1. F**king slackness that a so called “man” would do this to a woman make it worse someone he use to love. I am against abortions (each to their own) BUT if she did that is her business and not the whole worlds them tings are sensitive. Then again this boy has always been a jackass so I shouldn’t be surprised!!

    1. How is she “Fool fool” because she didn’t have the babies for a pay day. It is obvious that something wasn’t right in the relationship, hence the reason why she had an abortion. Women are having babies nowadays just for the child support . Maybe she’s not one of those lady.

      1. Quite so. HB !!

        A no everywoman whey deh wid ‘baller” want a life time pay check

        She MAY ONLY saw him as a meal ticket and she ride it fi what’s its worth dat a fi har hustle …can’t knock it
        Maybe in har “hustling mind ” she see the relationship was not healthy enough fi bring Pinckney in a it . just fi fk , floss and get paid till it dun . so she do wha she see fit

        Di bunch a Oman, di disrespect, the std ” allegedly” …. Chiiiillleee

        1. honesty this nuh mek no sense to me at all if she deh wid the man and dont want a child its simple dem/she have money she can prevent it there is so many ways to do so. yes its her choice if she wanna abort her child but it just nuh mek no sense n y deh wid a man yu nuh waan have a child wid kmt

        2. If that is so, why not have protected sex or go on birth control? There is no reason to kill too babies….that shit is whack! The fact that she did ultrasound, the pregnancy was about 4-5 months. Do you agree?

  2. Ole bitch ass ninja………

    He is so butt hurt over ms Jackson her puzzy had that nose wide open :nerd

    Never liked this fukkboy anyway….All the $$$ in the world and still lack self esteem ..

    Messy ass stunt queen

    1. What a piece a slackness…I thought I was the only person that wasn’t into him either…cause me know she have feelings too and it never necessary fi try shame di girl like a dog

        1. All you women think alike. It is possible the guy is hurting from the whole ordeal and really wanted those two children. Have you ever stopped to think about that? She could simply have the two kids and turn them over to the father. She did not need to terminate the pregnancy (TOP). The man is willing and able, so why kill these two babies?

          I think she Terminate the Pregancy because of the results of some amniocentesis test. That is the only thing I can think of given the potential pay day for her and the advance stage of the pregnancy. We all know that is the only reason these women date men like Mayweather. It has nothing to do with love.

          1. She could have been high risk too. Sometime there are situations where a person have to terminate a pregnancy to save their own life.

  3. Morning!!!!!
    With all the money him have n those kids would b the ideal paycheck for her makes me go hmmmmmm y did she do this makes me really wonder #baffled bad

      1. Metsy u know say a cause dem post a picho whey she n Nelly go a basketball game together y him post this up mi no think a no love thing I think there’s something about she knows n she don’t wanna b tied to him forever which is wat a child/children would do

    1. He has a history of abusing and controlling women, Im totally against abortion, but maybe she thought that if she carried the pregnancy to term she would be trapped in an abusive relationship. I dont know what she was thinking, to have thought that was the best decision for her, but when you have kids for those type of men, with money and power they control every aspect of your life, and you set yourself up for a lifetime of misery, sometimes no amount of money in the world is not worth that type of suppression or subjugation. I wish she could have given the situation some more thought and realize that those babies had a right to life, and should have been given the opportunity to live regardless of her situation.

  4. What a disgusting piece of garbage?! Why the fu*ck would u put put ur ex on blast like that? I never like that hype midget, she must of moved on to someone who’s taller better than his ugly ass.

  5. she never like loved him case closed. and this ninja should be happy how much child support he would of have to pay I think its an ego thing now dat she move on to Nelly black man ego boo hoo hoo cry me a river

  6. Dem man yah kill babies as sacrifice fi get weh him wah reach Inna him heights a fame… bout against….. the gal probably know the lifestyle and know say him only have kids fi pimp Dem out and sell Dem to the system from early….. a little off topic but a so it go man a mek all 30 mill fi a fight you wouldn’t wah breed fah trust me this woman know why she dweet

  7. If I was her, I would sue his b++ch +ss for releasing my medical records, and mental suffering. Then I would find a man a really loved and have one bag of pickney!!!!

  8. u know mi caan understand sum woman yes the man wrong fi put har pon blast but a wah she want she get go find a 9-5 n stop look rich man fi mine n tek care a dem these bitches dont work n as she left the man look who she gwan game wid a next money man so i dont feel sry for her ass one bit

  9. i think that asshole is so full of shit i have never seen an athlete i despise so much> who is he to do that to a woman that is so wrong and on the other hand maybe she did a gi him bun and never sure if the kids were is but it is still her decision do to whatever she wants with her body……..sue his nasty ass

  10. Did he see the part that it was possibly inter uterine? loose offa this yute big time, almshouse thing to do

  11. Serious Scum bag ain’t they been broke up over a year now? The next woman that decide to deal with this dude make certain he ain’t got no secret for you!

  12. Real talk – 50 Cent was slapping it. Its prob his kids. Flyo and 50 were best friends, but they dont rock no more

  13. Yow, all di woman that condemn di man for posting this…….CHILL. Its just another victim of social media. When man a deadbeat dad and woman put dem pan blast, unu cheer!!! Cut out unu double standard! If he asked the woman to kill the babies and she put it on facebook that he forced her to abort them, unu woulda support di woman! A time unu cut out the rassniss and realise seh man nuh mek outta stone. Wi have feelings to and if a woman dash weh my pickney and know seh mi did a look forward to my kids, mi woulda put her on every blast possible! a REAL TALK DAT! Lass ting, shi did live pan social media to, so if yo live by social media… unu know di ress.

    Real Talk 😡

  14. Yes I said it once and I’ll say it again she fool fool cause 1 she a hustler and a trick offa him suh way she mek her self get trick she know what she was getting into with him but that never stop har from going after the $50,000 bag and red bottom boot she well open put her pu$$y rite suh why not protect her self while collecting at the end of the day she took 2 life for the Good life

  15. She made THAT decision and with all the money he have she did it anyways, something went wrong in the relationship that we don’t know about…..I wanna hear her side!…..Something about him never sit right with me!

  16. Met dis gal fool + tax she tell him she expecting man excited go doc and all wid har then she wait till him out town she kill dem then she tell him she miscarry and dis is why she not only fool fool she is also a dumb bitch she keep the abortion paper in her bag in the man house and him find it and who a cuss him yes him is a pussy ass Nigga yes but she is a even more pu$$y hoe she took 2 life and its not like she was raped and had to do it depo shot is $80 for her to protect her self but she more worried about wearing $2,000 shoes ppl fear is fear

  17. Tru met but at the same time a could a AIDS she pick up the worl know him a whore and shit house why she left har self open she fool

  18. Yes but a still trick she did a trick off a him and met she should a never kill her kids ,kids are blessing left him yes but left wid u kids

    1. yup but dem type a girl deh abortion is contraceptive a nuh nothing to dem…people nuh fi jus get up and abort like that

  19. Tank u met a dat mi piss off bout she wrong abortion should be reserve for ppl that get rape , ppl that have medical condition and can’t bring a child to term not ppl that a fu¢k ever and anybody raw dog and fi hype and money and then turn around and kill the child because yes its a child its a life

    1. Not one but two and den she mek it look like she lef him because she cheat….nuff a dem tink because God silent him quiet and him bline..dem have nuff fi ansa tuh..so many people want children and cant get

  20. Same soh met dem too great look how birth control cheap than them outfit even the meal dem eat but God sit high and look low him is a shit house yes but him did want him kids

  21. Ok it clearly say she was 6 wks . this was a dating ultrasound you only have this done when you plan to carry the pregnancy. ppl that are having an abortion don’t get pic. So this tells me something wenr wrong in the relationship to make her change her mind. And the fact that he turn around and put this out there i cant blame her one bit …..him a dutty man

  22. I wonder why dancehall chicks are so upset about abortion record being exposed ? This is all these chicks do over and over again. Some gal do a million things unda the quiet and hate when man reveal anything.. Don’t do anything you would be ashamed of..bout her business as if they weren’t his business too…Dumb ass hoes.

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