1. Modern days now my girl! stop text gal phone bout man! you weak like, the man nuh stop f**k pon you and before u take it up with him a the girl yah cuss? idiot man clown gal still deh bout inna 2017 yah! stop and seal and him still a f**k any available pussy? so wapm to yours? nuh your man? you work hard fi what? for him to still cheat and tell u stories? i don’t know the girl or you but you as the main woman fool fool fi a micro gal! hope a you a send yourself go school and not ur parents cuz a man you a defend when you should run him for cheating. 2017 now don’t text bitches phone over ur nigga! take him up with him goodie

  2. You know what’s funny, she is talking down to the other girl as somehow she thinks she is better than her for being the main. Dwwllll no honey you both in the same position, arguing over a lying cheating man, so u can take this L. Before u run to defend yuh man make sure him a talk good bout yuh too, yuh bet fi hear wah him a tell him side piece. Why r u being loyal to a disloyal man? U lack basis common sense, and clearly has self esteem issue. Why your can’t leave?? Your names written in clouds say unuh must be together no matter what? And when man a kill unuh ppl a say them wicked, cause it obvious say them want leave (him f**king other woman) and you refuse to let him go. You have the power to stop a disastrous situation from early. He won’t stop cheating because u find out and cuss the other girl. You gonna stay and keep playing detective, keep finding thins, keep arguing with him, keep cussing other woman. Until him kill you, or you kill, or yuh fight woman and lose yuh life or dignity…girl have some sense. If you man don’t love u enough to be faithful you cannot force him…domestic violence is 40% of Jamaica crime rate…there is better out there

  3. Me try stay off dem insipid post mtetime, but Admin titles are magnetic :ngakak

    Idiot gal you too overconfident wid you hole :ngakak

    Testosterone levels want monitor cause you no know you role as female! A myth bitch! Pussc no hold man :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Yuh feel like having some church up in here!!?Preach PP!!

      I wonder where me can get a stamp n seal like that to rubberstamp them hall pass giving rare breed of man mascot ya!! Mi tiyad fi tell dem nobody nuh own anybody! !

      1. She have nerve a write thesis to next vagina over hood :hammer

        Is like she left de man pram fi a moment and him get whey. Gal say she a de man security! Lololol

        these bitches want to be known as mother and father fi people SONS or a try play the role of a plantation mistress. Dem need fi re-evaluate dem gender role.

  4. Hey gyal move u bloodclaatt!!! bout yu post a talk bout di gyal leave di man den if u have to be doing security work to keep him…..

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