0 thoughts on “WEREN’T YOU JUST BEEFIN?

  1. ALissa fi go sidung cause she tooo bad. She soo bad she wah dash weh. It a kill har cause Shabba breed him Wife again. That will be baby #3 since him and Alissa been together ina fi har mind. YOu soo smart u ducking dumb and cah see it. Is which man coulda have me pan pause so while him ina house wid wife and me and him deh before wife. stya home and get ur papers upcause evryttime you come out you swear you a kill smaddy. The only person a deadd is you. Seeing Shabba ina next gal ears. She and Kelly ah cousin so as Chrissy woulda seh, Unuh wutliss bad. Di whole Mafia crew. Kayann doh tell me breed yah a breed again. It look like ur 2 addiction is Buddy and food. Ur Uncle Flappa muss shame a you.

  2. These dancehall thot or a mess I never see a bagga mess like some of these ppl and Nikki you really gone breed again the other day I see shabba driving a car that wasn’t yours are his and it wasn’t you in the passager sit my girl you nuh tired of it all dem bun that man a give you mi surpise him and you nuh catch aids yet ok so that’s why you stop do road

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