Seemingly Kartel has forgotten his own remarks in text but here goes lol. Mi neva know people talk bout suing before it whappen kartel want to be spoken about so badly? And mi waa know if this yuh people dem a come to mi bout fi run? Do I seem like an idiot? Nyam up every dime Tavares


  1. I was one of the persons that call on the commissioner to be fired because of that careless and stupid statement .No way he should have got away with claiming that someone could commit so many murders yet only went to jail because of their own carelessness .I was chastised on here and called Kartel supporter but it does not matter what people of very little reason say .
    This commissioner was very corrupt and it was known of his corruption .I wrote regular to newspapers and on twitter about this man corruption and other things but was regularly lambasted .He and Desmond McKenzie threatened me with lawsuits on Facebook and I ask them to please sue me yet they are yet to after several years .This man justified the killing of children by the police .

    1. Well a hope to God that Kartel don’t get off becaz a dis crop wid dem yah crosses yah wah was suppose to be protected of the people. Corrupt im may be but still nuh tek away from di fact that Kartel took a life, im still guilty and fi spend di rest a im life a jail. Dem fi just put di whole lot a dem innah one shipping containa innah di sun wid forks mek dem pick at each odah.

      1. kartel in his own messages admitted to many murders and he had many more murders in the phone so he can gwaan bout sue

          1. Ive neva seen nothing like this ..Jamaica need fi open some prison libraries I think some reading would do him good

  2. Whatever Ellington is/was does not change the fact of what Kartel is/was. Ellington’s downfall (if that is the case), is not Kartel’s vindication. Kartel has been found accountable for his crimes and is, rightly so, in prison. Now, if Ellington is to be made to account for any alleged crime(s), let it be so. The one has nothing to do with the other and any trouble that befalls Ellington will not be as a result of Kartel’s trial and incarceration. Kartel’s supporters may feel free to gloat, as much as pleases them, over Ellington’s troubles, but, at the end of the day, Kartel will still be in prison… A convicted murder.

    1. Kartel is ellington’s down fall , did u see that the article says he will file , which means it has not been filed yet? lol

  3. Met, dem juss really want to believe the convicted murderer has some sort of influence! I suppose dem couldn’t wait until after the suit was filed in court to make the “big announcement”, lol. As yuh seh, TV a gwaan eat a food off the idiot. Mrs. TV mussi order a new Benz. KMT

  4. Attention seeking much??????? Kmft di quicker Kartel starts to show remorse the less time he will actually spend in jail unnu hear n I’m not charging for that good bit of advise otay unnu welcome smh

  5. What people fail to realize is when you sue someone (and/or the Government of Jamaica) in a civil suit, you open a Pandora’s box. Now we will learn the names of the victims on that list of over 100 people that supposedly die by his hands an/or orders. It will more than likely force the GOJ to initiate other murder proceedings just to cover their asses and pressure him financially to defend additional murder charges. The bar is very low in Civil Cases, so he better trod lightly before his ass is grass.

    1. From morning him love threaten bout sue…It is not even as if he won the appeal or won his case so there is no merit to anything ..Nyam di money tavares

  6. Why is it that everything posted here by Met is carried to FB by a certain person, and yet that same person always have a lot of negative things to say about the Pink Wall.
    Good morning Met.

    1. Morning all u can do is laugh afa dem because dem dirty mind will eat dem alive..these were my personal screenshots so if u see dema run wid it a here dem log on and teef dem from..laugh afa dem because u cannot cuss smaddy and teef from dem

    2. Cause she trying to look a comeback an it naw work. All who neva in a har then….still no ina har. She cyaan do half a what Shani doing over here. She not capable. Dats why she teef tings an run wid dem. She live ova yah. As morning lite she reach. She is reading as we speak ( or should I say type) *waving*….Hello Lady of the Ocean.

  7. met yu sound badmind! so what if the man want to rule the airways, u are always putting down people. did you see kartel commit this murder or you just read what everyone else read about tainted cell phone messages, messages that were altered so that kartel could get off the street. its very obvious that the Jamaican government is full of corruption. how many times you hear of police killing a innocent man and claiming he had a gun on him , what kartel should sue for is pics leaked when it was only to be used as so call evidence. kartel was on top of his game in Jamaica and ppl did not like that, so obviously they had to do whatever to get him down only God alone can judge

      1. Tink a likkle people food get box whey eat it up tavares I dont blame u..mek him sue everybaddie ooo rite down di line :ngakak
        f———– u look pan 35 years and nuh win no case yet all dem pan fraud case and u have a nerve bout u a sue commissioner? Mi tink him did intelligent man :hammer

      2. What him a go sue for libel? Was his reputation damaged by the commissioner? ___________________________________
        eat up that moolah tavares eat it dont stop :alay

    1. SMFH..a dat u shouldah did tell Kartel..dat a God alone should be Judge and tekkah of lives caz im nevah breath life innah noboday suh im shuddah neva tek none. But a guess u was too busy glorifying im fi squeeze im and tell im seh it nuh right or nahn? aftah all wah guh dung wid dis yah murderah unu still a defend wah im duh? im was on top of his game and a dat get to im head im tink im did invincible..Wurl boss im seh? well it look like u and im must be smoking di same kindah weed caz all now it nuh look like im realize wah a gwan…u know wah dat mean both a unu crazy as hell…fi unu chupidity infinite. Don’t come back dung continue keeping unu heads innah di cloud deh..unu shouldah just carry all a unu body up deh too..suh we won’t have to deal wid dis mess of a craziness

  8. Forget who Kartel is and what he is accused of .What we are talking about is the head of the body responsible for investigation of crimes and presenting of evidence to the prosecution.What he accused Kartel of is either a massive lie or a advertisement saying we are truly fu.ked ..Sorry couldn’t find a better word.How on earth can we accept that if it was not for Kartel’s friend turning on him the police would sit back and watch him commit more crimes ?
    This is not about Kartel .Ellington should be made to explain why Kartel got away with over an hundred murders.

    1. I said it here before that Kartel had many pictures of murders in his phone, he admitted to killing 180 in his messages so even if its not about kartel or ellington. If u were found guilty of murder and looking at 35 years, with a pending appeal, would you even care what the commissioner said …and your case has not been to court yet..not tried and u are not free?
      Know this, the commissioner could not be so daft to say that bout kartel if it was an entire lie

  9. How does anyone make such an idiotic statement as to why Kartel was never charged with any murders previously when they know and understand the landscape of Jamaica? Met, I’ve always maintained that your tolerance level is off the charts and just as admirable. How many murders did Dudus and Zeeks commit for years? Was Dudus ever charged for any murders? Can you bring a murder charge on knowledge alone, without witness willing to testify? How many people are willing to testify against any reputed ‘don’ with the backing of an organized gang? When has anything been kept a secret in Jamaica? How many people have reported their friends and sons missing never to be seen again, with Kartel being their last known association?
    SMFH! What the commissioner said was no big unveiling and by no means did it disparage the reputation of a known, proven and convicted murderer.

      1. At this point Tavares has nothing to lose and his client has found another way to elicit some kind of momentary relevance. Kartel’s biggest fear is relegating to obscurity. Once his name is not being called and he’s not center stage in the media, that his more hell to him that his permanent residence at Horizon (or wherever). Remember, with so many high profile losses under his belt, it’s becoming hard for anyone to regard Tavares as a top notch attorney.

  10. Ellington said nothing wrong nor libelous, the man stated that kartel LEAD a gang that was responsible for over 100 murders. Kartel bought the guns and on his instructions (be it directly or indirectly) people were killed. Where is the difficulty in understanding that? In the voice notes he’s clearly heard saying the boy mumma live ina shevy yard and he’s gonna let the man dem dash her weh. The murders of jomo and bossy were also discussed. That law suit will go nowhere!!!

    1. Him jus waa di media attention and want people think he is part of the reason why ellington a retire :ngakak

    2. di video a him and di man dem talk bout killing all ina church memba dat tuh..So once again he is taking the public for a ride.

      1. Mussi think people a idiot. Man was even willing to go to prison for Corey Todd’s murder if his goons had gotten a hold of him. Jamaicans just love criminals.

  11. This was on (Edited) two day ago, it just official pan di Gleaner website ya now. Him a sue TVJ too

  12. Gaza fans si kartel dick inna a gyal ass-hole an seh a inna har pussie it deh, from dat mi convince seh kartel fans dem a di dumbest madda f**kaz pon planet earth….mi nuh have nuttn more fi seh bout dat man to dem kmft.

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