IN a matter of weeks, the living conditions of 81-year-old Rosalvo Patterson is expected to be significantly improved.

The senior citizen, who has been living in an fowl coop in Jericho, St Catherine, for the past five years, is expected to move into a new home, thanks to the kindness of music producer Wayne ‘Lonesome’ Brown.

On Monday, living up to a promise made last Friday — a day after Patterson’s dire situation was highlighted by the Jamaica Observer — Brown spent approximately $100,000 on plyboard, lumber and other building supplies to be used to construct a house for the ailing Patterson.

He drafted skilled friends and family members who have been camping in Jericho since Monday, while they construct the house for the elderly man.

“Even though we have heard some persons making promises to help, I want to lead by example. So, after donating funds towards his medical bill last week, I have decided to purchase some building items to construct a house for the senior citizen ,because despite all the talk, the senior citizen is still suffering in the fowl coop,” Brown told the Observer on Monday.

Brown also plans to buy furniture for Patterson when the house is completed.

Meanwhile, the kind neighbour who has been helping Patterson throughout his ordeal, said a number of people have promised” to help.

“Since the story came out in the paper a number of persons have pledged to donate towards this project for Mr Patterson,” said the woman, who again asked to remain unidentified.

She said representatives from charity organisation Food For the Poor, the Environmental Health Foundation, and other bodies have visited Patterson and expressed the desire to help. She said that other Observer readers, including several from overseas, had also offered assistance.

Meanwhile, an unpleasant situation has developed concerning Patterson’s sister, Eileen.

She told the Observer that since the story was published last Friday, she has at the receiving no end of verbal abuse from people who have accused her of abandoning her brother.

“I cry bitterly when I hear what people have said about me, but because they are not aware of what I have gone through trying to help my brother that is why they can say all of this,” said the sister who is also partially blind.

And, neighbours have come to her defence, arguing that she did all she could to help her ailing sibling.

“It is unfair for the blame to come down on her. For the past nine years she has been helping out and doing all she can to assist Mr Patterson. It has reached to the point where she cannot do any more because she is also facing financial difficulties,” one neighbour said on Monday.


  1. The saying “There is always daylight after a long dark night” speaks volumes in this man’s situation. Also, in the words of Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to “CHANGE”, applies here. May God bless those who helped this senior citizen.

  2. God bless those that helped this man. I was touched by the story. Thanks for posting the follow up as well, Met.

  3. I love to here these types of news, It truely warms my heart to know that there’s still good ppl out there.

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