Post this fa me .. I’m petty dgaf crosses gyal come come mash up the ppl dem good good relationship look how the browning nice that’s my best friend and the donkey looking girl a the home wrecker .. #best friend with a vengeance


7 thoughts on “FOR REAL YO

  1. Your friend should be ashamed that a donkey face gal tek she man, Sender? come near the computer screen so I can lick you in a you rass face :ngakak How much time people go tell you fools that if the man want to leave it no matter how pretty and how tight you hole is, there is something is sees in the other woman why him left, Tell your pretty browning friend to go have some self esteem and leave the man alone.

  2. Maybe he has more chemistry with the donkey face looking girl, sender? Pretty looks alone cannot hold a man. This is why so many “pretty” women go crazy when they realize the man don’t want them anymore and them pretty looks can’t keep him. Eg. Lisa Hanna.

  3. Betta hole tell…. A wah Chu yuh best friend she brown skin…..gwey! black gal have pink pussy….but a wah dis? Hunnu brown ppl feel hunnu inferior mi not even know if a di right word but a it mi use.

  4. Yuh mean Di blood sucking? I was wondering what’s up with those hickies too, plus wrecker girl look like she lose a pint or two, but thats none a my blood. thats why we must pick compatible mates and find out as much about the other person before jumping in. Yuh friend brown and nice but har blood bitter Dwl

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