footahypemusic I wonder what was being said here ?

camz_funsize What were u whispering @mslegendary ?
bishopescobar876 How yu mean Shawna look back di wukk #Bwoy Ricccchhhhh @footahypemusic loll
_jackieo Lol
sophisticatedshasha Lol


  1. Foota can do anything him want him single! all mi can say is foota work it out and be a family again nothing is prefect only GOD!!!!

  2. Ishawna stay with your baby father he loves you and shows you respect as far as I can see don’t fk on him jus deal with your career and your handsome baby boy you and foota have to together don’t let nasty nagga poison yuh mind work it out!!!

  3. But it is still unclear y dem lef,I honestly believe being as they have a child in the kids they should have kept it on the down low,,but they know best,I do hope Ishawna don’t go break loose cuz she has to remember she is a mother.All the best to them.

  4. Don’t know her from a bag a marbles or him from a bag a star apple but from what I’ve seen in my limited exposure to them as a couple, I liked them together.. But I’m on the outside looking in so only they know why and why not. Being apart doesn’t mean they can’t co-parent (they don’t seem self centered or selfish enough not to make parenting a priority together or apart ) wish them all the best whether they get back together or not.


    OFF TOPIC: Met, can you post that vid done by VICE on “The Canabis Republic of Uruguay”. Its really interesting to see how that little place is doing its own thing. Even the president a bun weed live pon TV. MAD HEAD.

    Sorry, but had to find a way to beg you dis one, but mi understand if u haffi delete di post. Gone back a wuk. Blessed.

  6. Listen people ishawna is very licky licky a joe money she afta cause joe woman sick she waan tek ova! A nuh di first she a leff foota fi next man and haffi run leff har draws go back to him! All di video weh she do she look like a cheap rasa whore! Don’t know why she Mek joe a tun har inna idiot! But buss she want buss she a go get

  7. Go pon big national tv bout har career nah go nuh weh wid foota iron ballon ishawna yuh have career girl! A walk a talk bout yuh name a raas brand saka how yuh love freeness! Go get a real job inna real life girl wid yuh vampire teeth dem and stop run dung joe money bout raas boss! A boss yuh a look! Smfh

      1. Good night Met u think she and Joe inna nothing fi real cause mi no think she coulda bad so smh no sah

  8. Den ah suh long Joe ooman sick ah wah duh har? dont believe dat why would she leave foota fi Joe first of all Joe cocky dead bury lang time and Ishawna don’t have to fk Joe to get her career going she’s young pretty and sexy so it is only natural fi man weh dem pocket long an man wat have dem things ah guh luk har but har heart is with foota! Ishawna an foota inna di music world so there are going to be a lot of temptation but hol tight foota an Ishawna cauz dis too shall pass!!!

  9. Most people are iron balloons before them buss and so wat if she call Joe boss sum ppl call dem fren boss and dem dont hav anyting she suppose to call Joe boss becauz dat is wat him is yard anna abroad unuh need fi leave di ppl dem child mek she be prosperous and if she sey she not going no where with foota ah nuting dat ppl talk all type of things when dem mad!!!

  10. At Joe age his wrinkle buddy can’t do no damage di only ting he has going for him is him money and him tongue!!!

  11. I know rite like she did a look joe and joe nuh want har how she know di man hood condition unless ishawna tell har bout it

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