Independence Day

The whole year crescendoes to

Independence Day, a holiday where Jamaicans

can dance, laugh, enjoy merriment,

having fun their way,

The outfits and materials that commemorate

Jamaica’s legacy, speaks volumes of Jamaicans’


The warmth, and inviting spirit that looms,

makes even the most skeptical visitor feel as if

they belong, causing them to bloom, as citizens parade

paying tributes and singing their folklore songs,

When a country has spirit, heart and patriotism,

They can conquer anything that goes wrong!

Black, Green and Gold

We come from the land of Black, Green and Gold,

Some say we are strong, innovative and bold,

Yet, our talents as a people are beginning to unfold,

We are scholars, lawyers, doctors, business people, and ordinary folks,

harboring dreams, but most of all, we strive to be the best,

It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world think we are THIRD,

In our minds, time has proven, that we have surpassed all of

life’s tests, our vocabularies and imaginative thoughts prove that

ONE is the only word we think of associating with the Black, Green and Gold,

ONE country under God striving to be made prosperous and whole.


  1. Happy Independence day Jamaica!!!! I just love the land of my birth…. naw geet whey fi nuhwhere else

    Good morning Met and metters

  2. Kingston, Jamaica —– the place of my birth. I just love the food, language, music, weather, culture, and my childhood memories. Despite living in foreign “from mi eye dey a mi knee” I always saw the need to keep up with everything that’s going on in Jamaica over the years, and to visit there regularly. So, to all Yawdies I say, Happy Independence Day Everyone!!!!

  3. Did u noticed the people back then how they are dressed nicely and look good, even though it was black and white. You can see no bleaching and a bag of tattoos.

  4. Happy Independence Day Jamaica!

    My prayer is that ALL black people from around the world will embrace and respect each other.

    One love…

  5. Happy independence day Mi lovely beautiful and nice Jamaica ….no matter where in the world i am i will alwys be a pround Jamaican…..Tideh 19 years ago I was in some rass back pain giving birth to my handsome son.

  6. Independent-free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority.We need to be true to ourselves.Our government owns nothing and we being dictated to everyday.

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