Teeka of all the subjects you picked this to war ova? When it did stink a road seh ur first born(may God rest his soul) daddy was in question you shoulda steer clear from di topic ya. You shoulda leave di ppl dem alone.












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  1. When did this old dutty man face looking bitches get hard. Teka what the story they post the other day about junior from philly looking somebody in brooklyn making u start act tuff. Man face candy u have no reason to talk you f**ked your stepfather friend and got pregnant who is you second baby father?????????????????? yes Sunday best talk.

    1. Leave the ppl dem u no see dem trong like man dats why dem grow extr hair in di wrong place. lmao. where is Neet/Veet/Nair when it is needed oh so badly. a dat dem fi a war wid . ole blood suckers

  2. Mi seh if it wasn’t for Jr who knows what would be the story of her life. Dis nobody always a gwann like somebody . No class no nutten bout har. Poor Jr him no wipe weh di matta out a him yeye dem yet. Him did have betta and hottta dan she and him juss stukk ah she, it sticky bad. Dats why man nuffy nyam from everybaddie cause it look like him belly was him enemy. Teeka u breed up and now u park stop run come a road now bout you a watch di man. Stay in ur desperate housewife lane.

  3. Kc nah stop carry feelings fi veachy cause Donte always wants up Veachy and Kc go married him and still ina misery. You shoulda do like Veachy teck u wuk widout ketchin feelings . A man knows what he want and where he wants to be regardless of the illusion in ur head. You coulda cook chicken back ina wine sauce, him wi meck u nyam dat alone and go nyam duumplin and butta wid him heartbeat.

  4. Andrea yall bad and aint scared of no body. Keisha jaguar diss you in a dance already and you walked away.Teka Bada Bada deal with you so bad many times you could never talk back her cousin Rochelle excellent talk and a camera in front of you and you cabbage patch sister and say “stop look people man and go shave ya beard up face” you and your sister and bad family had no response. lookin ass bitches in my cassidy voice.

    Look at ya’ll pathetic ass bitches
    For the child support keep gettin’ pregnant ass bitches
    Bitches, lookin’ ass bitches
    Bitches, these lookin’ ass bitches
    Man I ain’t even lookin’ at bitches
    Rockin’ the fake mink, stink pussy ass bitches
    Bitches, lookin’ ass bitches
    Bitches, these lookin’ ass bitches
    I hate ya’ll bummy ass bitches
    No job, never got no money ass bitches
    Fake model ass bitches
    A f**k in the club bathroom to get a bottle ass bitches
    Thirsty to lick dick, then swallow ass bitches
    Liking all my pictures to get a follow ass bitches
    Tryna get they groove on bitches
    Going out with they girlfriend’s shoes ass bitches
    SSI chick bitches
    Red bottoms on, livin’ in the projects bitches
    (They live with family or 8 in a apartment)

  5. Dancehall Stink , I mean dancehall pink. How u run come a nuff up ina argument when di Man in question was ur sister’s husband. U are so desperate fi friend that you no even loyal to ur owna blood twin sister. Teeka dem no like you and dem will neva like you. If they did dem woulda telllAndrene don’t mess wid Haleem cause is Shereece man. Is Teeka push di fire that all Andrene could see Haleem anytime anyday at her house while Andrene madda left ina di dark. Ah Teeka name she use by pass tell har madda so she coulda hide and sleep wid Haleem ina Teeka house. Dancehalll Stink go look up di word Family ina a dictionary and then you can be that to ur sister. Mi sick a u a runn enn a beg fren when dem no like u.

    1. teka has no house her junior his daughter and all those kids pack up in a 2 bedromm apartment in the north east. you say your man has money get a house plz. use the profit from his dance to put is a down payment on a house. hot gal dont live in apartment and stay in the welfare office. yes i see with EBT card all the time in the jamaican store

      1. ah weh u live ina cave? You neva see Teeka a put up new yeears Video wid har back yard a showoff pon us peasants. Teeka move from New years baby #3 gave her di boost I guess. Every video she put up she show us seh she no live ina ghettto no more. a weh unuh hear bout. Teeka a hope you can keep a good us mama. no sense in having a house and cah spruce it up and meck it presentable fi our hussy. Doh get too comfortable cause i will move in without second thoughts and show you how its done. :ilovekaskus :ngakak :ngakak

    2. Teeka has no house honey her and all them kids pack up in a 2 bedroom apartment in the north east and when junior daughter come ohhhhh its no room heard she really dont go anymore because she and the mother dont like teka and her family bull shit. Teka take the profit from the dance and the tax money an get a house come off welfare

  6. Can we stick to the story and tell philly ppl was gwaan. Sound like somebody get dna test and test results seh it Neva belong to d man. Who is d man and who is d women that jacket d man.

  7. As FAR AS ME SEE. Meesha family a Jamaica gii Aleem( di coolie yute weh fava mr chin) a Jacket. Aleem breed Andrene Teeka Fambily weh come from di same area as di jacket mama Mind u, Andrene use to bring dung stuff fi di jacket and mama and chat up like family before she tek plus breed fi Aleem cause every baddie was family then. Some how some how chu ppl beg family every baddie ina di mix a family. It look like Aleem a file fi di Jacket and Dna done fi prove before said Jacket can come a farrin and story come to bump seh is not fi him. DI reason for the frustration between all was Di jacket mama use to seh is jacket Adrene a pass pan Aleem cause she was very bitter har so call fam tek weh di man. So there u have it. Just like di Tower hill massive ina Philly need a new life so does the Christian Pen Crew.

  8. Teka a live better than most of you that I am sure. Nothing wrong getting some food stamp food expensive. You are jealous because you all wish it was you. Tie thing dont last so long. If she didnt want her husband she wouldn’t breed 3 times. Beatiful kids. Find a man that wants to be with you not just to fu,,, k, that care where you live, eat and such. And you wouldnt be worried about teka life.

    1. Ok Teeka wi roger dat.. You breed fi security. Thank God dem come out looking a liitle like jr. Ants ago always ina u milk cause Steve wonda know seh u is not the man or wifey type mateiral. You can move a rat out di hood but no matta wat it go it will always be a hoodrat di hood blood runs thru it. Stop follow di man come a club di misery show pan him face. matta a fact u nah block nutten cause di man eye dem no juck out. If u soo boasy and u no have shit imagine if you see more than 10 grand in one day. Is you dem sing bout weh no use to things.

    2. you must be a food stamp recipient,my income is to stable for food stamps im not going to lie and say i have a six figure salary but im close by the grace of god. thats what school is for. “the tie thing don’t last to long” You sound like you have personal experience. And you dont have to want someone to breed from them you know dame well aint no other man going to wife that man she has more facial hair then him.

    3. No honey I make good money that’s what college and financial aid is for. When you come to America if you going to use the assistance use it the correct way not for food stamps you said the “tie thing don’t last 2 long” sounds like you have a personal experience with that. You and I know no other man would wife that man in Philly. She has more facial hair than him. She and her aunty talk about don’t back from no body plz keisha jaguar call her and her cabbage face sister out they don’t say nothing badabada diss her she could barley come out to any dance. Rochelle go in the dance camera with teka next to her and say stop look people man and go borrow you husband razor and fix your beard she don’t say any thing bye girl. Nice looking kids because they look like they dad to bad the girl has her hair. I never seen hair so nappy in my life.

  9. Bad mind get the best them me see it in a the pussy. Is not teka make any comments so dont go judging her.the kids are nice if a security she have sense she breed for a responsible man that take care of his kids.

    1. ok hi miss audrey taking up for your son teka . Is it tru that you tie him. You walk and tell everbody how he is such a big help and you never had to spend that much money on teka because you got him to take over. no this must be the cabbage patch face sister that had a baby from her stepfather best friend audrey your daughter must make you so proud

  10. mek dutty kc gwaan chat because her so-call husband have a baby on the way… all hell soon pop loose inna philly

  11. sunday worst trash dem nuffi chat bout jacket because ah dem dash di most jacket round here, ugly kc please mi a beg yu fi bawn di baby weh yu a carry fi veachy!!! it’s not veachy fault mek stinking mouth DONTE dont wants youuuuuu…% 90 man N 10 woman…..teka wi want a dna pan di last baby

    1. Mi ah wonder why Kelly always meck Veachy a diss har decently. Whenver Maneeka out Veachy no know you but you always a gwan like u cuzz dem is not enough fren fi have. Veachy will never rate you Kelly so lap you tail wave high and by when You see di showtime gal dem cause dem always a dis you up unda sykes. Sunday night me watch di play and laugh to myself and seh Ignorance wi meck some ppl nyamm shit and think a patty. Dats why mi rate Aliisa teckington because she no fren no gal and meck no gal feel like dem more than har. from she no like u it is known by the looks on her face. Alissa mama mi like how you nuh gi Shabba no knowings when u see him, meck dat watch you and worry. you are my fren in my head..
      BTw a who tell Muchy showtime seh she a di baddest? she juss no meet har match yet everything she a puff up har chest like she extra bad. Me fraid ah you and me no come near you thank God fi u 2 sis weh have a death wish juss like u

  12. Drop Mic thanks for clearing that up b/c Philly look confused as two left shoe…..
    Anywhore Anonymous 8:22pm what’s wrong w/Nappy hair. After di pickney black. Based on the FAMILY the pickney born into there’s more to worry about den nappy hair! *Tuh*

  13. Lol Shabba not even ah look pon Allissa and why har body stay suh bad. Kc stop hype bout the likle young mon please and thonks. Teka dem jealous of your marriage. Such is life.

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