Good afternoon everyone; For those who have been here for the past seven years, you know polls have been the way we end the year. Please post your nominees for the categories below because I have left out a few names out of the polls and its better if you the bloggers nominate your choice.

Best dressed INTERNATIONAL………. This is a global nomination

Best dressed Dancehall male

Story of the Year

Mate of the Year

JMG name of the year—-(people who we gi nick name)

Most improved —

Mate who did not win the man fi di year-

Wifey wid di most mate-

Worse surgery body fi di year-

Best surgery fi di year

25 thoughts on “POLLS

  1. Story of the Year – Teneisha Image

    Mate of the Year – Teneisha Image

    JMG name of the year—- Teneisha Image Blue stone(people who we gi nick name)

    Mate who did not win the man fi di year- Teneisha Image

    Wifey wid di most mate- Applezz.

      1. Afta me no memba lady? :ngakak You make me buss out a big laugh, is so me memory gone? lol. Have a good 2017 Dearest and don’t stop bring the stress pon them. lol

        1. Dat was a historical moment so it feel like yesterday cause see smaddy else nominate har deh…she and pocahantas a run di name dem red

  2. Story of the Year

    1. the lady who rent the house in arizona with the figurine , cant remember the details lol

    2. kasi missing from the olympics and all media write ups

    3. Apple – whether it was the wedding with no picture, the new body and teeth, the tracing the robbas obsession , she gotta be in it

  3. Best dressed INTERNATIONAL………. Michelle Obama
    Best dressed Dancehall male Popcaan, I like him

    Story of the Year US Election

    Mate of the Year –

    JMG name of the year—-(people who we gi nick name) Apple

  4. 1. Best dressed INTERNATIONAL

    ◙ England— Camille Lee

    ◙ Canada— Nikki Hype

    ◙ Jamaica— Shelly-Ann Frasier- Pryce

    2.Best Dressed Dancehall Male

    ◙Paul Range

    3.Story of the Year-

    ◙ Bolt and the Many Groupies

    4.Mate of the Year-

    ◙ NOT THE 1st ever dirty bitch to take her ‘friend’ man. ( Dr.Moodie Concubine)

    6.JMG Name of The Year (people who we gi nickname)

    ◙ Bath & Body Teef (Rohan)

    ◙ Pocahontas (Apple)

    ◙ Cosmetic Slipperz (Jodi)

    7.Most Improved

    ◙ Sweets Couture

    8.Mate Who Didn’t Win The Man Fi Di Year-

    ◙ Kasi

    9.Wifey Wid Di Most Mate-

    ◙ Apple

    10. Trouble Maker of The Year

    ◙ Shawty Spenda

    11. Man Minder of The Year

    ◙ Dolly

  5. – Best dressed INTERNATIONAL

    – Best dressed Dancehall male
    1st place – Devin di Dakta
    2nd place – Popcaan
    3rd place – Ding Dong

    – Story of the Year
    1st place – anything fi do with Kasi + Usain…dem keep we rolling from summer till now!

    2nd place – all a Apple story dem/ all a Kerry story dem/ all a Twinny story dem/ all a Robbas story dem (dem haffi go share)

    3rd place – all a di dancehall ppl story dem from New York

    4th place – Shamielle + Nino + Aneka + Kareem Big Dreams + Mr Wong + 1/3 a Kingston + 1/4 a di rest a Jamaica

    5th place – Nickesha and Marvin + Sher, Renee and Marvin Wife + Di ppl dem man weh Sher did a tek + Di man weh Renee did a tek who never want har

    6th place – Shavel and Sadiki + Kim

    7th place – Errice + Zum and him gal dem

    8th place – RichRush, Shanzia, Shuggy, Waynette, and dem other likkle girl deh!

    9th place – Di dancehall one dem a England/ Cananda

    10th place – Yanique and everybody inna dancehall + Kitty

    11th place – Matterhorn married

    12th place – Gully Bop and all a him gal dem

    -Mate of the Year
    1st place – Kasi
    2nd place – everybody inna dancehall a foreign! Damn nasty!
    3rd place – Errice
    4th place – 1/2 a portmore (no mi nah just talk di dancehall one dem….Portmore in general)

    – JMG name of the year—-(people who we gi nick name)
    Year nuh done yet suh mek me gwaan watch!

    – Most improved —
    Da one ya a joke!

    – Mate who did not win the man fi di year- if wah me see a gwaan wid Shamielle and Zum…then Errice

    – Wifey wid di most mate-
    1st place – any and all a di gal dem inna dancehall a foreign!
    2nd place – Denyque
    3rd place – Kim (cause Aidonia nah stop try f**k everybody)/ di girl weh Matterhorn married/ Konshens girl

    – Worse surgery body fi di year-
    1st place – di one weh did a walk like new born calf!
    2nd place – Jody couture
    and har breasts dem
    3rd di whole a Bronx
    4th Ms Kitty and har batty
    5th Yanique batty

    – Best surgery fi di year
    1st place…mi still a wait, dem do di surgery and it look alright den a week later it start look wrong!

  6. Best Dressed international…Camille..sadiki (bolt bredda)

    Worst surgery do up pon Gods green earth MARLENE….JODY…HAPPLE…ROBBAS…MITCHIE BOO

    Best surgery do up…KIZZY

    Story of the year….Bora Bora, Kasi pretends to fly out to rio….
    The balmain dress……the birkin bag….apple vs mello…..dolly vs robbas the passport vs the shoes

  7. Best Dressed Dancehall Male: Mikey Mention
    Best Dressed Dancehall Female: Kim Possible and Nikki Hype
    Story of the year: Usain wetting up himself in all them international waters. Oh yeah can’t forget Kasi!
    The Rodigan saga wasn’t too bad either.
    How can we forget the beauty queen that run outta her gucci shoes.

  8. Best dressed Dancehall male…. None a Dem luv wear too much ooman clothes.

    Story of the Year….Kasi all the way Neva see a more ediot gal all now she Nuh Mek di publicist fix usain teeth dat gal.

    Mate of the Year…. Between Kasi an apple

    Mate who did not win the man fi di year-… Kasi

    Wifey wid di most mate-… Apple

    All mi can memba a Kasi dat gal Tek a whole heap a Lls dis yah year…an Fi me head Nuh good already…

  9. Mate who don’t win man of the year- Tina di nail technician
    The worst surgery- Jodi, katty, yankee Michelle
    Story of the year- apple vs mello, dolly vs robbas
    Wife wid most mate- apple
    Best dress dancehall male- Mikey mention
    Mate of the year- Tina di nail technician
    Poppy show of di year- Marcel wet wet
    Best natural body- sweets couture and dolly
    Most improved sweets

  10. Best dressed INTERNATIONAL………. This is a global nomination

    —> *blank*

    Best dressed Dancehall male

    —>Not “Dancehall” per say but that guy Denva @dimznificient can dress his ass off

    Story of the Year
    —> every single story weh send in bout Kasi and Bolt

    Mate of the Year
    —> Kirstin because she tek her friend man successfully
    —> Kasi because she a mate and deheven know it

    JMG name of the year—-(people who we gi nick name)

    —>Bobbette aka Robbas

    Most improved


    Mate who did not win the man fi di year-

    —> Errice, Aneka, Shamiele, Kasi

    Wifey wid di most mate-

    —> H’apple

    Worse surgery body fi di year-
    —> Jody and Yanique – I doh care, I doh care. Dem ready fi burseeee

    Best surgery fi di yea


  11. WORST SURGERY GOESTO KATTY AKA PRETTY PLASTIC …. THERE IS NOTHING PRETTY INNAH DAT PLASTIC and if she nuh get it she will get it next year fi sure because she nuh stop f**k up her body.
    BEST SURGERY … Ophelia … Prettydime on IG we can all agree
    Gal wid the most mate Apple
    International best dress _ Camille from England
    Jojo fashion princess -NY (us)

  12. Best dressed couple global M.Obama and our president Mr.Obama. best dressed dancehall Mitche Boo when she have on clothes, best male all the men that dress like men. Worst surgery Yankee Michelle and the hamper bottom ladies. Kizzy gets 2 best surgery and most mates

  13. Oh lawd how could I forget kerry badway…
    Worst surgery body EVER….im embarrased for her….I swear this oman borrow the talking mirror from Snow White…the mirror a tell ar say she a di fairest of them all….

  14. Story of the year:
    *-Kasi “on her way” to Rio

    Mate a di year:
    *-Not the 1st bitch fi tek har friend mon (the Mr. Moodie/Doc drama)

    JMG nickname:
    *-Robbas(I dnt even kno har real name.lol)
    *-The running man (Jay icon)..oldie but goodie..lol

    Most improved:
    *-kerry-ann (fi go get har doggie dentures)

    Wife with most mates:

    Best surgery body:
    *-Autopsie lady

    Worst surgery body:
    *-Yankee Michell
    *-Kerry badway(she ago hve this title fi eternity)
    *-Miss Kitty
    *-Yanique(har current body b/c the 1st round a surgery cudda pass)

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