man say when him an dyou a have sex him have to turn off the light because you body kill him cockie, the man say you pussy smell like mackarel barrell, suck cokie nelly with the cokcie breathe the man say him only f**k you when keisha a see her period, dutty gal nelly you a get consignment f**k

    1. Keisha which part of u look better than nelly lmao nelly a sweet bloodclaat gal move yuh rass dwfl. If the man a chat up all them things why him still wah all up unda nelly pussy wid him tongue. Lawd when unnu nuh have nuttin fi seh smh nuh matter how hard u try u caah look like nelly nuh day. A new year now when u ago stop inna cuss cuss fi cocky. Your world revolved around cocky and mix up “temple run monkey” lmfaooooo mi cannot deal

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