Her name is Lisa Jones aka pile batty from kirk she get a beaten yesterday from Trina all now she can’t recover nor to be seen with a baton them final get a calmer your sister Cheryl is next


76 thoughts on “HUH?

  1. Dutty stinking pussy Lisa weh the foreign boy name Dwayne Wilson f**k off a long time she Fi get a beaten walk an f**k like dog

  2. LisA u finally met u match love trouble ppl u and u nasty sister never c a set a ppl love call police pon ppl and give so much trouble gal should a kill u but true the girl would a go jail Lisa u fi kill u self no porous u serve

  3. Dutty f**k out lisa u never know your day did a go come lmao this stinking pussy gal weh f**k off all a d deportee them as them land inna kirk she and har dutty sista weh name sheryl walk and give pure trouble nasty sherly weh love tell gal seh dem nave nuh pussy f**k out sheryl weh put out har daughter fi f**k from she a 15 fi get lunch money unu never know fi unnu time near germs box sheryl a your time next and d f**k up looking one from coolaas weh name camille deerr weh lisa n sheryl chat like dog har mouth n pussy stink and har arm green bout u a buy out war look wah a go reach u dutty send out helpa gal.

  4. Nasty lisa weh walk and trouble ppl like wah u neva know trina did a guh f**k yuh up doh? How di hand, walk and cuz trouble and run to Ellestin road police weh yuh and sheryl f**k off weh unu nuh guh join di force. Lisa f*k off all a di MP dem fi east Kingston and por royal weh yuh nuh just guh join di party. Dutty heart gal weh bad mind ppl dats y did visa yuh buu get buss. Tell sheryl fi stop put out krystal fi guh f**k not because she start at 10 har daughter fi do the same

  5. Yes yes Lisa u finally get u rass pop… Lisa ah f**a gyal from Vauxhall days she f**k off the whole a di male teacher and she still neva guh nuh weh…Sheryl u need fi go tek some cooking class cus u bby father use to beat u like dog cus all the water fi mek di tea u bun up…u an u stay bad bleach out lump up body sista caan ramp wid nuhbody a shape bad Camille head alone unu can run…lisa f**k all police all MP all foreigners all deportee who lisa nuh f**k a who nuh born yet

  6. Rotten batty lisa weh always a gwane like she a dads n love chat like she bad true she always a hide n stap ppl. She never knw she wuda get so much lick inna less Dan 5 minutes. Dwrcl mi never see one gal get so much lick yet like is ar muma did a beat ar. N D mad sister weh always look like old lady run leave ar. Shelly ann Fraser nu av nutten pon ar.

  7. Rotten batty lisa weh always a gwane like she a dads n love chat like she bad true she always a hide n stap ppl. She never knw she wuda get so much lick inna less Dan 5 minutes. Dwrcl mi never see one gal get so much lick yet like is ar muma did a beat ar. N D mad sister weh always look like old lady run leave ar. Shelly ann Fraser nu av nutten pon ar.

  8. Rotten batty lisa weh gwane like she a dads n love chat like she bad true she always a hide n a stap ppl fr behind. She never knw a gal wuda finally ketch ar face to face d gal beat ar to sickness. Fr mi born a see gal a get lick mi never see one gal get so much lick yet is like ar muma did a beat ar. All mi can say d 2 sista dem faster Dan shelly ann Fraser but d gal ketch d rotten batty one n kill ar wid lick n D sista mek 90 up ar yard. Dwrcl bad ppl unuh get f**k up

  9. :ngakak :ngakak Mi would a listen to dis senda talk…. No sah if dem write so funny di talk affi sweet no Mi luv dwpcl

  10. But talking this and dot but trina baby father is a big batty man when she drop her matey pick her up

  11. Under how when Lisa a get the lick she a run bout she have her Pitney a live fah lol u never know all a that when u run gone fi u police man them…. U can’t even explain u self everybody beat Lisa not to mention her son him beat her like a him woman…. Stay bad green arm Camille weh her back roll up roll up Lisa them diss u up like dog how u arm green and u mouth stink Camille Ina u house dirty… Duty mad house f**k lick out batty sheryl love cuss gyal bout maintain man and furniture u claim fi say u have everything and u still Ina gyal way u still badmind the gyal them weh nave nothing firstly ppl sherly take pure old man pure old man she hide and take she run go to God and affi turn back obeah man f**k Sheryl and her sister tru dem couldo pay the obeah man and the f***k weh them gi the obeah man him did affi crick one a dem neck… Lisa batty full a sore and nasty nuh bloodclaath she f**k off all a the mp them and all now she no reach no way unuh listen this no ppl me use to live a JA but me migrate to ochi and before me reach to toll road the gyal dem badmind me watch out fi her cause if u man a get today tomorrow next week next year she ago wah f**k him me a send out me warning cause she like deportee Lisa and her father full a pile nuh bloodclaath and him no bath cause from me Likkle till now a the same white shirt and dutty shorts and him stinking pillow weh him affi sidung pan… Sheryl she ave a Likkle daughter weh fava any longtime whore round port Henderson road some 50 add year old whore so the ugly gyal Jada look wid her tight face…. And dutty nasty ducky bag germs box slick slick pluck pluck nave no clothes crystal weh wear pure old hairstyle she lean no bloodclaath her make she start f**k from she a 10 and her madda love class ppl bout furniture and crystal nave a bed Sheryl need change the mattress weh she have cause she f**k it Sheryl f**k it out Jada a lesbian she f**k it out and okeni f**k it out to… All her lean bloodclaath daughter In law weh like carry news but then again she affi carry the news cause if she no do it she nave no food fi eat go do blood last DNA and stop carry news go gi the Pitney to the right father stay bad crush Irish goal…… All a unuh wah some clothes some furniture a man the right father a DNA Camille want a bullet proof under her arm crystal want a pussy Lisa want a man and now she Ina Dept’s all them father f**k them off…

  12. No man weh Lisa tek neva yet want her, is always couple f**k and dats it and then she always want fight di man dem women or whoever the man a look….poor thing
    Dirty,Green arm, stinking mouth Lisa u need to bathe urself more often and brush ur teeth ur a MESS
    Sheryl poor u what a wonder u gwaan ova Jimmy and now him dont even look at u
    Every man weh unuh tek neva stay dem jus f**k and run

    Unuh need to born ova

  13. What away is trina mate send fi her baby father a England how u feel fi know your baby father a f**k both man and woman u have gal and man in your milk u unhappy push button trina nobody don’t like u and your friend them in kirk not even crosses lisa and crosses sister sorry uno never kill each other and give kirk a break

  14. Weh di rass she look like, she neva look good yet, she always pick pon people and now u get ur stinkin, lumpy, rotten ass whoop….die bitch die

  15. dwl..no a ya suh nice to bc…Camille y u dip u big stinkin mouth ina di ppl dm rgument? chue u waa lisa old bruk..Camille u fi go tek on trina weh f**k up dun out lisa..a she fi name deportee one stop.dutty Camille u pay man fi f**k u n waa ina gyal way.u fren u mate dutty gyal.a u nuh ave nuh good pussy cause Shakira f**k weh di boy frm u..ediatt bc gyal u all stay from Jamaica send di boy money..hey gyal a waa slap on some clothes pn u stinkin badi bt first I waa bathe u wid a powa hose n bathe u wid a wire brush..all di ole dem u av pn u bdy stink..nasty Camille Shawna gi u har dutty clothes fi wash n u beg it..n u waa ina di gyal way all dutty clothes u beg..u need fi go dung twn a ammars wid u pan..stinkin naked gyal…lmfao oh and mi know weh gud pussy a sell mi can sponsor u one..weh u name beggy beggy Camille deer from blk 17 Kingston Jamaica? look out fi di money fi go buy it dung a coronation market..good pussy!!

  16. Trina it clear seh u wan f**k lisa cuz u claim nuh bada house nuh luk like urs inna kirk yet still u can’t stay home fi a day lol.beg di gal a f**k man but den again lisa strickly dickly.dwrclll. mascot kirk gal unno a sell out trina nuh cum frm kirk n a run unuh head tru old clothes n drive out.lisa f**k who u want f**k bcuz u affi find several n lucky b4 u find settle.

  17. Shana weh the church plp dem feed get up off u filty ass weh u nuh bathe frm u a breed,get up off u dutty ass n guh dwn a R.G.D guh register. Y dis shit house nuh stop badmind bloodclaat plp weh av birth paper. Old alien gal yuh walk n carry news fi old clothes memba u is an outcast. Lol dutty pussy shana badmind plp fi di amount a man dem tek. Lisa man a mad u. WANNA BE LISA memba u a di official rubblish heap.hw angie fi feed me fren shirel wen a wellfare angie deh a farin a live off a. Anyting angie duh fi shirel she fi duh cuz a holeheap shirel duh fi r n r kids. Planefare u name it

  18. Trina stop a worry bout lisa and worry how Jay a batty man him a bat both side him love likes u need fi tek a good look him Jay closet it’s right there in your face ask u batty man friend figs what don’t own a bed him eating out your cookie jar the nastiness what a gwan a that uno must talk bout and stop a carry news on each other’s go pree that

  19. Muscle face andrea stroke face a weh u a duh wait pon u mada fi dead like how peppa kill monica. Gal leggo u muma foot n guh pon u own. Stroke face andrea leave the young gal dem alone n stop barrow dem $1000. Wen 1 set old u find a nxt set fi train fi live bad.andrea a weh u get dah man deh wit dah bump deh inna him head bck. At 65 I don’t want live like u.unuh need fi fast n pray a di first gal me c false teeth rotten guh bathe u mada she sell crab till she look like crab.

  20. Renki bear kimone guh clean u teeth, food always inna u teeth n u nuh sell a market.kimone a who a kaka up fada.

  21. Trina friends need to sit her down and tell her that child father is a batty man him sleep with both man and woman true him love likes uno gal worry about the wrong things stop a chat behind her back cause uno know sense uno love her that much are uno just like her things what a piece a nastiness unhappy gal trina a that u fi go pree ask u girl friend figaree he knows them wicked bad

  22. Lies u tell @Talk truth weh u call look than means say u and Lisa in stay bad lane dats u think she look good….U both is a MESS and my stomach jus get upset….kmrt

    U seems like ur bisexual @RUN UP INNA ME because Trina neva tell u she want gal fi f**k so weh u a introduced it to her for that’s the plan & intention weh u and Lisa hav u both are GERMS….unuh can’t f***k off Trina bcuz a man she say all day every day….

  23. Figaree what day I see u put up say Christmas come Friday lol any day u buy a bed every holiday comes on that day what day u pass me happy I ask a child how u happy so the person say anytime trina buy food fi cook u happy that’s the only time u eat murder a weak I think u just receive u bed room set oh my mistake food kmt I was so happy at first for u

  24. Bad any weh u a waste gal u trina n figaree need a pussy if u tink u bad mek u identity show unuh tink unuh can gang me like hw unno gang lisa. smell a f**k gal unno hate di gal true r clean house r clean clothes n di clean money weh di gal a spen. Unuh can neva b lisa cus unuh mada would affi name dawn n unuh fada name farwah unuh need a pussy.unuh gwan cuz unuh a smell unuh death. Soup soup pressure pressure unuh unda presure unuh need a good pussy fi birth wit.n stop playa hate pon gal

  25. Battyman trina leave di gal alone.guh tek set pon u mada cuz a she mek di married man/u step fada f**k u.lol a mussi dat u fraid a u house fah cuz u fraid a u step fada/spouse weh dead fi cum f**k u… di gal dem hate u weh u born n grow cuz dem seh u ugly like nite

  26. Plp plp wen unuh watch boxing nuh who get knock out lose.suh hw dem seh a lisa lose n a lisa knock out trina dwpcl. Unuh gang fi gal n not even a mark pon r face unuh lame piece of shit.unuh need corn meal wit a stick a butter n sum pimento. Shana hate lisa cuz di type man weh luk r.she eush dem woulda luk pon r.badmind aguh mek shana av baby b 4 time all poor tanisha she hate n luk r man dem behind r back. U days aguh bitta shana

  27. Lumpo lumpo mumpel weh affi pay di bwoy fi f**k u .u walk n shake like jello old fart.a gang unuh affi gang gal poor lisa watch unuh days number memba…. u need a pussy stop watch who Lisa a f**k cuz good pussy need exercise

  28. 1. Squaddy suppose to f**k Lisa cause pussy come buss up like clappers . squaddy suck har pussy tooo.

    2.Lisa why u a
    a lock up the people them an u well an know nobody don’t gang yo me think u was bad gal .

    3.nasty Sheryl a sorry the gal never bruck yo big back wicked liad bloodclat Sheryl weh f**k bayyy old man an caah move inna good three bed room house fi u an yo pickney them to be cont…..

    4.Camille u a worry bout the wrong things Lisa chat u like dog how u a big woman an u woulda never move outa joice house before u buy out the argument go correct yo arm an mouth ole.

    5.the only person fi get lock up a nasty mumpel weh walk an buy man bare Magnum an cigarettes the boy say yo pussy suddy like a pack a fab soap him affi ask yo if a Ariel u throw inna it.

    6.the gal weh a talk bout people grudge Lisa fi house an clothes Lisa fava a clown nuh blootclaat me nuh nuh cheer fi Lisa things dem an Lisa furniture nah wear dem deh fava like a me gra
    nny ole thing dem she pray over.

    7.shana u fi leave things alone cause ur man a f**k Gracie round a red square an him nuh bad a blootclaat u an him need fi go hold a seat.

    8.Jay a battyman fi true an me can prove that me done talk.

    9.an the person weh a say shakera f**k weh camille man is the other way around unu too rass nuff

    10.yo chicken foot andrea

    4. Cami

  29. Humpty dumpty shape Andrea sit on wall u soon 50 full time now u stop do wickedness u teeth always a fracking u can talk say lisa fi dead over time u on u always a set up gal even u friend them a true them don’t know betta u carry news fi gal old furniture and free cook food don’t think u know how fi light stove it gooda boom up go learn fi cook u man look like u mother u sure him is not u brother lol

  30. 10. You chicken foot blootclaat Andrea unu nuh split justice true you think burning can save yo nasty rass burning need some good food and clothes burning likkle bit an crawny inna the track you need fi sit him down with a book an pen boo. That’s why the gal lef him everyday the gal muma an aunty thank God cause unu is ntn but crosses unu need fi go tek out the Roach them outa hiya back pocket burning walk an f**k off all a the baby mother fren dem mek me skip this blootclaat topic Andrea Trish she outa nuh blootclaat bout she lick the gal Trish fava poop the gal dem say them not even know if Trish old or she young……I shall be returning….

  31. 40 hear old figaree go look a job stop live after gal what left what u going to do live with linnette till u get old and grey up oh forget u have grey the lady friad fi carry home a man cause u always a put u butt in the cookie jar a u say sharing is caring have no bed figs u no tried fi stand up and tek f**k in the back yard in out of the hospital u hole a drop out it over work poor thing lol

  32. Meedia stop write up on pinkwall everybody no a u a when since u and Sheryl turn best friend Sheryl y chat how u pussy a gun meedia the time u take to comment but gal u go and look for your pussy y everyman leave u did willing to give Hoffman paper and him never stay u because his a gun pussy u a walk with stop comment bout the ppl dem y no member u and yes Lisa fi get beaten she f**k with ppl to much and battyman a wear u wish u did have even a mad man fi u self because no man don’t want u come off here we no a u meedia

  33. F**k off and no call me friend name in a unho mouth cause she never tek a batty man yet all when her man them look mad them na go in no batty that girl meedia no hide when she a talk she care zero

  34. What away u dutty bitch love meedia name go face her bad gal what a hide man dumpy bat come out gun in panty a wear talk how u man a walk a pay gal fi suck them pussy go and pree that

  35. Mi na lie tho unnuh luv mi fren name all when the girl nu si unnuh nasty birches unnuh still deh pan her name she is nth the first person & last person man nu stay wi r pussy nu gone no weh she still have it but nuff a Unnuh get a big f***g raw deal because the price wasn’t right mi fren never run cum dun fi surprise no man yet & get now my dearing sashayawy abayyyyyy

  36. Mi na lie unnuh know fi true true say Trina ugly bad thx God fi bleaching products fi help her out Andrea u can stop the mix up now yuh a 49yr old & u still luv the mix up Paula bring her ugly fren cum da & u carry news guh 2 her & now u have her fi yuh self & the other day yuh did a carry news 2 Shareen fi mash up she & Paula it look like it nu wrk now u cum boots up Bighead ugly Trina weh claim say she have her nice clean house weh on comfortable she cant stay in da her battyman have fi drop her off every morning like rubbish Trina mate Figaree u a talk bout holiday should a call from weh day but because yuh mate Trina have fi a feed u mek u a talk & a hype else u won’t know where urban next meal would a cum from

  37. Lisa did Ave to get a beaten the way how she did a talk up had mouth in front the cops think a she coward stab tanesha and run like ten batty man on second thought every lick Krystal get from Trina she sneeze is like she on coke Sheryl run left the gal them and over the balcony a cuss every day lip service balcony bad gal but supmn a cook up fi them man because mungrel run Sheryl from kirk for the same thing and she come back with it and how every body smell like f** and she don’t smell how jada renk the church people them a fast a pray for the house that Lisa and her brother capture

  38. Di whole a unuh sick bloodclatt stomach… Lisa dun get the beaten N unuh neva do ntn bout it so y unuh deh pon pinkwall ina pure lipp’n? N fi Lisa fren dem weh a run een how comes unuh neva defend har like how a gang unuh seh dem gang har? Unuh iz no pussyclatt fren…trina watch u self cus u nuh cum from kirk N di same ppl u giving ur tings will turn roun N gang up pon u cus dem only love ppl fi weh dem can get… Meedia u need a new pussy fi tru Hoffman neva want u a kizzy him want

  39. Meedia, mi want you fi guh tell the teef pon the cross beside Jesus fi mek space pon him cross cuz bitch I come fi crucify yuh. Meedia, Dovecot and Meadowrest a run outta space suh you use ole fi a burial ground, how much man a Kirk and beyond you kill, Madden ole gal? Dem fi put yuh pon the terror watch list cuz yuh ole is a weapon of mass destruction. Yuh a talk bout gal deh pon welfare, yuh weh talk bout wen the man dem dagga yuh out u bleed cuz u tight, dog yuh bleed cuz dung deh nuh right. Get some insurance through Obamacare and tek care of dung there. Don’t talk bout gal an man plz, cuz yuh tek a man wid a physical handicap and him dun and run yuh. The boy wid di shot out eye weh yuh a mine a foreign, slap on a patch pon him eye like a pirate, looted yuh money and guh Jamaica guh spen it pon Kizzy, wen di money dun Kizzy run him and yuh still did a mine and an waan marry him an him nuh look pon yuh. Not because him vision impaired, but because you are nothing to look at, boy refuse you paper($) and the papers yuh did a gi him. Germs disinfect yuhself. Meedia yuh waan fight gal, mi waan yuh round up every teacher yuh had from basic school, primary school and high school and beat dem. Cuz dem all said yuh graduate and gave you a certificate, fight dem and I will help, cuz how you dunce suh and dem pass yuh? Or maybe a nuh the teacher’s fault yuh dunce, cuz wen dem a teach yuh round a school back a f**k fi stale nutria bulla and and a sour milk, better yet, fight you character. Come fi mi cuz the crucifixion nuh complete, have several more nails to go!

  40. Dutty f**k out Lisa u can’t talk to noboby bout batty man u member the batty man weh racquel fallow u go mobay go f**k Lisa who u nuh f**k a who nuh want u Trina wouldn’t f**k u even if she did a f**k gal u stay bad nuh bloodclaat go buy pants some clothes him naked nuh bloodclaat from pants fada dead him stop wear clothes Lisa weh u muma run left unnu from unnu a bby u fada f**k u n u sista memba sheryl did bring police pon u fada fi him stop f**k unnu f**k out drainy pussy lisa weh every time u sit down and get up it wet up which bloodclaat man u have who u a talk a cant joy husband charlie memba weh day wen him come him affi hide n f**k u lisa wen charlie send d money come give u on thursday u affi pay him sista bills them and wen d changes left a dat u get fi u self stop live inna denial bout a gang them gang u trina beat out u dutty bloodclaat mek u all a run a talk bout memba u pickeny lisa a who really badmind u fi u 80ths n 90ths clothes u fava madda grave stone nuh tell nu boby bout dash weh belly cause d last belly u dash weh fi albert nearly kill u did affi end up a KPh who carry news fi clothes like lisa gracey have u from u a 9 and true gal clothes u carry pure news pon d woman n har daughter. Lisa u f**k Robert and a try show ownership n him move u up go hide u bloodclaat self n stop gwaan like u a lady cause all dog f**k u n run u to amount a man weh u f**k u should own a house but instead u live inna d people them capture house move u dutty bloodclaat n go buy a good pussy.

  41. Meedia, yuh a worry bout how gal a spell yuh name, mi come yah fi bury yuh nuh fi big yuh up, so mi nuh care how you spell yuh name J-O-H-N-C-R-O-W (a suh media spell). So go tell the teef beside Jesus’ cross fi mek space pon fi him cross cuz mi a go crucify you, nastiness. Meedia, dovecot and Meadowrest must a run out a burial space so you use yuh ole fi burial ground? How much man a Kirk and beyond yuh kill off. You need fi deh pon the terror watch list cuz yuh womb is a weapon of mass destruction. Yuh a worry bout gal deh pon welfare? guh get some health insurance through Obamacare and tek care of yuh dung there. Bout every time yuh sex yuh bleed, cuz you tight, no tramp, is because dung deh nuh right. Yuh claim yuh a bad gal and yuh love fight, mi woulda tell yuh fi fight all your teachers from basic school and up, because if yuh so dunce and claim you graduate from Secondary School, dem fail yuh. But a nuh teacher fault that wen dem a teach, yuh deh pon the play field a get battery fi a stale nutria bulla and a bag a sour milk. Meddiaa stop mek de man dem hook yuh wid dem penis, and go get hooked on phonics. You nuh have no business and talk bout whose man nuh want dem, Media memba that is handicap who rejected you. The boy wid the one eye, weh you did an mine and waan marry, just slap on a patch pon the eye and looted yuh money like a pirate. Him guh Jamaica go floss Kizzy and wen di money dun she run him. You did still waan di boy fi marry him and him neva did a look, not because him vision impaired, but because you are nothing to look at, and even a boy wid a shot out eye can see that. Not even you paper($) or the papers weh yuh did a go gi him, coulda mek him stay. Bout yuh neva tek a battyman, only madman, trollop weh man mad, dem do anything even batty,so don’t be so sure. If yuh keep going mi just finish yuh cuz di crucifixion nuh complete yet, more nails leff fi go add. Germs guh disinfect yuh self.

  42. Gm cum on kirk dead dog unnuh can stop wi the f***y now this shit being going on for 7yr now with Trina & the crew & Lisa & her sis k lisa did lick Trina & yea Trina cum lick her bk so it can dun. But the fax it this unnuh kirk gal luv sell out unnuh one another too much unnuh need fi know what is friendship Sheryl & lias unnuh never know say karma is a bitch & it did have fi cum bk to unnuh u si how u & her sis use to carry new to yuh fren fi old Broke & look weh reach u now unnuh like banton gal to much & as fi Trina & her hungry crew them weh she a feed but unnuh careless mon Andrea is time u guh hold a seat & clean up ur parents them yuh house & grandchildren si if u can cut yuh muma toenails them scrub her foot figs u need fi guh get a job & stop walk & live off ur batty cause u is the only battyman in the f***g business weh can’t mek it until now 40yr omg leave it alone give God soon cum as fi miss gud shape Camille u a buy out war u need fi leave yuh muma house now & guh find a life thx God yuh granny did dead cause if she never dead all now u would being sleeping with u how long the pour old woman a spiss u up a so u ago under yuh muma till she can’t hold her spiss to & start spiss u up to it bad mi na lie the whole a Unnuh sick mi stomach as fi Trina & her high blood pressure weh she get true her lick lick battyman babyfather oh God it hot but nuff feel nu way cause a nu nth if him start batty ting is used give him the head up cause u & him in bed is two man that just look bk on ur situation u nu one big red man ur aavz to

  43. Lisa and Sheryl mi did come fi dun unu but if what KMFT write up top a true, dem mi can’t dweet cuz mi sorry fi unu. Lisa memba wen yuh was 13 and perverted pedophile, likkle barry used to f**k yuh and him talk how him did only draw fi yuh cuz him did tink yuh was virgin cuz yuh was so young? WHere was yuh hymen and you were barely a teen? From likkle barry yuh moved on to a next pedophile and Prevert Spragga Benz, him deh wid yuh since yuh was 14/15 and him freak yuh out an left yuh. Lisa those were rapes, baby, you were underage you were raped. If Fawa did a f**k off you and Sheryl then a rape and incest, that why unu so bad an f**k dung the place cuz those are behaviors of victims of sex crimes, a nuh your fault, go get help. NO wonder why fawa did so lackadaisical when unu a tek dung the place cuz he had no say cuz a weh him did a do unu. Poor yuh.

  44. Trina n di ole a r low life dutty crew guh brush unuh teeth n bathe cook sum food n build man …..try n feel human cuz unuh uncivilized unuh av no moral for living every day is the same ting.get up n talk n live pon civilize kirk plp weh av tings to do n plp to c. Omg man get up n live the wurl is a beautiful place trust me.

  45. Shana n di smell bad crew unuh cum in like the stagnant wata pon bray street unuh nah guh nuh weh.wen rain fall unuh deh deh sun hot unuh deh deh breeze blow unuh deh deh nah elevate. Unuh nah dry up unuh nah guh dwn unuh just stagnant. Unuh need life man unuh knw plp business more dan unuh own

  46. Meedia you why your always in mix up you talk how you write your the only person that can’t spell that why people will no you came here who spell sense for since you do in your post on your page also I can’t understand why you keep coming back to comment you need tell shyerl to stop if you were really a friend you would tell stop wake up every morning just to cuss out people why did you go write on your page you gave away your self basic on the fact you can’t spell and dunce you say have to job but you find time to come comment stop it now because every body no your here

  47. Battyman junior nuh call Lisa name yaa come talk bout ppl carry news for old clothes and Gracie and her daughter the use of uuno smell a grease mirry say Yu beg like Yu blind everyminit Yu want credit and memba Yu did a look diamond man ino the three foot bed weh man puss left up deh a it alone Yu Ave naked Battyman a pans visa a mad Yu a talk by Jay is battyman and Yu know if true Sylvia soon find out Ur wicked ante a with house a mad unu jada can’t renk nu time Trina Get a stone inna r face pree that

  48. Media you if you stop commenting it would finish along time ago how you talk is how you write and you can’t spell to save your life when you come comments that’s the same way you wrote on Facebook that’s the reason you always in Mix up why is it every mix up you always try stick your nose in you are a big woman now and your friend that you write didn’t like look now long you wasn’t friend you say you have 2 jobs but over here writing what isn’t here anything to do on the job why you here pulling fire with your dunce self you need stop writing now because you are the only one that can’t spell and that how we identify you because since not spell sense go read a cat in the hat book

  49. Lisa u can stop too this now u and your sister doing a day time how d hand doing a guess it not to bad because u here with u bad finger them typing lisa go back to school baby I never no a so u write hun u can finish now boo it don’t look good u c how u can writ up bout people hun and u can’t c yourself just go have a sit because u don get the beaten and u need to recover so stop write and send up u pressure

  50. lol…shitty willy lisa u naah go fite back trina like hopw di beat up bun u….u need fi do supm man cuz u cya sleep at nyt..as fi u security stinking arm camiile she need fi go ole a fresh..Sheryl need to be a mother for her kids and stop b dem frens..suddypussy Sheryl. shawna n her crew need to find something to do u all av too many free time wastin ur days on side walk. Rochelle u are still young get a job cause dat boy I here u with cant help u..kimone u need a shower to.hold Camille hand and the two a unuh go bathe..Shawna u tek up clement weh nuh ave ntn fi give u n mek him breed..him nuh ave nothing to give you and u babyfather hungry devon neva ave nothing fi gi u neither..n di boy u deh wit gracie a f**k him to..no man Dunkirk waa bomb up a jus fi di innocent ppl dm y I don’t do it myself..bomb unuh up cause unuh a waste!!!

  51. Big nose angie u and u sister what no have no pussy u come down to surprise the man and get a heart attack u take u medication all old man don’t want u your take different man each time she come down leave here alone and go rest u big ole u jealous over gal friendship a f**k u want f**k gal

    1. Wen gal pussy gud dem share it. Wats use if you say yuh pussy gud an nuh man nah confirm it? Betta a big nose dan a big ole. Move yuh bc wid yuh friendshit, none a yuh friends like yuh likkle hate yuh cuz yuh f**k har sisterbby fada. F**k inna 1-10 park sheryl weh chat yuh dog only friend yuh fi tings. And talk bout how u stay bad wen yuh come dung. Guh build a fren an while yuh at it buikd three pussies uf you and an two daughters. Dutty media.

  52. Shana u soon come out of the Wilson them house u is a disgrace from church too church and carry news u lie and thief time is the master

  53. Big no sweet angie go learn to suck the old man wood and stop hate ppl u write up and diss up ppl what don’t even remember u a no body tek away the young bwoy from u a true u can’t f**k and u pussy big and make bare noise go sleep and dont wake up back go take overdose pill u sad bad a bay sashay away

  54. Big nose gal nth even Ole man u couldn’t hold & he was 65 that y u did glad fi Tek the bwoy a JA u remember how the browning up deh weh do him time how u did a man over him him never want u from beginning remember a kirk we all cum from & him never look pon u from kirk u think him did ago stay wi than just a hit & run him do just like the rest a man from 65 & up u Tek all country bwoy carlos weh can’t chat gud the last man u Tek & did a pay fi f**k u Tek u money than u a ask ppl fi talk to him fi u fi get bk yuh &1500us man a yard & foreign a duck u big sweet pepper nose gal u si & here gal a suck hood u run guh try the Ole man a tell me fi teach us move yuh bloodclat

  55. When pussy good it to go on watch list but your pussy go on redundant list cause nobody want to watch it a bay big nose

  56. Trichomonas hole gal angie parasite ole angie leave here no gal never ask no gal fi explain to no man why u him get Trichomonas everytime u come down a jamaica u beg gal get pill for your smell pussy check u self stop tek your thing and cuss meedia

  57. Nasty tall back f**k up looking tiffay web no body nuh know if u young are you old,web the boy breed you 2 times u baby them a 2 months apart ,you house full like sardine and dirty go kill out the roaches and rat and mine them bite up u babies mouth go clean u bk yard and u stove tiffay u head big u mouth big u hand them big u pussy must big u young and nothing about u when u a walk on bray st the people them a wonder if a back way u a walk nasty tiffay and u f**k out suck hood friends unu need a life tiffay u baby fada like the girl down bray st a likes him deh round u fa u favar u fada mada u can pass for a perfect granny

  58. Sheryl wen gal a talk bout pussy and f**k, yuh fi put yuh hand over yuh mouth and quietly back way, cuz da conversation deh a nuh fi yuh. F**k man weh a 65? yuh a f**k stick man an him a 85 bitch that is elder abuse dem will prison yuh enuh. you chat how sticky man hood soft like spoil flower and nuh have a use but a true yuh kids waan lunch money, trash mi wuda rather gi dem bread and butter dan f**k a corpse. Sheryl wen yuh a 14 Scotty wait till the whole a kirk a sleep and throw stone pon yuh window an then bring yuh ova one tek park go f**k yuh, all the almond dem offa the tree did a drop pon yuh, wen yuh breed the man not even acknowledge that him ever f**k,at 14 where was yuh pussy fi man a say him never f**k yuh much less fi breed yuh. Sheryl yuh know what is a pussy, were you born wid one? Yuh a talk bout gal nose, if a nose hold man, where is yours? A man ever tell yuh good morning, f**k yuh a come out before morning light. Question: di one room weh yuh live inna wen yuh a f**k weh the kids guh?Yuh madda guh foreign and lef yuh fi ask har man fi money wen fawa nah gi yuh and yuh f**k him, dats why she hate yuh, yuh f**k two bredda, you and yuh sista f**k Harbry. Yuh mek yuh dawta f**k the boy dung the road cuz him family have money and duck har, sell har out fi a pack a peas, madda a whore and daughter to. yuh did f**k Jimmy and hype pon the wife, and run guh inna church tink dat woulda save yuh from Karma, when yuh deh a church and shut yuh eye fi pray jimmy beside yuh a finger the sister weh deh beside him. wen the gal breed and jimmy nah come home, nah pay the rent a harbor view, and a treat yuh like shit, yuh name change from Sheryl to big ole gal, yuh neva waan leave cuz yuh neva waan face the judgment a kirk wen yuh come back how yuh used to hype wid married man. Di same hood married man use stick yuh him use stick every body else, bitch mi shudda mek yuh kill yuh self wen yuh did want to but a true not even satan woulda want yuh a hell, fi yuh gi him place a bad name.

  59. Lisa you soon dead you and u and you f**k out sista . You know why mama run leave unnu she catch you stinking fada a f**k you sista I think unnu a live over time know!!! Camille a you next you nah miss it stinky

  60. Sheryl u need stop send up to pressure but gal don’t c nobody entertaining u this is the only place u can bad up u self y u run leave Lisa but u are here with your badbad self typing nobody remembers u write all u want about ppl we don’t care so make your pressure kill u we don’t care write till u feel like we don’t care because u look fool with u finish drink a ensure because u losing energy

  61. Sawf ole Lisa a could a Weh me badmind ginger toe black teeth pants fa?! Mi only wah know fi read n write n spell mi bloodclaat name rotten batty pussy pussy idiot gyal. Miri cyaa talk seh me beg like me blind bcuz mirry no av ntn a bloodclaat miri fava a big old bloodclaat stone Weh kotch up, mirri affi a live inna twos n threes fi can afford r rent a foreign di only thing mirri av a ugliness n mi nuh want dat a pussyclaat. Lisa mi prefer mi bed have three foot but member u did av a bloodclaat matrass Weh did bigga dan yuh bed base as a gyal sit dung a di end Suh it flip like dalla coin. Lisa mi prefer smell like greese dan smell like unda yuh rotten bombo. Yuh nuh suppose to class mi Granny a bathe u fi come bathe r n drink di wata bcuz when u did dash Weh di bloodclaat belly n nearly dead she feed yuh porridge inna di morning n soup inna di evening and lampile in between fi bring u back to life deadaz.unu teach Jada fi carry news, tell lie pan ppl and diss ppl but unu Neva teach r how fi bloodclaat bathe when she done f**k bcuz she always smell like stale cum n fi a likkle gyal r 10toe dem always bloodclaat black! Jada fava crash car pan di main Suh if unu think unu can come ramp wid me a LIE unu a bloodclaat tell a 3time me guh fi war wid yuh bloodclaat n yuh call mi muma n a talk out yuh way but si it deh Trina beat out yuh bloodclaat like a child Weh do something bad a wah slap yuh wid a bottle a advil mascot gyal. Ya come a talk bout charlie Dis n charlie dat n yuh Neva talk seh him wet up yuh bloodclaat wid a bottle a alcohol n guh fi light yuh a fire bvuz u tie him n him unhappy n Wa leave. Stinking lisa yuh stink like dead inna casket n Sylvia cyaa guh find out my auntie bcuz she nah bada bada r fi money fi barrow fi dash Weh nuh belly. Lisa every month u go dash Weh belly market Suh u cyaa class no gyal n u nuh inna no class. Yuh nuh memba when Charlie bring a suitcase fi me mi bro n sis from wi fada n u thief out Javy clothes dem Weh could a fit pants Suh how clothes drop in a Dis now?! Dr. Walcot lock bloodclaat door pan u bcuz every minute u av a different pussy problem n a di obeah man u did affi guh to n him piss pan n end up f**k u bcuz u go mash up di ppl home n di man wife would a mek duppy f**k u day in day out n all now u nuh learn ole bloodclaat home wreka. Back inna di days when u n Trina use to war she Neva use police yet but as shi baton yuh bloodclaat Suh yuh run gone press charge. Yuh gwaan like u a good gyal n yuu dont even know when fi dress up n when fi dress dung! Gweh n move Yuh bloodclaat n guh si dung inna a clown corna. Bout ya come ramp wid me a face yuh fi come bloodclaat face mi. Trina peel yuh dutty bloodclaat like pine,Abaaaaaaaay mek u unda bare pain n affi a wear bare long sleeve!!

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