38 thoughts on “RUFF RUFF SAYS THE DOG……….MEOW

  1. More reason fi nuh like dat ugly gigolo under cover battyman. Always a gwan like him rich when a gal a mind him. Negro GTFOH bout copyright, yuh mussi tink sey wi frighten

  2. A Jue Icon him a dash wud pan cuz him a kip all black inna mussi January. Mappie go look a job and pay up yuh child support snd tap floss inna dance with gigalo money

    1. Suh is the pickney dem monthly support money dem ah use bade dem one anedda ah shine shoes inna dirty club? That would spell sense, SMFH!!

      1. It’s not jue him a throw word pon you notice jue and mappie and Fren look over the other side pon daffy them nuh free.. I never see daffy at a mappie party.. A daffy him a talk..but I don’t understand why Dutty mappie lef boston and gone a New York acting like he run shit..

        1. He is from Springfield, Mass, which is border line to Connecticut. Boston, Mass is a good 2 hour drive from Springfield. His all black party be nice though, copy written I’m don’t know about that one Mappie, wheel & come again. And yes, mi hear seh him baby mada Donna ah Nurse and a spend har money pon him, suh mi hear don’t know if its Suss or the truth, but hey more power to him if yuh find ah idiot fi spend, dem must know they pocket & how much they can waste on Little penis Mappie, I would say little dick, but from a very good source, he has a little penis like someone who nuh hit puberty yet. That’s why is so hype, cuz of what he is lacking, so I guess the saying, “short man, tear sheet” is not always true, go have a seat Mappie.

  3. Mappie go copyright some child support papers n we a fuxxing break broke ass show off pon not even have dry shit inna u batty, midgetbattyman kmft

  4. Him fi copyright the wide foot dress maker pants him used to wear before Donna start mine him and copyright some
    Child support to his wife

  5. Dutty boy u full a shit! Mi a have dance Nxt mth mi a go have oonu step out inna oonu blk dutty mop boy come defend it go mine U Pickney them and teach them to love be happy for a Nxt sista r brother stop start up something weh no call for. I cannot Stan back stabbing wishing bad for one another.

  6. so mappy .the name step out inna yu black belongs to u …. :ngakak :ngakak I cannot with these dancehall people :tkp

  7. Met wa do dis damn poppi show no one cares bout step nothing out u should be a shame to say Ur a champaign flosser wen it’s Donna n tisha money u a spend real flosser Dnt have payments on dem cars dem cash out n dem Dnt need fi suck Donna pussy so she won’t tek it back u have 5 Pickney n one on da way if it not born yet wise up n stop throw word in Facebook

  8. What this hater of the english language needs to do is COPYRIGHT a Thesarus, or even a freakin dictionary..or better yet…

    COPYRIGHT the ENGLISH LANGUAGE and learn proper sentence structure, grammar and spelling :cool

    Rass eediat. Smh. (Got a headache trying to translate that ‘ish he just typed)

    *silently curses* Some peeple shoulda neva own a Galaxy/Iphone without learning Hooked on Phonics first. kmt :siul

  9. from mapp hed pants foot dem get smalla em brain get small to bout copyright..guh see em not even noe di meaning a copyright..yuh fi juss seh yuh nuh wah nobaddi kip step out inna yuh black but ere dis MI NUH WAH YUH PITNEY DEM DED FI HUNGI SUH MEK MI COPYRIGHT DIS PHRASE>>>>>>GO MINE YUH PITNEY DEM wotliss bwoy

  10. Admin luk ere deh plz frm day mi a ask few qwes nd yuh nah ansa dem enuh plz a beg a small ansa for dis wan rite ere otay……

    is busy signal paying mappie money fe each time use him own song line step out inna yuh black..since its copy write,wrote,written never tuh be bitten ma’am ” :nerd

      1. not a gud luk! imagine mi a ask a qwes weh haffi duh wid mi SBA nd dis is how yuh reply….dis is not a gud luk

  11. Him better go pay him $25 every two weeks fi child support him over deh a talk bout dance.. careless father wah only can show pic a him son and nothing else and a go court go say a woman a mine him so him don’t have no money.. Never see a man me can’t stand so him would and never get my $20 a no gate a no dance.. old jancrow mappie

  12. Let me school some of ya jus come promoters the 1st promoter to Keep a Black & Black Event Before Da Daffy’s & Mappie’s of the world was Nakia yes Nakia from BX he 1st keep it inna Chrises Place inna BX then when it get big it move gone 2 National Black Theater, Mappie I don’t even think you ever set foot inna Black Theater you just come pon di scene couple years now, take ya success & run with it cauz dancehall is a revolving door, da humblest calf suck di most milk

  13. Dude you’re obviously lying. You can’t ‘copyright’ the name of an event. You can get a trademark for it. #fail.

  14. The real oringinal money ever strong pocket man whey use to pay fi gyal rent, hairdo, car note, shopping money, and trip ah yaadd. cause these poppy show “bwoy” unno pon this website ah mek “look” big aint shit!! dem cant wipe dem ass more less provide anybodys attention! (inna mi bloodcleet ROSIE head popping and voice)

  15. da a de da a do mappie mappie do u kno how ur son M fr your exwife eat r drink nope u was order to pay how much per week ????and u tell the judge a woman mineu all da woman deh mek woman look bad eno cus u mappie no ready steady r go u fava di likkle man fr di african movie u was walking on boastin when u di kotch inna u exwife section 8 hs a spring field mass bun mi u see haffi u di want bring certain thingz in a u matrimony hm…

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