1. good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

    everytime me seet mi trech rite out :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        1. yuh betta luk…. a valid question mi a ask in time of movie script writtening 😀

          (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Why I hateeee Flippa moms so much :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    Flippa ya moms play too fvckin much yo!!! DWRCLLLLLL
    HEAR FLIPPA nuh weh yuh seh Pauline?? Call name !! Damn instigator
    She def member Sonita then Marsha but forgot Twanna & Jody 🙁 womp womp … Po ting!

    DWRCL the music bring back memories though love the music back then

    1. LOL!! Ms. Pauline love the mixup, but she fulla vibrancy and life. Coo how she a dance like young gal tuh ie :hammer

      1. Yu have time a miss har up. Dem zut de hand dutty and dem stifle people pickney fi fi dem own prospa!

        Which African tribe hab dem ugly nose she and har son carry?kmt

  3. Hi Met n Metters, pls tell me where in d video is d mother’s speech, mi at work n caan watch d entire video just now n curiosity a kill meeee

  4. Pauline didn’t do anything wrong, she big up the mothers of her grandchildren……………. those who she could remember :tkp

  5. DWFL!!!!! Yooo, his mama too baddd and Kelly mama (flippa mom sister) play the hypeman and cheer it on! Now I see where Kelly get it from. Yes, a movie script this should be. Thanks fi entertain mi this afternoon!

  6. A nodda case of a licky licky love sweets muma weh don’t care how di money come are how har son treat women, jus as long as food a run turn a blind eye kmft.

  7. From I was birth mi wouldn’t want a mumma inlaw like dat, dats why mi Nuh business wid di fambily inlaw ting eno cuz eerr Pauline she and flippa juss a instigate di ting bout whey yuh sey Pauline? Him well love di sheggeries.


  8. what a wutlis madda . I bet she memba dem name now when she a look smaddy fi beg 10 dolla fi buy food. A woman like dem de yuh run from dem son.. Flippa probably was a raffle belly pikney by the looks a she… GHETTOOOOO

    1. Who do you think is holding the undeclared funds and probably all the properties in Jamaica is in her name. She better watch out for the robbers that might start showing up at her door looking for the stash. A yute I know in the States lost his mother in Jamaica because of the same thing. Kidnap her from his mansion and they found her body a week or two later.

      1. O GOD …..i pray not……..she’s only guilty of loving her son regardless a him fuqUP antics

  9. The girl ask a who name Jody she reply the first one mother and why flippant whisper tawanna lol met you a poison fi find this lmaooo big up all a her daughters in law yes!

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