Met this boy from Brooklyn name marlon have tick cocky the boy give mi some back shot that have mi call out from work 2 days straight a the best back shot mi ever get in mi ole life but the boy wild all him do a walk and f**k like dog and make yo catch feelings then him gone him like send him d*ck fi catch. You so ladies watch out for this

***Di person send di cocky but no face***


  1. You men please stop sending in your dick pictures. This one look like an elephant trunk. I was not impressed :alay

  2. HMMMMM sound like you cocky whipped, fool call out work for sex and no mining? All dude got to offer a dick

  3. Batty boy Marlon, tap send in yuh own buddy pics. Met seh yuh buddy has no, zero sex appeal. Dwl grung _____ embarrassed much?

  4. Yuh lucky the feelings u neva catch is dat itchy,scratchy,burning feeling weh only a trip to the doctor and pharmacy can treat.

  5. If I laugh I collapse ova yah :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak…. mi woulda love fi see dah big hood deh mi naw tell no lie… mi luv cocky… even if a fi just admire it. All dem big hood deh mi just wah suck it fi see if mi mouth can fit it… met yuh affi go set up a way which pawt we have wah uncensored section no man mi wah seeit.

  6. Yes to bloodclat which Marlon dat whey drive the benz whey live ina canarsie. well bitch him neva stay cause u pussy bigger than him hood.

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