Quick action by an off-duty police officer in St James on Sunday led to the capture of a murder suspect in the parish.

Reports from the Barnett Street police are that about 5:30 am, the off-duty officer was conducting business on Harbour Street in Montego Bay when a gun attack unfolded.

The cop reportedly spotted the gunman boarding a getaway motor car and gave chase.

The police say that their colleague requested back-up and, through the coordinated efforts of the policeman and the team that responded, the motor vehicle was intercepted in the Catherine Hall area of the parish and the driver captured.


The police say a second man who was in the getaway car escaped.
In the aftermath of the incident, the police confirmed that 37-year-old Carl Hudson of Bevin Avenue, St James, had been the gunman’s victim. He reportedly received several gunshot wounds and later died at hospital.

Detectives are now appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forward. The police say people may give information by calling the Montego Bay Criminal Investigations Branch at 953-6191, Crime Stop at 311, the police 119 emergency number, or the nearest police station.

5 thoughts on “GOOD JOB CONSTABLE

  1. Not a good job a dead him fi dead bcuz him gone in a jail gone sidung n eat n drink n smoke weed n it’s a 90% chance he will get out if no witness come forword..police next time kill yu fi kill

  2. Max shut yuh Claawt, when the police kill him and INDECOM decide say the cop never have to kill him and charge the police fe murder u ago help him with lawyer money, or when them hand over his name to the US embassy and them cancel his visa u ago petition the US fe him…………thats the reality the police face bro

    1. What the phuck is up with you boot lickers? Unu bend in all direction for visas!
      Not every Jamaican gives a shit about visas and worst America. People with their decent salaries live very well in Jamaica and travel other places in the world and avoid America like plague

  3. Him job is to protect n serve meaning killing people who kill other people not to worry bout visa n INDECOM bcuz he saw the crime happen he didn’t hear about it..if a did MERIMACA the criminal dead 100 times bcuz he saw the crime in mr popskull in this case the perpetrator should have been on ice while we discus this matter..

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