1. If there was someone who needed help, they would of succumb to their death because the fireman taking his sweet time to put his helmet on while people running around frantically, that’s crazy that they just didn’t rush into action to try and stop the blaze, along with the fire truck you need first responders there as well, how many people are employed in JA at all the fire houses and what other 1st responders do they have to assist the fireman and where is the ambulance they should of been in route with the fire truck, that is sometimes I’m glad I’m in America because at least the hospitals are so, so and you know someone will be coming to your aid at one point…

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :nerd boy yuh have a piece a faith dwpcl… Mi luv a wata inna bucket di fire truck bring dwl an di ambulance mi naw go reach now cause it might be in use somewhere else… A Nuh joke but if I laugh dis night… All wah gwan a di fridge mi a pre an how Dem save it lmao a mussi courts own…. Dwl I just can’t

  2. Faith you are discussing a topic that you know nothing about there are less than 10% of working hydrants in JA their trucks carry between 200 and 300 gallons of water their fire hose pump between 60 and 100 gallon a minute if you do the math the Firefighters there can’t do much but small car fires and extrication

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