1. She is garjuss. ……….she can pass trew…… hair a bit much but it doesn’t seem to be that cheapy cheapy hair sum gal ah wear.

  2. Honestly i think she’s “CUTE” with makeup on saw her without it and I didnt like what I saw. She has nice dimples though

  3. She’s one a dem self prescribed make up artists, so shi kno ow fi paint on a face fi fool people. All dis hair, Brazilian or whateva is just a show fi see who can look most hype by wearing di longest n nuffest amount hair pon dem head

    It doan look good

  4. the girl cute with and without make up, and she is a really good make up artiste.. a vex sum a unu vex bcux unu cant paint unu face too and buy hair.. cute cute kym.. brite..

  5. Stop hating… she dont look bad AT ALL.. Most of you hoes got one pack of tangled weave inna unno head. Come on, bad mind is active. Plus she doesn’t even have alot of makeup on.. Women boy!! smh

    1. Willie dear space??? Whappen har teeth drap out?? Wa kinda space u a tawk bout lol ayyyy boy

  6. Good evening Tawkchuet….. she nuh short ah teeth, hopes. Mi juss a measure from mout corner to mout corner… yu seet?

  7. Kymmmm. Really young girl, she do har thing!! Very humble and nice girl. She’s cute without all that too.

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