1. This can’t be real. No mi nuh believe dem dead dawg yah. After the rob up gwan inna big Christmas dem come back wid anodda ponzi scheme? Police need fi lock up dem cayliss, nah look nuh work gyal bwoy yah. The saddest part of this is that people will fall for the scam. SMH!!!

  2. U see how wicked these people are, I won’t be surprised if someone lose their life this time. People need to get the law involved because there is no ending to this madness. The sin deh pon dem dats y them look suh

  3. I caan badda yaw. Dem want to guh inna ‘investment’ wid di carpet munchers a fi dem problem. These two look like dem live fi nyam every pot, you know fasting and washout not in their language. Looking new money fi guh live at all you can eat buffet and buy ugly clothes from the irregulars bin.

  4. Dem people yah no fraid a gunshot? They really love playing Russian Roulette it seems. Nicki you really involved in this or did they use your picture without permission?

  5. Valentine’s and Easter weekend on the way!people fool nikki suh put dung mi name deh,pick up my money at western union

  6. A shudda my money! Atleast rasta nuh mix up inna bangarangs. Unnu pussyhole dutty butch bitches mi a tell unnu str88888 seh mi hudda call dung Elegua pan innu bumbohole or one a mi ancestors str8888!! unnu naaa dus get up an live suh an gone wid my money till unnu all comfatable fi waah start again.. not a bloodclaaat!!!! mi nuh nice suh a bumbopussyrassclaaat. Mi hudda affi kill one a innu, yuh madd… Wuss di law a move like maple syrup. An innu suh brave wid it. Ppl dead fi less awoh. Fuck duh innu! Innu affi go know when di clock a strike an know seh doe fuck wid ppl money yeah bitches.

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