This sponge bob shape big Belgian woman, is the one that rob Jay from ny. This lady drove off with another mans suitcase last month. She lies to people especially jamaican ppl from out of town about having links. She tells them when to fly over and she will pick them up. She rents diffrent vehicles so she cant be traced. If her next victim is a man she even tries to get to know their personal info over the phone so she can send their pictures and info to authorities saying her life is threatened. She even go as far as to have sex with them to encourage their business anticipation. Anyone that has been a victim to this shape bad lady heres her picture. She risides in the la area, and her daughter also goes to school there, her school has the monument plane in front. So take ur screen shots and beware of the bitter thief.

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  1. Dats why we have to be careful of the choices we make cause it affects our family.Hope it brings fear in her to stop what she doing cause see deh,dem know what school her child guh

  2. Mi know dah lady yah, mi linky use to f**k her daughter. Her daughter seh hse coulda get sime “harry” and rob up him money. Then she flee go England. Them cone from some island, not janaica. Them call dah lady London. She is a grown ass woman. She need fi stop befire she dead.

  3. dutty shape bad big pussy long time big woman how dear yu call yu mi good up fren an r man name bitch them a go fine yu big dutty body you is a f**king teef yu shape bad like the front a mi building wid yu water swamp up pussy

  4. Omg, she name London to bloodclat. She walk wid some set a robba ppl. She love f**k young bwoy u si. And when dem diss her she revenge dem. She come from Belize fi tru. Look like she stop go dance. London u fraid now! Come on bitch u got kids.

  5. Bombaclaaaat dah woman yah! She have a big daughta name Ashley. A so d ole foot a move. She do some surgery wah day yah. She suck out her belly and back, still look square though. A must d ppl dem money she a use fi fix herself. Ashley mine den kill u cause a u madda.

  6. Lmao u mean fi tell mi seh a she a write up pon wall inna diffrent personality bout Toya and Jay. She try pass herself off as a 27yr ole breeding gal wah a wife. No suh, she favor one long face grinch fi tru, u can know seh Dah picture yah is her Sunday best. Mim nuh wah si how she look pon a regular day. WOMAN U TO WICKED, Toya a fresh green pretty gal fi u, and Jay mi know you’d well waan d link but how could u f**k ur grandmother. Whooooooy

  7. mi nuh sey still dem gal dem have up dem money an nuh hang out in the mix ..big condo and cars … woman no rob fi nothing jay musta did somthin …but dem gal yah no ramp fi play

  8. Unnu waan si her in person. Her face lean, eye cass, and she have some bumpy rough sore skin pon her chin. It look,like her chin a rotten off. She love use long hair hide it. I hope she get enough money fi do up her face now. Ashley u mummy tan bad

  9. @ La finest aka London, u a talk up. U just confirm seh a u from la fi tru. Bitch Mi know u, u nuh bout dat life period. U and Ashley a bum, unnu always look like unnu waan bathe. U hungry and licky licky like. The only ting the youth coulda do a f**k u inna u gray tone tired pussy and nuh gi u no knowings. U only have a 1 and 2 pound a Harry here and there. U link nuh tun up none a tall. U did have intention fi rob the bwoy like u do the rest a ppl dem. U mean u nuh ramp fi rob and run. U deh pon the count down 1,2,3……….

  10. Tun up!!!’ U nuh hear she seh, she nuh hang out wid the mix. A tell she a tell we seh she hard fi find unnu, dwrl. It a small world Lady

  11. Mi fren suitcase wah dem tell way nah go so. The youth wah she rob Wednesday need fi log on yo. All them mon yah wah she rib. Smh, d mon dem seh it nah go suh

  12. Mi Send the pic to everybody wah get rob up deh. The mon dem seh it nah go suh, the youth wah she rob last week need fi log on yo. Duty Belize wishy washy tough ooman

  13. Unuh jamaican ppl are bad minded… obviously di same ppl ah mek the commets over & over unuh need fi guh sleep pon yuh ugly face an bruk yuh nek in a yuh stink in Muma!!!

  14. This look like a di same person tun up a leave these comments.I don’t know di woman weh yuh a chat bout but yuh chat like a big pussy gal weh nuh ave nuh life & watch ppl business & urs must be duty nuh rass

  15. Duty suck wood gal Michelle Mi know yuh long time yuh nuh tired a chat bout people when u a sell pussy long least she take weh it & nah a sell her pussy fi money like u old skittle guh look some money big hole & stop worry bout Jay & his woman dem life.stop talk up yuh wood mouth before Mi put yuh pon Blast


  17. Duty suck wood gal Michelle Mi know yuh long time yuh nuh tired a chat bout people when u a sell pussy long least she take weh it & nah a sell her pussy fi money like u old skittle guh look some money big hole & stop worry bout Jay & his woman dem life.stop talk up yuh wood mouth before Mi put yuh pon Blast


  19. Duty suck wood batty boy badazz yuh need fi guh broke yuh neck in a yuh stinking dutty bloodclaath mumma & stop chat up yuh stinking mouth bout mi friend because yuh done know seh a done dem would done yuh bloodclaath. yuh known dem nuh scared a nobody. London & her family dem come from money yuh know that pussy hole, but yuh a tell bare lie pon di girl. Nuff a unuh come a la & get flap broke pussy suck wood boy remember seh a Ashley had to buy yuh plane ticket fi yuh guh back a Atlanta because yuh never had nuh money & a London house yuh catch in a one a her room . ougly bloodclaath big eye fish yuh look like a duppy from space.yuh come a LA & sleep pon sammy floor in a di motel pon saluson.yuh pop down pussy yuh caah chat bout nobody old dutty naaaga.yuh spend yuh last bloodclaath $2 dollars pon McDonalds chicken one fi u & one fi sammy.only a mother could love a ougly face like yours duppy boy.but any time unuh wah war come a la a done wi done unuh pussy hole. Gunz out wi nuh scared a nobody a showa wi seh.

  20. Badazz yuh ugly no bloodcloth if yuh look suh Mi nuh wan see yuh muma …only yuh muma can luv yuh if yuh look that fi true


  22. Wooohhh this is funny because nuff a unuh tuff foot bleach out face nappy head dutty jamaican gal dem come from nothing. Dem grown up a eat chicken back & dumplin in a dem zink house & wah come a America & act like dem hype with dem tuff man face.dem black & ougly thats why dem bleach dem skin because di jamaican man nuh want dem bloodclaath suh dem try get brown fi man dem look pon dem tired ougly face.nuff a dem sell a pussy because dem come from nothing ghetto bitches.bully beff hoes stop hรขte pon di rest of island girls dem weh a tek weh di jamaican man from unuh ougly self.yall madd because di belizean gal dem a goodaz & all di jamaican man want to be with a belizean woman or other island woman. Lol.ha ha ha .yall madd or nahh ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. @tuneup stinking mouth so call tuneup yuh Better mind di ppl dem a LA nuh tune yuh di f**k down in a wah body bag because yuh a chat up yuh pumpum mouth like a bloodclaath bitch.yuh a fish out a water.weh yuh hear bout yuh think ppl from LA a some pussy.yuh nuh bad pussy come a LA a dead yuh aguh dead pussy.yuh bad pon social media batty hole.yuh nuh know who yuh a f**k with word up.yuh need fi stop lie pon di ppl dem weh ave more than u yuh madd because dem a live better than u dem gal come from money up town.a madd dem a madd yuh pussy.guh weh batty hole bloodclaath fish.bloodclaath bate informer fi dead.

  24. Thx for d confirmation London. At least wi know seh a you inna d picture, u wanna b jamaican hungry bad mind pussyhole u. A put up ppl picture wah u rob and a mek up bare story. Bout u young and pregnant. U ole crusty face cow. Jamaican mon only wah use unnu fi mule and connect. Unnu nuh know style and vibes like the jamaican girl dem. A pity u nuh know dumpling and chicken back nice, but a bare snake and puss unnu eat. Mansion deh a Jamaica like f**k. U wah be Jamaican soooo bad and u Neva visit wi beautiful island. U fi go down deh mon mek dem mash up u and u cranny Pickney. Robbery ppl Neva live long and d money nuh bless so u nah go reach far ole foot. I’m dun talk!!! Save some money fi u casketโœŒ๏ธ

  25. illiterate is not knowing.that's why it's important to go to school because some people a says:

    Lol.. what part of the world are u talking about must be china because am jamaican & I have a lot of belizean friends & u & i know that people from the Caribbean don’t eat snake & puss.lawd stop sound like a dunce like yuh nuh guh a school.its obvious ur dull because any one who’s smart wouldn’t say something so stupid educate yourself & stop sound like a idiot like yuh mumma never send yuh a school. Lol.mi caah tan when illiterate people talk f*kry.

  26. Dwl well mi nuh business but all mi ave fi seh bad gal a bad gal fool is a fool.. bad gal tek it weh & fool sell dem pussy fi mi belly. Money yo!

  27. @ ct barbie mi ave a question suh how u know seh di girl dress a from wish website it sounds like a deh suh yuh shop from. Lmaooo that’s di thing with we jamaican people always in a other people business & dem life a spoil. A Worry bout people front yard & nah look pon yuh back yard.cho get a life

  28. @ It’s a wrap.. why u suh madd like a ur chum change dem tek a that mi wah know because yuh sound licky licky it look like it a bun yuh to rass.mi nuh know di gal still but mi hear seh unuh ave di wrong picture a that some a mi friends dem from la a seh unuh a do one bag a talking & a nuh she that pon di picture Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ but Micase & mind a nuh u dem put in a wah casket.unuh woman need fi stop listen to dem man with dem bag a lies man tell lies fi get dem self out of trouble when dem get catch.a man aguh tell yuh weh yuh wah hear but send yuh picture mek matti si how u look cause duppy know who fi frighten ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Lmaol for real star a di same thing mi deh yah a think a why da senda a act like a fi dem things dem tek and a move like a f**king chair leader some ppl like watch ppl business star yo yuh maddah never tell yuh seh fi leave ppl business and mind ur ooowwwnnn yuh know di song dont lmaol it look like it a hot yuh true yuh nuh get a cut out a likkle chumps hah lol but that look like some bad gal flex to me yeah man ah that some gal need fi learn fi tek weh money and stop sell out dem pussy fi money.yo London mi salute yuh who ever yuh are but it look like mi ave fi come a la and collect some tax from di likkle chumps cause a me name tek weh like wow. Lollol

  30. It’s OK that you want to warn the men of this women but to add a description of what school her child goes to a draw the line, you shouldn’t ever try to put a person childs in harms way. that’s just wrong you don’t know what that person is capable the person she supposedly robbed.

  31. Di boy dem idiot dem nuh know seh a war dem a start When dem a threaten a klans man pickney.but mi hear seh di boy weh a keep up this f**kery yah live in di bronx in a im mumma basement.

  32. @ Atlanta link up.Klans man mi bloodclaat. My Yute stop bait up the link, cause the eagle affi pitch pon yuh thief in bbymuma. Long run short catch.

  33. @kisha stush yes mi nuh rich suh mi shop pan wish the only thing with wish is that it very cheap but yuh of to bare in mind that yuh body affi right fi wear cheap clothes and Mek it luk expensive miss Grinch have no right buying cheap clothes wid all the money shi ave

  34. @Blessedalways Them have a saying that goes like this if yuh caan catch Harry yuh catch the shirt. Thief is a thief mi done talk she nuh care bout har yute suh Mek har Klans bbydaddy defend it.

  35. Lady yuh tuff not even the horse them pan racing track nuh tuff suh,mi nuh Gamble but mi Affi try mi luck pan dah horse yah.

  36. Lady yuh tuff not even the horse them pan racing track nuh tuff suh,mi nuh Gamble but mi Affi try mi luck pan dah horse yah.

  37. ah fi her people dem shot up di jamaican youth an him people dem inna di car ah la an almost bloodcloth dead couple yrs ago man. her Breda dem ah gang memba dem well known ah la.. she is ah ignorant bloodcloth girl . Mi here sey di youth sey something to her an she look Pon him an sey trust mi weh yuh sey to mi nuh a guh slide .. Di youth ah Mi bedren still Frm ny an mi nuh wah baite up him ting. But my girl yuh must leave di hot skull ting alone

  38. Lady them need fi embalm yuh and put yuh pan display inna one a dem Belize Museum suh the belizan people can come an c u suh dem can learn that DINOSAUR use to live in Belize.

  39. @batty boy sparta.. da pussy bate out im own link suh any time yuh feel like yuh bad batty boy come defend it nuh because nuff a unuh a lady bad man.unuh bad fi woman. Suh any time yuh ready anything a anything Pussy hole weh yuh hear bout. man a bad batty boy

  40. @ batty boy sparta a suh unuh get caught up sell out unuh own bloodclaath self how yuh fi threaten people & dem know weh yuh bloodclaath mumma stay in a di Bronx. Yeah yuh caah catch Harry yuh catch im shirt suh stop chat up yuh mouth like a big pussy gal because yuh nuh bad a f**k yuh a lady badman batty boy

  41. @batty boy sparta how yuh fi act like yuh bad when mi hear seh a pon bloodclaath floor yuh sleep pon & in a car when yuh mi deh a always be di broke pussy hole like u weh always a chat up unuh mouth & broke nuh f**k & a live like dog from house to house. Yuh a booldclaath waste man guh look some money & stop worry bout people business.mi cah wait fi catch yuh a atl mi done get yuh picture from ig pussy

  42. @ CT big pussy gal ct mek wi si ur picture nuh since u a talk up yuh mouth bout di lady mek wi si how u look nuh lol chat to much man sound like f**king country gal

  43. @ yeah ct wanna be barbie mek wi si how u look suh wi can do wah ct scan fi si if money deh pon yuh brain or ppl business. Send yuh picture suh di shota can be judge a it.

  44. @ct flunky I want to see ur picture maybe matti might put yuh in a wah zoo because yuh a run up yuh long mouth bout di girl like yuh know her dem seh when yuh dig a hole mek sure yuh dig 2 one fi yuh self . micase a nuh u dem embalm first.never wish bad pon nobody country gal because god don’t like ougly di girl should a kick yuh in yuh chati mouth .send yuh picture so we can di side which zoo wi aguh send u.:):):)

  45. @ ct broke socall barbie mi know why yuh a seh dem things bout di woman it’s because yuh broke like dog to pussyclaath di ppl pon matti wah si hnakedow yuh look & weh kind a car yuh drive & weh kind a house yuh live in up di thing now since yuh talk mek wi si ur things dem since yuh talk like yuh hot gal. Wooohhh some gal nuh ready . London mi nuh know yuh but mi hope when yuh si this duppy ct wanna be f***king barbie mi hope yuh tump her in her ogly bloodclaath face.big pussy gal yuh talk to much all wi si a u a talk zip up big lip dem.wooooohhh u mad or nahhh bitch

  46. @ ct barbecue yo my girl mi nuh know yuh but it look like yuh a look a hype but u is a nobody because who di f**k is u to tell di people dem weh fi wear like u a hot gal kmft don’t f**k with me my girl a kick mi kick yuh in a yuh big pussy suh nuh baddah come send mi back message like yuh a bad gal f**k yuh check seh a step mi aguh step in yuh face dutty gal & anytime yuh ready mi deh a jamaica estate come check mi since yuh bad . send di people yuh picture a that need fi do & stop watch people life. Yuh too licky licky man.

  47. @CT @ anonymous … bitch yuh a chat off yuh suck wood lick out batty bloodclot mouth cah yuh Deh pon f**king social media.. Yuh keep on Ah repeat di same f**kery suck wood big pussy Gyal since yuh Ah buy problem Pon yuh self cum defend it nuh man cum f**k face gyal Suh mi cah lick out yuh bloodcloth face.. Ah weh uno tink dis is jay duty bloodcloth son mada weh toya feel like she ah hype up pon .. A true dat deh gyal ah Ediot cah ah bitch like Mi would ah been step inna her f**king face every mutha f**king time mi si her…an further more bitches tell jay toya man oh mi Fi get sey him refer to her as homegirl woieeeeee .. Fi give uno di correct digits suh mi could bust u an yuh suck cocky bloodcloth friend toya heart open… Bitch ah man gwen tell yuh anything him tink yuh wah here dunce bloodcloth batt…. But like mi sey biches uno claim sey ah di right digits uno ah whats app duh? Yuh Likkle coward lying big pussy bitch link mi suh mi could dun uno f**k..tell jay mi sey out ah all di money him Mek how cum hin nuh fix him f**k up teeth an guh tek off dem Mole pon him long face an di Likkle black spot/mole weh deh top ah him wood Dwl !!! An @ f**k batty fi look hype Badaz from di bronx yuh act like jay ah yuh frien but mi bet if mi send yuh ah Likkle ting yuh would still tek it duh ? Badazz GTF outta here nigga yuh ah pussy hole Jay tell mii sey him nuh know yuh from nuh weh ah him people from ja link yuh with him ..nuh fi get monkey when yuh cum ah la in 2013 yuh use to deh from house to motel yuh all end up ah live inna al car an hi garage an affi wait fi di man Dem give yuh money fi buy Likkle food yuh even try fi con an rob poor Sammy inna di wheelchair after yuh use to sleep inna di man motel room pon slauson pussy hole don’t fi get when Wi meet yuh ah walk yuh mi di walk pon bloodcloth foot patrol pon slauson… Suh bombo hole cum off ah di wall before mi done yuh stinkin bloodcloth cah dem dutty people deh weh yuh ah chat off yuh mouth to fi put ting pon pink wall don’t know one f**k bout mi cah yuh only stay round mi fi Likkle over ah week cah mi had to get rid a yuh Cause yuh Nasty nuh f**k . yuh nuh know one f**k bout me pussyhole ..,

  48. @ Badaz …pussy mek mi tell yuh one more bloodcloth ting before mi guh dance.. Yuh si anytime yuh ready fi forward ah la an yuh ready fi war pussyhole just sey ray… like the Yankee dem sey am ah show u how we do this nigga.. Done talk

  49. @ suck pussy boy baddaz … wi a mek history suh wi nuh listen when some suck pussy boy a try chat up dem stinking mouth box wi in a wi face da style very unlikely yuh nuh si di links weh wi have dem aguh kill

  50. @ Kisha stush first of all yuh a pink wall bad gal about yuh live a Jamaica estate if yuh a bull buck duh wah yuh waa fi duh a just trace yuh a trace if yuh feel seh yuh bad come touch mi nuh a mussy supligen boost yuh up. Dutty gal guh suck yuh mada

  51. @ Kisha stush yuh sure a nuh yuh name @phili way up Kerry a yuh real name yuh fi get seh a me yuh ask fi give yuh a ride inna mi car fi guh c the married man n while I’m outside a wait a the wife that pull up n a u dah mi si blaze pass mi car gal. Yuh start it mi never change my name yet ct Barbie to the world 21 salute

  52. @teddy buss shot mi man gone a work come suck out mi gud pussy nuh how yuh chat suh much yuh caan f*k mi but yuh can tongue f**k mi inna mi pussy after that yuh can tek all the pic wah yuh like Mek sure yuh nuh have no rotten teeth inna yuh mouth.

  53. @ u an I know di bloodclaat truth first of all yuh caan mention mi friend name inna yuh stinking mouth Mi n mi friend dem look cute nuh bloodclaat Barbie wi seh nuh makeup beauty straight for God. Since yuh seh yuh know The man like that ask him bout ct Barbie and him wi tell yuh

  54. Boy Dah big oooman yah boring she still deh Pon wall afta she Seh she gone to police. U can know Seh she nuh have a no man or life. She bad in a finga cause she just a write bear autobiography lol.

  55. Wah u Seh……..Jay call Toya homegirl. Poor you Wah dat mean to you now. U just a starve gi find dirt and u can’t, so u haffi put any likkle ting in U can find and twist it. You know what homegirl mean? It mean me nah call me oooman to u or sidung and discuss her. U nuh only teif, u lonely and nuh mom nuh want u. Bitch u beta run back a Belize, u hear

  56. @ big pumpum mouth suck pussy boy baddaz anytime yuh ready fi start war come tuch a button pon mi chest a done wi aguh done yuh pussy suh stop di long talking stop di long text because yuh nuh bad f**k face boy yuh a social media bad man pussy how yuh fi bad & yuh nuh half of a man batty hole weh yuh need fi do a tell di people dem di truth & stop bloodclaath lie stinking mouth fish boy but yuh a hate pon di thing because yuh pop down pussy. everything weh mi ave a my own di house & di car dem a my own pussy but yuh a hate caah mi run di business like a psychotic yuh chatting shit.pussy mi neva want fi nothing neva beg nobody fi nothing batty hole.nigga u ain’t about that life u don’t have shit u are a nobody Nigga suh yuh caah style mi pussy suh anytime yuh feel like yuh bad come a LA a dog walk mi aguh dog walk yuh because mi nuh tek check from nobody suh jump nigga if yuh feel froggy like how yuh look . anything a anything just mek mi know weh yuh deh & I’ll be at ur mother f**king door like wow . pussy yuh broke like dog not even mi wet up slippers out a door yuh caah walk in a pussy weh yuh hear bout nigga yuh come from nothing suh guh sleep pon yuh mumma ougly bloodclaath face or guh broke yuh neck in a yuh big pussy gal batty boy suh get the f**k out of hear with that bullshit because I ain’t never scared! Member mi tell yuh that pussy!

  57. @ ct barbie aka way up dutty gal a caah me yuh a chat bout because mi nuh know yuh & mi neva hear bout yuh a day in a mi life sell pussy big hole gal.yuh nuh ave nuh f**king life guh look some pussyhole money broke blech out face gal & stop watch people pussy claath life yuh broke thats why yuh talk up yuh suck cocky mouth bout people weh yuh nuh even bombo claath know yuh a look a hype send yuh bloodclaath picture weh di man dem ask for duppy face gal . mek wi si weh u have kmft gweh dutty gal . chat bout ride bitch mi nuh know yuh from nuh way god knows but yuh a chat up mouth bout people like yuh nuh ave a life. Unuh ride train & catch bloodclaath bus a ny f**k yuh a chat bout send di picture a yuh car to become di msn dem pon pink wall wsh si if yuh live di life send a picture a yuh house to idiot gal.

  58. @ Way up u sound like yuh like fi tell lie all now wi nuh si where di girl seh she aguh call di police yuh muss think people cant read theres no comments up here that says anything about police why people like to make up lies about people weh nuh guh suh. Yuh too sound more like a u aguh call di police because so far ur the only one I see mention police.

  59. @ ct barbie man a bad man & mi nuh in a di long talking thing like yuh friend baddaz aka @ way up but it look like yuh a buy problems pon yuh self suh send mi yuh address suh mi can come push mi cocky in a yuh chatti mouth wishy washy big pussy gal. Learnd di game & stop f**k fi free but wait all now yuh caah send yuh picture mek mi si how yuh look mi want a picture a di house & di car to!

  60. @ desperate aka toya cah mi know sey Ah you dis bitch .. Once again dunce bloodclaat batt if di man neva Ah call him oooman name or Sidung with mi an chat her how else yuh think mi know Suh much bout di bitch Ediot? Ah real man weh ah look ah gyal or sum f**k nuh need Fi chat him oooman with nuh other Gyal.. Further more duty gyal yuh nuh know nothing bout mi caah jay seh yuh older than him Suh mi know sey yuh older than mi… Dog shit desperate yuh ah talk bout tief uno bloodclaat duty jamaican bitches is di queen ah clutch.. Di last couple time Mi chek mi wrap sheet ah neva fi tief or rob ah fi bloodclaat violent crimes bitch suh guh suk yuh mada an stop sop up everything weh yuh man tell yuh like ah bomboclaat sponge….

  61. @ way up..@ its a wrap dog face baddaz seat deh di ppl dem know yuh info pussy yuh a tife yuh bloodclaath self mi know yuh from di Bronx & mi know weh yuh mumma stay.mi hear a di wrong ppl yuh a ramp with. Yuh tife some man money from Miami weh day but dem a guh broke yuh neck idiot boy yuh cant hype pon nobody because yuh broke like how yuh look but dem soon catch yuh bloodclaath mi hear when yuh mi deh a la yuh pop down di ppl had to give yuh five hundred dollars fi buy a plane ticket because yuh always broke & dem sorry fi yuh but di man dem a Miami a look fi yuh fi put yuh in a wah casket yuh a idiot dem ave yuh picture from ig & yuh full name from di plan ticket lol rraaayy

  62. @ It’s a wrap @ tuneup batty boy baddaz yuh a pussy mi soon fine yuh ARSHAN FORRESTER lol mi ave di name to di picture now & mi soon get di rest a information bout yuh pussy hole friend dem weh a run up dem pumpum mouth unuh nuh bad unuh a lady bad man batty boy.yuh soon fine out yuh a bloodclaath bate run guh tell di police now batty boy because u di only one mi si a talk bout police up here mi nuh si di woman mention nothing but a police a suh mi know yuh a big pussy gal lady bad man but mi done talk to u pussy

  63. Seh him chat her Sey, still waiting. Jay and mi fren a three years difference. We know Seh u ole. A Wah it bun u, a u same one in a d picture suck him cock as u meet him. U suck toya pussy off a jay cocky. How u fi a suck borrow cock. Mi know Seh it bun u cause u meet him fi first and everything a mi oooman mi oooman. U Neva have a mon gwan suh ova u don’t. Rejection is a mada f**ka caah u nuh know her or her business but u nuh stop call up her name. How u fi a cuss bout somebody Wah u nuh know and coulda careless bout u. A young boy u waan, woman Wah fav a u haffi mine dem fi keep them. U sidung and ask d mon bout him oooman and him nah look. U was a business prospersiton bitch, him wouldn’t f**k u no other way, ur not his type. U say u know so much, we still haven’t heard a thing!!!!!!

  64. @ Desperate a cyaa big woman toya weh ave di two daughters u a chat bout & jay weh live with his cousin a Yonkers ny cho a dolly house thing that mi know dem long tim but toya been know seh jay a f**k down di place long time suh mi nuh know weh she a act surprise like this is new to her she dont remember when she caught jay in a di house with woman suh this is not nothing new he been doing this shit long time toya is just foolish she listen to everything weh long neck turkey skinny ass batty jay a tell her like a fool a man a guh tell yuh weh yuh wah fi hear especially when im get catch a give her bun & its up to di foolish woman to believe him toya know her man a old dog long time we all know that but dem seh cow know weh weak fence deh thats why im tell her anything & she believes suh why is it she only a lick out pon this one woman weh happened to di rest a woman dem weh mi hear im a f**k ???? Toya a big woman with two kids & she need fi set a better example for dem so they dont grow up to be a fool fi man like how she a act but my question to u desperate a how u know toya & jay business suh much like a u a suck jay wood u sound desperate like yuh name a friend yuh a buy get out dem business yuh talk to much.cho

  65. @ desperate big pussy suck cocky gal yuh nuh know nothing bout mi bloodclaath friend duty gal weh yuh need fi guh do a stop watch people bomboclaath business & look some money & stop sell yuh big pussy bitch yuh a chat up yuh stinking cocky mouth like yuh know her bitch ur not about that life thats why yuh ave time pon yuh hand fi chat bullshit bitch yuh wish yuh could live like mi friend a LA so dont flatter ur self because ur opinion bout mi friend is just like ur bank account insufficient dutty gal weh yuh hear bout guh broke yuh neck in a Toya & jay batty hole & stop chat up yuh duty teeth pink wall bad gal because yuh nuh bad a f**k bitch,check wi rap sheet wi nuh guh a jail fi tief like unuh bitches weh a clutch unuh a petty bloodclaath tief & ave 10 pussy felony.wi a bad gal wi guh a jail fi f**k bitches like u up thats word but anything a anything because yuh caah brush wi 21 gunz salute wi nuh tek program from nobody big pussy gal wi thing up like 7 a wi a run di place 24-7 on some real boss level shit dutty bad mind a 26 letter in a di alphabet & a di m wi a check suh wi nuh cater because yuh could a never be wi violater wi higher than a elevator up like 7 bitch yuh a bus pussy gal a bag a man drive in a yuh & nuh man naah hype bout yuh gweh idiot gal & guh jump off a wah cliff & kill yuh bloodclaath self broke bitch because its obvious yuh nuh ave nuh life thats why yuh a watch jay & big pussy old foot gal Toya life guh clean yuh dutty bloodclaath basement weh yuh live in a bitch yuh a dog shit a first class wi fly wi never pop down suh yuh caah hype pon wi imigrant yuh could a never walk in a wi shoes Dutty gal caah wi nuh sell pussy & do petty tief like u & yuh big hole friend dem a money yo wi a seh suh run the f**k up anytime yuh feel like yuh bad a drop mi aguh drop yuh pon yuh bloodclaath bleach out suck cocky face.mi done talk just run up…word up!

  66. I tell you about these thieving ass low life Belizean bitches….guh cook some food, clean unuh yaad, wash unuh sowah front and come off a dis man

  67. @ Anonymous don’t u think u sound like a hypocrite calling di people low life but it seems like u dont have a life eather because ur leaving comments also suh stop talk nonsense.smh

  68. Ole foot gal, Beyonce and kim k and Toya a 33. U picture look like 50 lmao. U fadda f**k, u bredda f**k, u mumma f**k, u babbyfadda f**k and d rest a d mon dem waah nuh waan u a f**k. Suh u nuh need fi warn mi sexxy pretty bff bout her mon cause a only she him waan and wife. And toya pickney dem deh pon honor roll. Her kids dem spoil with tings so mi nuh know the relevency inna dat. U just a try prove u ugly self so bad and like mi seh u nah seh nothing. Mi nuh know bout “ketch inna house” cah toya own her own house and jay have him own place. Jay haffi be a dog till him meet somebody fi train him “mi bff” wooooy! Nuff gal waan jay but a toya a him heart beat. And it hurt up nuff a unnu head caah nobody couldnt tame him but toya. Every mon f**k and every mon have choices but at tge end a d deh a who u choose. Mi fren neva a look nuh virgin or idiot bwoy. Pussy fi get f**k, so if dem out deh careless jay fi put on a boots , f**k dem, and dash dem wey. Jay neva mek nobody disrespect mi fren, or dash tings inns her face. So him nuh haffi convince her bout nothing, because nothing nah gwan round her but love, respect , and gifts. So if a lef u waan dem fi lef, dont waste u breath it nah happen. U just lonly and rejected with u chin wah a rotten off. Lmaoooooooooooo

  69. Y’all bitchesk don’t wantk it blood inglewood family’z ask about us bitch we with thek business you kaka ass bitchesk .. Y’all talking shitk frm miles swayk pull up you boo boo ass bitch!!!

  70. @desperate bitch stop talk bout mi fren this Ah Mi fren that caah Ah u same bloodclaat one dis … Further more suck wood suck pussy bomboclaat Gyal toya yuh Ah chat off yuh dIck mouth pussyhole mi nuh give a f**k bout u worst yuh Pickney them uno all FI guh bombclaaat dead. Mek mi tell yuh something bitch yuh si any time any day any how yuh/uno ready fi duh dis gyal just Mek mi know caah Mi nuh inna dis bag ah talking Pon pink wall Mi Nuh know u bitch but mi know weh Di f**k mi capable of yuh si any how a la yuh mi deh all yuh haffi sey ah ray bitch an I would be yuh worst f**king nitemare… But tru sey ah social media yuh deh pon yuh a run yuh f**king cocky mouth bitch trust Mi this belizean bitch would beat di dog shit out ah yuh… Yuh nuh bad ah f**k bitch yuh only bad fi weak bitches like yuh fren dem further more bitch if yuh pussy Mi good jay wouldnt ah f**k pon yuh but tru him tired ah yuh wear an tear pussy yuh mad get di f**k outa here bitch.. Yuh tink mi give ah f**k bout u ah wife with no ring bitch an how yuh ketch him inna him house with woman before ? Ah shoulda mi ah would ah beat yuh to death bitch. Yuh man food get tek already bitch an ah it that suh guh f**k off an suck yuh mada bitch an tell him fi start put on him boots an stop cum inna oooman when fi f**k nice him

  71. @ desperate bitch stop talk bout mi fren dis an mi fren that caah u an yuh fren ah di same f**kin person . Duty bloodclaat bitch toya mi nuh give ah f**k bout u an yuh f**kin Pickney dem uno fi guh bombocclaat dead bitch..yuh si anytime anywhere anyhow bitch yuh sey Ray an yuh feel like yuh bad yuh must bloodclaat cum Suh mi could beat di f**k out u an yuh muthaf**kin fren dem.. . Mek mi tell yuh something bitch do u tink I give ah F**k bout u ah wife with nuh bloodclaat ring an how yuh ketch him inna him house with oooman? Ah should ah mi ah would ah beat out yuh bloodclaat. Bitch yuh man tired a yuh wear an tear Pussy thats why him stay f**k pon yuh Ediot gyal ah tru him nuh wah hurt yuh feelings bitch. yuh ah talk bout him fi put on boots yuh sound stupid nuh f**k .. Yuh must mi di deh when him ah f**k fi know sey if him wear boots dum bloodclaat dunce bat.. Lmfaooo Woooieeee talk bout train. Yuh need fi train him when di pussy good fi learn how fi pull out an stop cum inna oooman stupid bloodclaath bitch. Mi a guh sey dis to u caah mi done tell yuh man alread when him link mi pon whats app ah cry like ah bitch talk bout baby yuh tek mi hole belly bottom him food get tek an ah it dat suh bitch guh f**k off an suck yuh mada…bitch ah mi name london

  72. @ Big pussy old f**k box desperate toya. look like mi friend a mad yuh bloodclaath.because yuh still a chat up yuh stinking suck cocky mouth.gweh dutty gal & guh do something with yuh useless bloodclaath life.because yuh a waste matter.suh guh jump off a di effiel towa & guh kill yuh bomboclaath self waste gal.because wi nuh tek waste talk from nuh idiot galosh f*k off. because yuh could a never never walk in a mi friend shoes big pussy gal.mussi in a yuh dreams bitch.yuh a Dog shit.a bloodclaath mud floor yuh come from suck cocky gal.yuh inferior to wi.suh stay the f**k in a yuh lane bitch.because yuh could a never be more than wi.yuh pitch by day & fly by night.suh yuh cyaa seh nothing bout mi friend.because yuh never si her a day in a yuh life.mi friend superior to yuh. Bloodclaath dutty bad mind.yuh just a look a hype.but u are a nobody bitch.LA don’t know u get the f**k out here with that bullshit.nobody gives a f**k about u & that sorry ass nigga dutty life.a money yo wi seh bitch.suh man a di lease a wi problem.wi left idiot gal like u fi ave dem. because tight pussy gal nuh fight ova man.rrraaayyy.but it’s obvious yuh pussy big that’s why yuh man stay a give yuh bloodclaath bun.a that yuh mad bout. Lol.but yuh cyaa do better because nuh man nuh wah yuh big foot country gal.gweh hand cart & stop chat up yuh dutty teeth before yuh stinking mumma fine yuh in a di Hudson River with yuh man cocky in a yuh big mouth.because yuh nuh bad a f**k pink wall bad gal.yuh living idiot.Yuh mek yuh self look like a fool.U are a disgrace to woman. u should be shame a yuh bloodclaath self a argue ova a man & yuh seh yuh a hot gal.kmft hot gal weh mussi underneath yuh stinking**k u & that nigga & go get a life bum bitch.because yuh mentally sick.yuh deh pon di same waste argument & all now yuh cyaa reach LA suh wi antourage can broke yuh bloodclaath neck bitch. Yuh chat one bag a f**kry weh nuh mek nuh sense.yuh too bloodclaath idle guh look some money waste gal.because wi thing up like 7 & yuh life sowah like yuh big pussy! Rrrrrr lol.. lata fi u hand cart! Country bloodclaath gal. Gewh!

  73. @ desperate… lady nobody care about what u & ur man aguh through am sorry but ur story old & boring ๐Ÿ™‚ we are tired of hearing yuh dry cry so please stay the hell off la wall because we never heard of u before & the people in la dont care ur boring dem girl a live dem life & u a hot up ur head micase yuh might catch a heart attack or end up in a the mad house asylum Lmaooooooo but pon some big man thing wi tired fi hear u yuh chat to much a new story wi a read.

  74. Dutty London obviously u still a read the tired story caah u still a respond. Belizian bitch u fi talk u language, wanna be jamaican rotten face broad back ole wooman.Toya a international dats y u call up her name bitch, cause u nuh know her personal but tru unfind out whonshe is. Lol, u justva contradict usellf suh. U will soon si who “me” and toya know a la mon. U alone a write up encyclopedia pon dah wall yah, bad mi bloodclat. Jay use boots caah ole pussy mek cock itch. And only a careless dutty disease infected gal would mek a mon f**k dem raw. We nuh need pinkwall fi hype, because we ting tun up longtime. Bitch u just a come and a look a buss off a ppl. Jay nuh have wats app and him anno pussyhole fi a beg u fi money wah u teef. Bitch him nuh deh pon him face, a u hungry dats y u teef it pon the first trail. u think ppl stupid. We strengh nuh inna typing, just wait mon. Bitch u pussy get f**k because u skin a itch u when u see him, himwant the link plus a free pussy wah a dash pon him. And u dun know dat but tru u wann feel big u a write one bag a f**kry. t nuh come from country, but u caan know the difference cause u not even jamaican. Poor you, u just a mek up a type a irrelevant shit wah nuh look like the ppl or fit. U lie pon uself caah nobody nuh know u. But “everbody know Toya and jay”. Ole gal u need fi act u age, or go find a mon. Dont worry you will see……….

  75. Tight pussy! The mind is a powerful ting. Cause mi nuh see how the dtory u post and the one bout u self haffi do wid u pussy. When u have a mon especially a good mon and him nah lef, then u can wear that title idiot gal. Until then u will always be a pass round donkey. Mon will f**k dog so y not you. U just a write bear f**kry and we know deep down u insecure. If a u fi hurt up somebody head especially wid that shape and ace ventura long face, we have no worries. Ur a nonfactor belize wanna be hype scum. A somtjing unwaan ppl write fi station wid.

  76. Jay seh him have one pickney cause him love him boots. Him waan 3 from mi fren when she ready. Him seh all if him neva love boots him did haffi use it with u London cause him turn off and him coulda neva mad fi mek mistake and breed you. u fava one grinch. And him nuh like ole ooman. Dats y him stay pon d phone wid toya st8, him a try get him biz and avoid you. Tell d doctor mon fi suck out more a u back and belly. u shape like a barrel. Who pressure f**k from smody wah dem a plan fi rob. U dutty and nasty!!!! Eeeew


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