watch alex tho from dung a west kingston lele son😠😠😠 weh yuh fava wid dis black body & white face yuh mada lele hate yuh bout yuh gone go live under gully & deh pan half way tree road at night ina woman clothes bout yah ketch man & a theife dont try ketch man cause yuh dont have noo woman image😂😂😂 go back dung a town go sell pan you chart


  1. Let him live… Let God be the judge of how he lives his life… .

    Jamaica is infested with violence and crime.. that should be of Greater Relivance, some of you prosecute and treat guys in woman clothing worst that You do Scammers Murderers, Gunman and Thief…..

    We should do Better

    1. A lie yah tell a regular mi say teef Fi dead ova yah all bun mi say Dem Fi bun dem like ova Africa… Yuh Fi tap tell lie… An a wah Mek dis hit a nerve yuh bloodclaat yuh.

  2. Be a man please regardless of who you’re selling to, your ass look ridiculous like some of these so call dancehall celebrities in a name brand. Where are your friends. Okay you don’t have none, look in the mirror.

  3. Lef di youth alone! If him waan tek buddy so be it….. jamaica have worst problems dan diss fi discuss and sort out man……

  4. Me see him everyday inna the gully by Tropical Battery them gi trouble none stop a just since the people dem ova Medical Associate build up the wall them quiet down. I don’t know how them fi eat shit and sleep inna the same spot them nasty bad man and stop talk cause a pure Benz and Bimma a pick them up a day time all wid the white supm deh pan him face. them well well comfortable inna the gully

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