Jodi, Jodi, Jodi you are disgusting. It’s time someone really dig deep and tell how shameful you are. Jodi yuh deh pon di internet wid a thong. You are lost. Instead of posting books from a school your enrolled in…. your being a scarlet. You have no ambition, yuh go a dance every night. Fi Whaa? You see di same bl****t ppl. What you get out of that? You turn back around and post one day. You have 12,500$. That’s money?! And if yuh had to sin to get it, it’s not a blessing. It’s not hard earned and it will leave QUICKLY. Don’t f**k your self . Jodi you worse than slack. Always inna man face. Jodi get a job, go road fi work and mind yuh pitney. Instead of go road fi f**k. Mostly every scamma inna Queens see how yuh front stay. And they talk but like you said you don’t care. Mind yuh catch something, weh can’t go back. You too old to act so. You act like no one ever raise yuh.



  1. You see who she tag? Set a nuff ppl. All of a sudden she and the whole DH fraternity a Fren. Waste bc gal dem ya

  2. I enjoyed the video lol, i ain’t going to even front. She cut the video as it was starting to get good though. If she didn’t have all those nasty looking tattoos it would’ve be a win.

  3. June Daughter what waste of a young girl flesh. Why June daughter so low. She should just tell us what club she strip at.

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