A wah mek dah gal yah ugly and Tan so badd? Dwrcl no sah mi would love fi know know who prettier, she or shibby. All nasty drainage old ole Tamara do a walk and mek trouble inna Seaview and f**k off the young men Dem. Nuh weh day one har man dem dead?? When she Inna di house no sah Michii feh dash some salt wata pon she too. People hide Uno man and bredda because she will tek Dem too, and know say any weh she go a baaaaayyy bad luck and misery. It suppose to bun har how the people man a Seaview weh she did look nuh want har again. She go look di man and use money fi hold him and never know say dat alone couldn’t work.. Lol 😂😂😂 woooooieee. New York nuh good again.


  1. Unu leave d bbc gal alone it bun unu tru she fly out unu stink like riverton fuk yes tamara bet u fuk a dozen man dan suk a dozen gal me hate unu

  2. Bitch y u mad n d man nu wan mi!!!! Duppy bat u affi hide n tek him mi na ask Christ if mi cum a ja a morning a mi n him str888 bitch every weh Ina seaview a mi n him yu c low life dog weh u cum bout man any boy r man mi f**k dem ever wan mi f**k out yu affi wait till mi reach a new York fi hide n f**k him cause him na go no weh wid u bitch mek mi tel u dis a gud pussy mi ave su mi affi f**k out it stink pussy gal mi nu hide n tek nu man mi bad like dat su mi tek any gal man yes u su like how u a tek him show up n yu c wat ago reach yu big pussy gal BBC stink gal mi nvr go a mi bed n ask god y yet bitch u a mad over ting u can control mebba dat bitch mi n dat man a history u kno how far mi n him a cum fr bitch for ur information a my man bet n win yu!!!

  3. Bitch ugly where??? Which part a me nice clean BLOODCLATT fren ugly ??uno badmind nuh BLOODCLATT and Eva inna visa worries wid ppl, visa deh online a gi weh, is a forward u a try look offa mi stay good fren but not today dogshit, ano Tamara fault mek di nice clean good Hood bwoy nah peep pan u, you need fi go ask yuh ugly mumma why nuh man weh u tek nuh want yuh!!

  4. Bitch yu sad Ina real life u ca win mi all wen mi next eye shut poor u if I ever kno u a laff off a yu stink BBC fool fool gal u affi hide all d school children dem Ina englang kno mi got dis bitch reall jus gone tek yu f**k ya kno cause wen mi fly dwn bck a different ting shit Yu kno dat to dead gal u ago hide till u funeral keep yes u

  5. A which pussiless bitch send mi nice clean fren ova yah? Bitch met and har falla ra dem caan fix unu pussy problems. Met need to start sell some pussy ova yah fi fix unu man problems!! She ugly and salt but a U affi send har een (saddist) mi fren have unu dizzy badmine a kill unu! Tamara happy/comfortable and nuh man nah hide har suh yu have a problem step to har directly…

  6. She is not ugly and she certainly don’t stay bad, quite the opposite; she is pretty and slim with good shape.

  7. No no is not my nice clean fren dah dead bitch deh a talk?? A good pussy circle d globe””an ,pussy weh nuh gud stay 1 place.tamara y dem a worry bout u? Tell dah bitch deh say all wen ,1eye shut dun u a see clear a dan r…..

    Always focus always leading’always winning. Dem eva ina pussy an f**k worries wid people an dem cant even ole a man.

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