Crystal Harrison, Star Reporter

Plastic bags are a trending substitute for condoms in schools, THE WEEKEND STAR understands.

Information reaching our news team is that students use plastic bags to substitute for the rubbery contraceptive because it’s cheaper and more convenient.

In one of the Kingston-based high schools where students have admitted to the practice, THE WEEKEND STAR understands that help has been sought from the Ministry of Health, and the institution is seeking the participation from other support groups to encourage pupils to focus on their academics.

A source who worked closely with one such school said pupils are caught regularly having sex on the compound.

“It’s a phenomenon, the school is trying to assist with the problem by asking motivational speakers to go in and talk to the students. Some of the students are having unprotected sex, and I hear that sometimes when the females refuse to have sex with a particular male student, that female student is sometimes raped by boys,” the source said. “I heard that some students use bread bags, bag juice bags, even those bags that cheese come in. Education is not a priority for some of these students.”

During an interview last May, director of guidance counselling at St George’s College, Maureen Wong, said that some students there have confessed to using plastic bags as condoms.

“They use what they call ghetto condoms when they can’t afford to buy one. I have interviewed several boys who have used this ghetto condom; where a clear plastic bag is used during sex,” Wong said.

Dr Lori-Ann Henry-Johnson, a medical officer who works in St Catherine, said there could be allergic reactions. “A plastic bag is not a tested or an approved barrier method, a condom is. It is better than not using anything at all, but I cannot say it’s acceptable. With a plastic bag, there could be a breakage, which could lead to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or even AIDS,” she revealed.


  1. Morning Met….. As unbelievable as it sounds and I will add that mi don’t know bout it personally, but I believe it. Cauz the last few months I’ve been gathering pads n ting to give to some young girls who have been using newspaper in 2013 when dem seeing dem cycle. And I surely Neva believe that that was happening until mi Madda ask mi one day for some pads for 3 different girls in the school that maybe too poor to buy pad. I’ve been gathering pads for them ever since so dem don’t have to use the newspaper. SO…..the plastic bag for condom as sad as it is might very well be a real ting, cauz the newspaper fi pad surely is.

    1. This is so true. I remember watching a documentary called Tapestries of Hope and in a part of it they discussed the need for sanitary napkins because women were using their own hair inside of them during their menses to stop the bleeding; causing all sorts of problems in their uterus.

  2. you wont believe the extent people will go thru and do to have safe sex. One day ah man come ah mi aunty shop come buy plastic stretch wrap/siran wrap and him was very happy. Mi asked him how him suh happy boii mek meh tell u him seh “I am going to get sum pu$$y and mi haffi wrap mi ting cyaa mi nuh want no AIDS. And the package going last him long longtime him she years of usage cost only $2 U.S.. jesus help dese safe sexers.At least him Safe

    1. morning but the plastic bag can come off during sex so im wondering how dem keep it on if dem hold it during the sex session.this is dangerous

      1. It is unsanitary, pieces can be left inside the woman, leading to infections. Back in the days, teenage boys had easy access to free condoms in Jamaica. What has changed over the years? Maybe the ALL High Schools need to make it available for free (if the parents agree?).

        BTW, notice that in the US, the condoms are now under lock and key at the Pharmacy chains. I guess condoms are now a high theft item and is no longer an inexpensive item.

  3. I believe it. If dem can f**k on the party buses why not use the scandal bags. Please dem down ah yard and here in America is the same shit. None no betta dan none.

  4. Being in social services, I have heard of this happening from a few years back. It also goes on here in america with the young teenagers, young adults. They tend to think it’s no big deal, and they tell us at least they are trying to protect themselves. We try to explain to them about the potential disease and infection they can catch from the germs already on the bags. Someone up top is true regarding the pads situation, the last time we went down, we took a bunch of personal items like pads, and such. We even took pantyliner, but some say they had no use for them.

  5. This is the result of an incompetent government that squanders money…these are the things that should be funded: sex education, family planning clinics and such! I remember when I was in school and we had assignment to do charts and projects on sexual health and contraception and mi go family planning clinic go get free samples for my project,smh. In these modern times mi caan believe dem something here smh

  6. i watched Maury once and the man said he didn’t get the girl pregnant cause he used a sandwich bag this was about 5 years ago i was shocked then and still shocked now

  7. If you look at the youtube documentary, prisons in Jamaican you will see they have been using this practice for a long time. When there is nothing for people, they make due with what they have at their disposall. You would be surprise at what people make due with.

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