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They’ve been covering all the different stories and angles re the gay club shooting in Orlando.Ive been following all the major and a few small network coverage and you will be surprized as to what I’ve discovered. None of them is covering a devastating untold story I first glimpse on an ABC small town correspondent.

The big deal is several wives have bravely come forward inspite the disgrace to lash out that they were shocked their hubbies were killed at the gay club.Their stories are about the horrors of finding out your husband was creeping on the down-low.These wives talked about the mental anguish of the betrayal and worrying about their health now.One wife refuses to bury her hubby and insists his mother must deal with the matter.

Met can you imagine such a thing,to find out in such a way?i wonder if some of them are not secretely glad they get closure this way from their hubbies betrayal?Tragic all around but I think the media should highlight the dangers of down-lo men living these double life and the impacts on their families.


  1. Good morning Met & Metters

    Any photos of the bodies? Bcas mi a try figga out if the shooting did happened or this just a elaborate to push the agenda…

  2. True I agree….while I have no problem with gays….I hate the double life,its either u in it or not!!!!…..

  3. Just like the people pon FB who live a fabulous life, America has become more delusional than ever. Everything is a front, god damn Bman a married ooman and a raise family and the ooman dem so stupid, they are happy that their husband is not interested in other ooman so they think life is perfect. Damn eeediots, Nuff gay guy deh bout, all inna the JA community, mi nuh know how people nuh see right thru dem.

  4. They will highlight the wives plea but they will do so to again push their agenda. They will say things such as “he was trapped mentally, he wanted yo be normal and felt marriage would change him” etc etc. When they’re done you would think the wifves and societies were the murderes. Mark my word because the hussbands will be the “victims”

  5. Hispanics are the nastiest among all gays. I don’t know how they come about their way of life but they are pure filth. When I was in the life I made sure to avoid them and any negro who dated them. Based on my personal observation, it appears that most “straight” Hispanic men are naturally bisexual. One Miami survivor called his girl from the gay club to tell her he had been shot and the bitch was crying all damn night until she drove to Orlando

  6. The men could have been bisexual. Its just that their wives were not aware.Just as how many women have female lovers, and their husbands are not aware.It can go either way.I am sure there are many men who have to get married due to societal views as well and thus remain on the DL.

  7. Lmaoooo. Nots, are you gay? It look like them catch yuh wid dem vanity. That lifestyle is a BIG lie. Why continue to do wrong when you know it’s wrong and begin to accept it as being right? The man shot up the people, wives discovered that their husbands gay, club was opened to remember a batty bwoy who died from AIDS, during the funeral procession two officers almost died. Do you want more destruction than that? Imagine if they didn’t open the club to honor that faggot

  8. I am a Straight Jamaican Man born and raised. I have NEVER had repect for the battyman dem until I was told to plan my 14 year old daughters funeral arrangements after she took sick. All of the Doctor dem told me there was nothing they can do that me and mi baby madda fi just prepare ourselves. Mi boss recommend me to his doctor and when mi meet him instantly cyan see seh is a battyman and long story short is him one man alone tek care mi one daughter to see her alive today after nuhbody else would even look pon har. End of Di day mi nah defend dem but weh dem do inna fi dem life ah fi dem business . Mi nuh haffi like dem but me Learn fi just Lao dem. Now mi look back at how mi used to gwan I just don’t understand why straight people care so much about the batty man dem and what dem ah do and which man dem a f**k and dem nuh really care bout we. Yuh f**k fi know it might be a battyman yuh need fi save yuh life when ya inna hospital almost ready fi dead

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