0 thoughts on “FLIPPA IN 2010 ABOUT HIS RETURN

      1. Puzzling because is this not as embarassing…….he should of used the “what if this happens embarassment to leave the game alone”. I always say it it’s not the money that these men make that keep them in, it’s the people wwhile they are taking the risk that leach on that makes them feel obligated to stay! What a story…..enough should be what prompts one. Thank God for small mercies!

  1. So why him Porsche park up a Mango tree ranch Metty, why it not parked in the garage of his own home and is not it crash.

    1. If mi ah him, mi wouldn’t have no interview near mi yard either! Whose to tell WHO him did ah hide from.

  2. a wonda if mr.flosser was ,saveing his money for rainy day :cystg cause this worse than sandy .hmmmmmmmm and a wonda if the kids dem future set ;

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